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Discussion in 'Casters' started by Dharkk, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. Dharkk New Member


    Throughout my entire eq life I've been a solo necro. Over the past few expansions the necro pet has gotten worse and worse ( rightfully so). I've gotten by until now and have decided to work on a duo or trio specifically working towards Eok named. Please note this will be a 1 pc setup.

    Duo thoughts....

    Nec/bard - my top pick based on ease of boxing plus the better adps imo.
    Nec/enc - great adps but better on crowd control. Also not bad dps.
    Nec/mag - mage pet is leaps and bounds over necro. No slow except necro slow.

    If I can pull most named with a duo it would be ideal. If not it will come down to nec/mag/bard or ench. Having only 1 pc I will likely spend most of the time on the necro.

  2. Bamkan Augur

  3. Dharkk New Member

  4. vanvittig New Member

    Do necro / clr / wiz
  5. Dharkk New Member

    I dont see a Necro pet keeping aggro off a wizard honestly. I also dont think a Tank merc will get me very far :)
  6. Brohg Augur

    Wizard agro isn't bad at all, especially if you forego the Pryomancy dot proc.

    Tank mercenaries are quite capable now. My friend who uses them has gone from pre-patch Huntering all except 3 tier1 EOK named to (first, killing those 3, then-) working through tier2, so far just requesting help with a couple that pop adds during the fight. I can't speak to their relative puissance vis-a-vis summoned pets.
  7. Rhaage Augur

    nec / bard is a relatively common duo, I did Nec / Shaman quite a bit and have been chewing on doing a nec / beast an letting a cleric merc do the heavy lifting for heals.

    assuming the weak point with the pet is the ability to tank effectively could look at doing a nec / paladin but I don't know if paladins can self-heal enough to tank (with or without a cleric merc).
  8. Dharkk New Member

    A paladin and a necro just seems so wrong
  9. Sindssygwiz New Member

    im looking for a good int caster combo

    im allready thinking nec/nec or nec/magi?

    i want to be able to solo/duo both outdoor zones and indoor zones
  10. fransisco Augur

    while not bots, I play a pal with a friend who plays a necro.
    We chew through things with no problems.
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  11. IblisTheMage Augur

    Mages run out of mana if not with a bard and enchanter :). The mage/Necro would give you better single mob tanking, but without a real tank, you will need strong CC in EoK for when you pull 4+. So if only 2 toons (assuming 2 mercs), I would suggest one being a real tank. With slow heals blocked and 2 healers, my guess is that you can take everything.

    Thematically the SK would fit, also double FD seems like a fun idea for when the hit hits the sfan. Not sure how fast you would kill though. EoK unfolds itself to you better when you can consistently go over 200ish DPS as a group, not sure you can come close.

    If tanks are off the table, I would go with the Enchanter/Necro option, Best CC, enchanter runes will help your pet, and you might want to go for charming. Your pet tank will still suffer, but 2 merc healers + runes (and blocked slow heals), and some pet gear from bazar or your friendly neighborhood mage, might be enough.

    A bard would be a great 3rd or 4rth, because bard, same for shaman. I think they both would pale in comparrison with a Zerk as 3rd, leading to the question of what the necro role is in such group.
  12. IblisTheMage Augur

    Based on the necro pet thread update, perhaps necro/enchanter would be lacking, which was also your initial statement...
  13. Chaosflux Augur

    Pal + Necro is an ok duo, not the best in caster to box with one though. Paladins still have the most self healing of any class, so I don't quite understand that last sentence.
  14. Gnomer Pyle New Member

    What has a better synergy with a necro now in days? Back in the day it was bard for necro and enchanter for wizard and mages.
  15. Tucoh Augur

    I three box a bard/war/mage, and primarily play with an unboxed necro.

    The most powerful duo with a necro is almost certainly an SK/Necro. War/Necro is good too, but requires less effort because the warrior doesn't need to be as active to absorb damage.

    Tanks are so OP right now that any duo in the game that doesn't have one will be worse in virtually all level appropriate fights.
  16. Gukarok New Member

    I would agree with Tucoh on this one. Get an sk box.
  17. Nylrem Augur


    I play a mag, and have boxed almost every other non-tank class with it. Slight difference than necro, of course, but IMO, for the purpose of this discussion, I think the reasons are still the same...

    I prefer the Druid as a boxed toon. All others work, and with 2 cleric mercs plus necro's own pets activated abilities, will certainly be able to kill almost if not any named.

    However, a Druid heals FAR better than any cleric merc, DPSs FAR better than any merc, Teleports (to bind is friggin AWESOME for box team), TRACKs (named), FORAGES quest junk when needed.

    Honestly, with a druid box, you will find that you won't need a merc, most the time. Likely just pop a healer for named, and skip the XP consuming pieces of junk mercs when killing trash. You can set a few macros on dru, cast a dot or 2 on mob with the dru on inc, then another for 5 heals on pet, then swap back to nec, and trash mob certainly dead by time heal macro complete on dru... if named, just swap back to dru after heal macro complete, and hit 1 button, to start heal macro again, once every 20s or so.

    You will be AMAZED at how much better a real healer heals, over a merc.
  18. Corak Elder

    I think necro/real tank is far and away the most effective necro duo in EoK. But if real tank is off the table, then you will be very glad you went with necro/ench for the CC. Those EoK T2 dungeons were made for real tanks and ench CC, and you may be very frustrated without either one. It can certainly be done without, by a skilled player, and if challenge is your thing go for it. I run War/Ench/dps (multiple options on my box team) and still manage to die once or twice a night due to the confusion inherent in boxing and the multimob pulls involved.
  19. Belexes Augur

    Hey Dharkk,

    If you are not opposed to boxing a real tank with nec, I would go with SK. I did a bit of duoing with my 100 nec and my SK when he was at the level. I box 2 accounts with two PCs though. Not sure that makes a difference to you. Don't have to worry about single pulls as much or CC. You can split mobs and tag one with the other and get by until it is the only one on extended target and then gang up on them if you want to do single pulls. Both have FD and you can put mercs on passive and pets on Ghold and FD your way into any part of the EoK dungeon zones you want. With two healer mercs, you can do anything you want in EoK, just not as fast as other duos in some cases, but your chances of survival are pretty high. The SK can DPS pretty good when necessary and the HT is great to get one mob in a multiple pull down in a hurry if you get more than 3. In those EoK dungeons, toggling mercs to passive will be something you will do alot. I put them on passive if I am trying to split a mob from others so they don't die as often when rogue goes stealth mode and SK goes FD. With nec/sk you can experiment on your pulls to see how things work out if you put mercs on passive. Both can FD and you live to study what your results were and to try to pull a different way to get what you want. Just FD in a spot where the mob will move far enough away you can get back up.

    I will likely be duoing my Nec/SK at some point when I get my rogue up to guild standards. :) Right now I am duoing a rogue and a SK and I can play in Droga or the Lab just fine. I finished my Kor Sha Lab progression tasks with that duo and if I can do it with that duo, nec/sk would be just fine.

    I have taken down EoK named with the rogue/sk and nec/sk should have no issues. Just takes time.

    I also did a bit of duoing with mage/sk and that works too but mana is an issue at times and I am not the best at a mage. CC would be an issue in dungeons.

    If I had to choose long term, I would go nec/sk if I was doing EoK Hunter stuff. I am no means an expert, just giving you my opinion.

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