Botting / warping groups making it difficult to complete Hunter

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  1. Igniz Augur

    I was preparing to engage Queen Dracnia in CC, clearing the room before her. One of the better known box/botcrews [Removed partial names] went in, ignoring any message that Dracnia was camped and about to be enganged. They wiped twice, training me once in the process. Finally, when I already had engaged Queen Dracnia, the above mentioned group came in, aggroed Queen Dracnia and outdpsed me, thereby stealing the named.

    After their first (failed) attempt, I started recording the whole thing via Fraps and can GLADLY supply you with a complete video of the whole debacle. At least, this time he went in on foot. Reported the whole thing and offered them the whole video.

    This is starting to get really frustrating...
  2. D2Bot New Member

    I would be very much interested for the said video. please PM.
  3. Eladamri Journeyman

    1.1 Play Nice Policies - Activity within EverQuest
    There will be no first in force or engage rules arbitrated or enforced by a Game Master or Guide on any server. We believe players can resolve disputes about camps and raid bosses between each other. Game Masters and Guides will not help negotiate these disputes between players and guilds. […]

    Maybe you wanna rethink about this rule….. fast.
    Dear DBG, what do you prefer? Some botter with 6 or more accounts, doing what they want without the fear of any consequences and harming the game? Or do you prefer a huge base of happy paying gamer?

    If I read your EULA in german a bit further, I can also read following:
    […]Absichtliches Ruinieren der Spielererfahrung anderer Spieler.[…]

    Does this do not count as well?

    TBH we wanna play your game! And many of us pay for it!!! So please do not make us to decide to not pay you anymore, because some of these (please insert bad word by your own) idiots harm the harmony of the game.
  4. delfchen Lorekeeper

    just besides one addition to the play nice policies ... from

    5. You may not modify any part of the EverQuest Client, Server or any part of the EverQuest Web Page located at <>

    according to this rule, all those people warping in suddenly without any warning obviously use a 3rd party tool to hack your client or API to destroy gamingexpreience for other player playing as intended, and since this thread has become that large, this tells me, you either do not want to investigate this issue and want to risk loosing tons of paying players, just to keep some paying ones?

    and to be honest, warping in in situations to say "Hi" is only allowed by J.L. Picard and GameMaster to solve problems, but not other player to kill nameds just to get the *** ore for their bot-army
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  5. Eladamri Journeyman

    Naming and shaming is worse than mobsteal and botting? Seriously?????

    I really do not understand your policy and priorities!!!
  6. Xyphen Maximum Augur

    I didn't comment on the AB guy. This thread isn't about the AB dude, it's about "botting per se", hence the title and OP. Try and keep up.

    My analogy of F2P was a simplification of the cost-benefit between both sides of the coin if you're looking at it from the perspective of DBG's decision makers, not an attempt at an accurate assessment of how much one party pays. I have 7 active accounts and don't bot, but I've seen owners of these parties have 2 or 3 active groups in a zone (GD specifically). And yes, it hampered my ability to complete Hunter earlier too (Blizzent and Augur).

    I highly doubt Jason Epstein, the owner and principal investor of DBG and who once worked at a very controversial investment firm, even plays EQ or is concerned about the EULA. I don't doubt that the devs and designers of DBG frown upon botting. But as someone who works at an investment bank, I am fluent in the evolution of business models when firms sell their debt to investors or investment banks. It fundamentally shifts the company from its core product into whatever they have to do to make P&L.

    As far as moral compass, it's not hard for a company's management to substantiate the fact they are fiduciaries to those who make the decision to keep the lights on. Aside from botting, EQ isn't some "wild west" shtshow of chaos. It has issues with botting in a few high-traffic zones but I don't think that utterly destroys the game. It's a bummer for those that don't bot and hope get fixed, but most likely will not happen until people stop threatening to quit and actually do it (I doubt it's less than who say).
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  7. Enchilada Journeyman

    Nope, the one who has the problems is on AB and he has the problem exactly with one guy like all the others on AB - you are completely off-topic with your post Xyphen (Crybaby?). Your excuse for the situation is cheap...
  8. Igniz Augur

  9. kookoo Augur

    IF they botting / warping , my guess is they make enough profit to play * free *( via kronos they get from players and , or 3rd party sites . so banning them won't affect DB revenue much imo . { we can even buy current expansion from players now as well }.
  10. Modus New Member

    Upload it to youtube, link it in Reddit.
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  11. Xyphen Maximum Augur

    Person A: Something's wrong. In my village, the only one on Earth, the sky is blue during the day. But then all of a sudden it isn't blue.
    Person B: That's because the sun isn't facing your side of the earth, which means its light isn't being scattered by molecules in the air. This also happens to other villages on Earth.
    Person A: Stop making excuses for the sun. I also think anyone I don't agree with must be the same person.

    You're Person A (assuming you don't think the Earth is flat).

    I'm happy to clarify my points for anyone who thinks I'm arguing against DBG's enforcement of the EULA, that all servers have issues with botters, or that the identification/analysis of a problem does not imply an excuse for it.

    Or if in Enchilada's case my words are just too big.
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    All tier 1 ToV zones are now devoid of player. So they are just burning kronos for nothing now.
  13. Celephane Augur

  14. Enchilada Journeyman

    You and your likers may assume that it is stupid to answer the first sentence briefly. But this is the typical arrogance of native English speakers who think they are more demanding when they want to translate their sentences in a more difficult way. I certainly put your mail through a translator, because English is always a problem when someone describes a simple subject as complex as possible. I agree with the lower part, but I have responded to your very first remark and not to your block of text with your personal view of the economic circumstances of DGB.

    Nevertheless, I return the argument - you obviously don't even try to read or understand the problems of the person who started the thread, but rather you are blithely sweeping around.Personally, I have the impression that there is another supporter of the Botter standing in front of me, if not the Botter himself, and I suspect this because I know that he has already supported his posts here in the past with several accounts.

    Have you dealt with the problem of the thread creator and the other cases in more detail at all or is this generalization of facts a common practice? Your personal world may look like that, but I'm talking about the world that was also referred to here at the beginning. But to insult someone as dumb like the the "taco" did and like it and at the same time consider yourself better shows clearly what this is really about.

    Congratulations on your high horse...but as always, at a certain height the air becomes thin... sometimes it becomes difficult to think and argue logically. But maybe there are some people here who understand even less English and therefore like to fetch coke and popcorn to have some entertainment on the probably arriving posts.


    ... your skills got better in
    "Making New Accounts" +5
    "Insulting people" +1

    try harder, perhaps you get a new level...
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  15. Xyphen Maximum Augur

    Hey, I was civil until you called me simple-minded out of nowhere ("Even the most simple mind can understand that."). Don't dish it if you can't take it.

    This thread is dead. Adios!
  16. Igniz Augur

    He didn't refer to you directly, but rather made one of these "generalisations" you are so fond of. But, well, if the shoe fits, who am I to say otherwise?
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  17. Ksenija Elder

    If you think it's bad in Velious ---- Sathir's Tomb has a rife list filled of pick zones of xx2'ers and botters.
  18. Ksenija Elder

  19. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    Well, as far as I know. Gamparse and GINA are the only programs allowed .. so
  20. Enchilada Journeyman

    as Igniz said... yes...

    That is the problem if people don't try to read with the intention of understanding the intention of the writer and taking into account that people are from other countries. There is a difference between calling somebody simple-minded or saying in general "the most simple mind". But there are worse things. Try to understand a French talking in English and making French jokes while mixing asian language into it. That is what I am used to. THAT is cruel at least in my language to understand without feeling insulted. Or try to read an US teacher who thinks it is good to explain simple things in the most sophisticated way, some who don't know those people think they are something which is censored fast in this forum if called so... ;)

    Shortness in answers leave much room for understanding it in every way the readers wants to understand it. Many words give the reader enough ammunition if he only wants to attack (or troll, like it is usually called in these forums).

    In the typical forum here some are not there to understand the problem or find a real solution but more to let off steam and make themselves look important. I am grateful that a couple of people here are the opposite and really help to solve issues. Thanks for that.

    and yes.. this was without a translator like which I can recommend if posts get too "hairy"...
    so if you find again too many simplified things or mistakes... you can keep them ;)

    wow... respect.. my condolences. Are they as penetrant in killstealing as on AB? Or do they only have many picks in the fitting

    in short: "nope".

    for people who have a problem with short:
    There are more. Read the definition of the bylaws and use google. There are a couple of tools around. But there are always people who will deny that and will repeat their own wrong interpretation of the bylaws, like always here in the forum. And like always it is the same. We are living on a planet of lies where everybody has their own view of their own personal truth and the method to repeat a dogma often enough does not make it necessarily true - but that is an efficient method in todays media to control people and lead them to BELIEVE that their personal dogmas are true - I am immune to this". Sadly most are not even aware when they are repeating others "wrong realities" over and over again while they may only be valid for themselves.