Bouncer Mako - Feast of Giving

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  1. WhiskeyMike Journeyman

    Category: Quest [Can Repro]
    Date/Time: Mon Oct 31 13:23:58 2022

    Character: Level 115 Ranger (Main)
    Zone: Innothule Swamp
    Location: -1275.75, 1041.38, 6.25, 299.50

    Target NPC: Bouncer Mako
    Target Location: -1290.00, 1033.00, 4.73, 353.00

    Description: Bouncer Mako will not respond to chewy stout or trunk to begin the Feast Fit for a Froglok quest. I have already completed the Feast Fit for a Basher and Feast Fit for a Bouncer quests.
  2. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    Shoot I did not think those were active till Thanksgiving like the last 2 years. Did I miss in an game pop up that said they were active?

    Maybe it needs to be Thanksgiving for the rest to work, like the one during April Fools where that is the only day you can do a certain quest.

    Found this, looks like Bonzz finished it
  3. Soulbanshee Augur

    Are you on test or beta? This isn't live yet, we are still in Nights of the Dead.
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  4. WhiskeyMike Journeyman

    Test server
  5. WhiskeyMike Journeyman

    [Tue Nov 01 08:25:31 2022] You say, 'Hail, Bouncer Mako'
    [Tue Nov 01 08:25:32 2022] Bouncer Mako says, 'Happy Feast of Giving. I just had a great chewy meal from a froggy. Can you thank [the froggy] for me?'
    [Tue Nov 01 08:25:33 2022] You say, 'I can thank the froggy for you.'
    [Tue Nov 01 08:25:34 2022] Bouncer Mako says, 'You can't have a feast without a brew. I can help you make a nice [chewy stout].'
    [Tue Nov 01 08:25:35 2022] You say, 'Chewy stout?'

    No response from Bouncer Mako.

    Bonzz says the trigger word is Trunk:
    [Tue Nov 01 08:25:39 2022] You say, 'Trunk'
    No response from Bouncer Mako.
  6. Riou EQResource

    was able to request it

    "trunk" isn't the keyword

    The 95 version of this quest on Test can't be completed though, due to fixes on Beta after Test was last patched

    Test is only gonna have like 5 days to do this after next Patch maybe fixes it, unless you shroud down to the level 65 or 85 versions that are maybe working, if not only the Patch can fix it

    Live servers look like they will lose maybe 2 or 3 days of this event due to it
  7. WhiskeyMike Journeyman

    How were you able to get the quest, what is the correct phrase?
  8. Riou EQResource

    sporali trunk

    But the level 95 version can't be completed as it is on Test atm, so you'd have to shroud try 65 or 85
  9. WhiskeyMike Journeyman

    I got the level 65 quest but not sure where to find Creeping Sporali Trunk in Corathus Creep. There is a sap root colony spawn, similar name, but no trunk.
  10. Riou EQResource

    Probably have to kill the sporali and loot it?
  11. WhiskeyMike Journeyman

    This is from the level 95 write up on Bonzz page:
    Now, kill a colony of nargilor, and am Illsalin Nargilor Trunk should pop on your cursor.

    From Alla:
    The "a colony of nargilor" spawn two at a time near the entrance to zone. They are the only places I could find them. They don't appear on track. The respawn on them is long, 30 minutes or so at least.

    Corathus Creep:
    a manasheen patch
    a quickspore stand
    a sap root colony
    a Darkhollow shrieker

    Assuming the trunk is a pop on cursor after killing one of the mushroom patches but no luck.
  12. Miss_Jackie Custom Title

    I'm on test on a 120 mage. I was able to request the level 95 task with 'sporali trunk.'
  13. WhiskeyMike Journeyman

    Were you able to complete the quest?
  14. Miss_Jackie Custom Title

    Not yet. I had to log out for Zoom meetings. =P
  15. WhiskeyMike Journeyman

    On Test server up, Bouncer Mako is now replying correctly and the task window has information for the quest. Creeping Sporali Trunk dropped from a sporali defender. Quest/Achievement completed. Thanks all
  16. Aarria New Member

    I'm unable to locate the Illsalin Bog Hops for Feast Fit for a Froglok, the last of the three quests for Feast of Giving. I've been all over the zone, in the water and out, and I'm not finding tube coral or the hops. Any suggestions? Or is this another bug in the quest?
  17. WhiskeyMike Journeyman
    After you zone in, dive down and look for a nargilor colony (/waypoint -340, 235, -300). You should see a bluish ground spawn beside it (it looks like a collect). Pick it up, it's an Illsalin Bog Hops.

    I checked myself it was right at that location. Zone in from Undershore and it is to your left, in a narrow section, deep underwater.
  18. Aarria New Member

    Thanks so much for your help. I was able to complete the quest! :)
  19. Loup Garou De loop de loop

    As of 11/6 these are not on live. All this is in reference to the test server. Very confusing since test has its own forums for bugs:confused: