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  1. Bardy McFly Augur

    EQ is almost entirely CPU rendered and also runs on a single core. Reducing FPS has a direct correlation to CPU usage. You can get the game down to single digit % CPU usage per toon depending on your hardware.
  2. Tual Augur

    After 23 years I've determined EQ is the game for me. I play to relax and escape, meeting new people in a game doesn't interest me, being able to assemble a group on my own and not deal with people, while being at KB 100% of the time my toons are doing stuff does interest me, and that's what I pay to do.
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  3. Bardy McFly Augur

    Exact same situation. I also play on/off weird hours and a weird schedule, sometimes having to take months off at a time but then being able to play 7 days a week for a month or two. All of my IRL gamer friends that used play EQ quit during PoP and none will ever come back, they say their lives are too busy between work and family to ever take on an MMO ever again. I'm at a point in my life myself that when I play I just want to relax and turn my brain off and do some mindless grinding of levels or AA, not having to worry about anyone else in a group. I don't play EQ for the social aspects anymore.

    Most other MMOs nowadays provide a solo experience, in fact many offer a solo experience as the primary means of leveling to max level and getting initial upgrades. As an older game, boxing has just become EQ's way of handling solo play. Many of us have been doing it for so many years that it's actually become a truly fun and more preferrable way to play the game. I choose boxing in EQ over single character play in other games simply because it's the boxing itself that makes EQ interesting to me.
  4. Soapy Journeyman

    My interpretation of this is some in-game repeater function. This would be circumstantially helpfull even when playing a single character. Maybe this is a class specific issue, but most of my spell casting occurs through a single multi-bind. Here are my top spell casts from Sunday:
    Guileless Remedy 1110
    Sincere Remedy 918
    Sincere Intervention 320
    Atoned Intervention 244
    Refreshing Splash 192 (not part of multi-bind)
    Composite Blessing 181
    Determined Renewal 161
    Syllable of Invigoration 133 (not part of multi-bind)

    Mashing 1 key 3,000 times on a raid! Being able to toggle the multi-bind on and off would be a nice in -game feature I think (though my teammates don't all feel the need/may not use it).
  5. Tucoh Augur

    Implement melody for casters and mages and clerics can get 80% of their efficiency with one button press per fight! (Only half kidding)
  6. OldTimeNewbie Journeyman

    Just want to address some of the comments about this being an MMO and the idea that the only way to be social in the game is to group. This is not true and has not been true for some time. The game is just too big with too much content and too few players to make group-only play viable unless you only want to play in the current expansion.

    An MMO is not only about the group dynamic. If you just want to socialize in a group you can play CoD with some friends and leave MMO's alone. An MMO is as much about incidental interaction with strangers, such as trade skilling, asking for help or advice, trading items, or teaming up for things beyond solo or group content (i.e., raids) as it is about finding a group for an hour of mutual button smashing to get a few AA's.

    Many pick-up groups are more anti-social than some bot crews. Ever spent a couple hours killing mobs with 3 strangers that only exchange a couple of words the whole time?

    I have had friends in the game that I chat with daily. General chat is also active (sometimes regrettably so). There is also guild chat and other options. These are real people. But they don't always have the same goals as me, or are not at the same point in the game in order to make grouping an option.

    Grouping should be about being social with people you want to be social with, or accomplishing something requiring a group. It should not be about a forced dependence on others to make basic progress.
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  7. Bardy McFly Augur

    Quoting to emphasize agreement. When I get tells I do always respond and if someone is looking for a certain drop or help with a kill I always oblige. I prefer to call it "selectively"-social rather than "anti"-social
  8. Timmyboi Dunning Kruger Award Winner

    You had me in the first half. Not gonna lie.
  9. Flatchy Court Jester

    Oldtimnewbie gets it. Now someone que up that Robert Redford Gif .
  10. Feedback Journeyman

    Yes the background FPS slider is a welcome to the playability of boxed characters. However I would not recommend setting the background FPS slider too low because it may affect /follow command. If it's too low I've found that characters will tend to not /follow correctly more often. I keep mine at 35 FPS but I've got a fairly good computer system to keep the characters together better.
  11. Evye Augur

    If you make 2+ seater mounts it could fix some of the auto follow issues
    seems like minimum work.
    Maybe an elephant for a whole group.
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