Bonus XP Weekend, Huge Savings, Special Items, and More!

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  1. Laylaih Communications Coordinator


    Norrathians – are you ready to take advantage of everything this long weekend has to offer?

    Beginning at 12PM PT on Friday, May 27, 2016 and continuing until 12PM PT on Tuesday, May 31, 2016, all players will receive 50% bonus XP and double faction! This promotion is available on ALL servers, including Time-Locked Progression servers.

    Not satisfied with just double faction? Pick up and stack a “Double Faction Potion” from the marketplace and increase your faction gains (and losses) even further.

    Marketplace Discount and Special Items

    As an added bonus, All Access members will also receive 40% off all marketplace purchases! If you’re not sure how to use this serious discount, there are a few items you won’t want to miss.

    It’s a great time to grab The Legend of the Dragonbrood packs before they’re retired to the vault on Tuesday, May 31, 2016!

    Also, we’ve got a HUGE list of special items. Some of these items are back in the Marketplace for a limited time. Other items will be retired at the end of this promotion.
    Returning for this promotion for a few days, before going back into the vault:
    • Spirit of Ice Cream
    • Preserved Frog Leg
    • Dried Frog Leg
    • Title of " the Relaxed"
    These are items that are being retired to the Norrathian vault 12PM PT on Tuesday, May 31, 2016. Don’t miss your chance to get:
    • Marvin the Goblin
    • Oashim Familiar
    • Poisonsprite Familiar
    • Ruffian Finnigan Familiar
    • Ruffian Bonnie Familiar
    • Attendant Kandus Familiar
    • Scribe Glyssel Familiar
    • Scribe Daror Familiar
    • Knife of Daring Dispenser
    • Gamework Companion Controller
    • Jennifer's Lost Locket
    • Everburning Ember
    • Geerlok Party Bot
    • Swarm of Bees
    • Swarm of Ants
    • Rose Colored Glasses
    • Skull of the Amused
    • Cliknar Worker Familiar
    • Goblin Skull Fetish
    • Flower Bouquet of Plenty
    • Box of Daisies
    • Spy Glass
    • Rowdy Rock Dispenser
    • Freezing Cold Ice Cream
    • Spitting Ooze
    • Empathetic Ooze
    • Unstable Ooze
    • Fae-Touched Gnome
    • Caged Aggressive Rat
    • Super Spicy Curry
    • Stone Companion
    • Sarah's Lost Locket
    • Captured Bone of the Lost
    • White Queen Marionette Familiar
    • Magic Sphere of Answers
    • Panpipes of the Dancer
    • Ticking Companion
    • Snappy's Claw
    • Lucky Copper
    • Moody Harlequin Marionette Familiar
    • Pinwheel
    • Melancholy Jester Marionette Familiar
    • Dark Prince Marionette Familiar
    • Kaleidoscope
    • Happy Noble Marionette Familiar
    • Ball of Fluffy Cotton
    Not an All Access member yet? With bonuses, discounts, access to special servers, and more, there’s never been a better time to join!
  2. Ravengloome Augur

    Ball of Fluffy cotton.... best clicky levitate tho :(
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  3. Jagd8 New Member

  4. Kukaw Elder

    Hmmm do I play on BB(my Mains) or Phin?......
  5. Zebarathe New Member

    Got a question does the exp bonus work on items that evolve? Because it should it would really make girding this dang tear a little easier. Also can you check the drop rates for the fragment of alarian history? I feel that something is not right at least for me. I hear its a 1% drop rate ... well if you kill 100 then you should get one but this is not 100% which is fine but after killing 400, 500, 600 and still no fragment i feel that something was fat fingered or my luck just completely sucks.
  6. Jagd8 New Member

  7. Warpeace Augur

    Your better off just doing the 5 missions in / from Pillars and getting the Fragments that way. Lockouts suck but you know you will get a fragment that way.
  8. Krinni Journeyman

    is the bonus xp on already? if it is on the CT server the xp rewards from tasks is still the same as it was before
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  9. lolans Journeyman

    I see no difference in AA or regular Exp today compared to 2 days ago on FV server. I tested this by doing Hot zone tasks today, Exp rewards are the same today as they were a Week ago. No 50% exp bonus that I have seen so far.
    Faction hits are more, and market place deductions are working, But I have to question if there is any 50% increase in Exp Bonus on my sever.
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  10. Porm New Member

    I play on Firiona Vie server as well, I to have noticed no change in experience bonus on hot zone tasks as well. I was thinking 50% bonus would be at least noticeable, 6-7 AA last week, 7 AA today. (lvl 95 task in Sarnith) Going to test it now on a Gribbles run, see if it is the same as before like the daily hot zone tasks are.
  11. Velisaris_MS Elder

    Increased xp, from any source (such as LoTD), hasn't worked on the hotzone tasks for quite some time. At least for my accounts it hasn't.

    It used to. I would run a gribble HA, pop Lesson for the hail, and then go do the hotzone tasks. I would get double the normal amount of AAs on those with Lesson running. Then, a few months ago, I noticed that with Lesson going, I was only getting the normal amount of AAs from the tasks. I would still get the xp boost when finishing a HA, but not from the Teek tasks any longer. Just tried it the other day when the hotzones got changed after the patch...still would only get the normal amount of AAs with Lesson going.
  12. Porm New Member

    For me I had no EXP pots or lessons going for my hot zone daily because I know they don't work on them for some time, For me I am getting the same aa EXP today as I always have for the 95 task. There should be an increase to the 6-7AA I normaly get, to maybe to 9-10 AA per task with the new 50% bonus. There is nothing different, the same old 6-7 AA as before. Everything else seems to be working as intended, faction hits, market place reductions.
  13. Krinni Journeyman

    the bonus does not seem to be working on the hotzone daily 85, 90, 95 at least. did a DH ha and the bonus worked for the end of hail xp (got 46 aa insted of 33 with lotd runing) on a level 105 bst 14,450 aa. It used to be that bonus xp worked on the pok daily
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  14. Porm New Member

    I just finished Gribbles run, and exp seems to be working as intended on them and regular kill exp, however I agree that no bonus is working on the Hot zone tasks.
  15. OHBoy(theRanger) Journeyman

    I can attest to the 95 HZ i brought my boxes over there, they should have gotten about 3% per to kills because they were getting 1% per kill. However it did not go up and I was still only getting 1% per kill.
  16. Daislet Augur

    And then from their membership page.

    I'm not sure how in one case it applies to buying an expansion, and in the other case it does not.

    Could you please elaborate ?
  17. concertos New Member

    All Access members will also receive 40% off all marketplace purchases.
    So a 30% added to All Access members and not 40% added to the already 10% that All Access members get??
  18. Yimin Augur

    Loved the 40 percent off ,wish you could buy and sell transfer tokens, trade skill potions, etc etc with PP ...

    Yi Min
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