Bonus XP for Christmas/New Years?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Neztah13, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. Neztah13 New Member

    Are we getting bonus XP for Christmas/New Years?

    Would rock to know in advance!

    So I can drop some money on potions!

  2. Oozo Journeyman

    I hope it begins today at noon PST.

    Also, reduce the cost of exp potions by 50% as you have done in years past. We could also use some useful items in the marketplace like mounts at a reduced price and larger bags at a reduced price.

    I'm not asking to much, after all it is Christmas.

    Has Daybreak ever done a double or triple daybreak cash like Sony used to do?
  3. kain200 Elder

    I'm betting on bonus exp popping up next weekend, friday being the 23rd. I'm hoping they'll be awesome and just leave it on throughout that entire week leading into new years but its more likely they'll turn it off on monday the 26th and then *maybe* put it back on that same friday the 30th through monday the 2nd.

    As for potions, I would definitely hold off for the time being. Last year they did a bunch of different sales during the 12 days of frostfell event and one of the days had pots for sale I think.This year seems odd so far as they just finally put up familiars and robe ornaments for sale but its been quiet so far on anything else that might go up for sale. Maybe they're just really busy with fixing the defiant debacle etc and for that I wouldn't blame them. Either way, its likely that here soon we will see a day of exp pots going on sale so I'm personally waiting to see that hit and then buy pots.
  4. Geroblue Augur

    I don't remember any early announcement. The announcements of xp increases is typically done the day before it goes into effect.
  5. Dral Elder

    I'm guessing they are running the same events as last year - even on the same days (even though they don't fall on weekends this year).

    Last year:

    2015 - Double rares / faction - 12th to 15th (Sat - Tue)

    2015 - Double exp - 19th to 22nd (Sat - Tue)

    2015 - Double exp - 24th to 28th (Thur - Mon)

    2015 - Double exp - 31st - 4th (Thur - Mon)

    So all these events took place on weekends last year.

    We had the exact event, double faction/rares, this year on the same date. It just happened to fall on a Monday through Thursday this year.

    I'm assuming that are running the same events as last year, but if the dates are not adjusted, they are all going to run something like this:

    2016 - Double rares / faction - 12th to 15th (Mon - Thur)

    2016 - Double exp - 19th to 22nd (Mon - Thur)

    2016 - Double exp - 24th to 28th (Sat - Wed)

    2016 - Double exp - 31st - 4th (Sat - Wed)

    The events typically started at Noon or midnight on the stated days.
  6. kain200 Elder

    Ok so i've noticed the little event popups lately that have said like "double rares/faction" but they never officially announced any of that on the forums. So was it really in effect? Or was it just that the popup was still set to show up in the system from last year? I don't know if anyone actually tested that the effects were turned on or not. I thought that they weren't. It seems odd that they would just turn on double rares and faction and not even say a word about it on the forums or twitter.
  7. Truetotheblue Elder

    They haven't done double or triple SC in a few years. There was a lot of bad stuff going on with it, related to buying expacs and other things. Don't think that Sony really liked that it was happening and was probably a big money loser for them as well. I haven't seen one of those promos in 2+ years, so it'd be doubtful to see one this year.
  8. Janakin Augur

    I was thinking the same thing myself. I noticed though I was getting faction changes of 2 instead of 1 on some EoK mobs so I was assuming it was on. I never did camp any rares though.
  9. Nolrog Augur

    My guess is that they start it on the 23rd, and turn it off in Jan 2nd.
  10. Prathun Developer

    Yep yep, the double rares and faction bonus was in effect. The alert and the bonus are tied to the event system. When a timed event activates because the day and hour threshold is crossed, it enables the bonuses at the same moment that the alert pop-up begins appearing.

    Yes, this is 100% correct. The two mid-December bonuses were put in place in 2014 and have been recurring since, and on the exact same days. In 2015 they landed on the weekend again, coincidentally. In 2016 they did not, so we pushed out an event data change to move them forward to the weekends. This meant that the double rares/bonus occurred twice, once last week during the week, and again last weekend. And this also means there will be a experience bonus next weekend!
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  11. CaptainSkeet Augur

  12. Lungvin Journeyman

    im not complaining by any means cuz it is free faction and exp, but it seems like your saying we will get less bonus exp this year as opposed to last year but more faction and rares?
  13. Basanoviat New Member

    so this is what I get from what you are throwing down....
    last weekend dates were mixed up so we got double faction / rares during the week (which was mixed up) and an extended double faction / rare spawn during the weekend which ended today (Monday).

    This coming weekend, starting Thursday the 22nd at 12:01am PST we will get double exp
    This will end Monday the 26th at noonish?

    Also, for New Years, starting Thursday the 29th at 12:01am PST we will get double exp
    This will end Monday the 2nd at noonish?
  14. Pikallo Augur

    No, we just got an extra mid-week faction/rare bonus that did not exist last year.

    Selfishly, I'd love for the bonus exp to extend between the two weekends(Christmas and New Years) since holiday commitments consume much of the two weekends. I'm sure there are lots of folks in this same boat and may have time off the week of the 26th-30th. Server participation and group/player availability obviously increases dramatically during periods of double exp and it would be a nice healthy jolt of rejuvenation as the expansion winds down!
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  15. Fanra Augur

    Could we get some announcement about exactly what is happening?

    I know people who like to know these things so they can schedule some playing time with their fellowships when these occur.

    According to my records, below is what I have for the "15 Days of Holiday Cheer" in 2014. Should I assume these will happen on the same dates (but different days of the week, obviously) for 2016 and in the future? I don't know about the sales mentioned.

    Also, you are saying, "And this also means there will be a experience bonus next weekend!" Since the dates are on the weekend this year, instead of Dec. 19 to 22, as in 2014, could we please get the dates and times for this?

    I know quite a few of my guildmates are disappointed they missed out on knowing this and taking advantage. It seems to me there is very little point in having these bonuses when no one knows about them.

    2014 15 Days of Holiday Cheer Schedule:

    Friday, December 12 - Double Faction & Double Rare Spawns
    Looking to raise your faction? Are you hunting down a rare spawn? Starting on Friday at 10AM PST, and running until Sunday, December 14 at 11:59PM PST you’ll be able to take advantage of double of both of these things!

    Saturday, December 13 – All Severed Hand Mounts on Sale, Before They Escape To The Vault!
    Starting Saturday, all of the severed hands mounts will be on sale for 400 SC. This sale will run until Saturday, December 20 at 11:59PM PST.
    Get them while you can. After this sale ends, these items will be retired to the Norrathian Vault, and will no longer be available as a normal item in the Marketplace.

    Sunday, December 14 – Experience Potions 50% Off!
    Shared Bottle III and Bottle of Adventure III will both be 50% off this Sunday only! Don’t miss your chance to stock up on these items.

    Monday, December 15 – Housing Pets 10% Off
    Take an extra 10% off EVERY item in the Housing/Pet category!

    Tuesday, December 16 – Statue Sale!
    Looking for a statue bust for your home? If so, take 50% off the following statue items! You can find these all in the Housing Furniture section of the Marketplace:
    • Drakkin Male Bust Statue
    • Large Male Bust Statue
    • Dwarf Bust Statue
    • Female Bust Statue
    • Slim Male Bust Statue
    • Drakkin Female Bust Statue
    • Teir`Dal Female Warrior Statue
    • Teir`Dal Male Warrior Statue
    Wednesday, December 17 – Hero’s Forge Armor Sets
    Looking to gear up in the latest Hero’s Forge fashions? Take up to 25% off ANY of the many sets currently available in the Marketplace. Look for these under Appearances/Armor Visuals.

    Thursday, December 18 – Big Discounts on Special Housing Items
    Take a HUGE discount (up to 50%!) on everything in the Housing/Special category in the Marketplace. This includes:
    • Guild Writ of the Sunrise
    • Door to No Where Package
    • Primary Anchor Package
    • Grand Guild Hall Package
    • Palatial Guild Hall Package
    • Grand Guild Hall and Writ Bundle
    • Palatial Guild Hall and Writ Bundle
    There are more things planned for the rest of the 15 Days of Holiday Cheer coming out December 19 - December 26.
    Friday, December 19 - Double Experience Weekend!
    "Starting at 10AM PST on Friday, December 19 and running until 2PM PST on Monday, December 22, 2014 get TWICE the experience you normally would as you adventure in Norrath!"

    Saturday, December 20 – General Services 25% Off!
    Saturday only take up to 25% off everything in the Services/General Category.

    Sunday, December 21 – Delivery Vouchers and Bayle Marks Up To 30% Off

    Monday, December 22 – Mercenary Slots and Character Slots 25% Off

    Tuesday, December 23 – XP Potions on Sale Up to 25% Off

    Wednesday, December 24 – Paintings Up to 50% Off

    Thursday, December 25 – Up to 50% Off Marketplace Items With Dragon In Their Name
    Take a dragon-sized discount (up to 50%!) on the following items with dragon in their name, found in the Marketplace!
    • Dragon Sword Ornament
    • Dragonscale Skystrider
    • Komodo Dragon Saddle
    • Death Dragon Shield Ornament
    • Pot of Dragon Gold
    • Dragonfly Saddle
    • Shield of Dragon Gaze Ornament
    Friday, December 26 – Legends of Norrath Packs
    Save big when you purchase Legends of Norrath packs for ONLY 99 SC from Friday until Sunday, December 28 at 11:59PM PST. Also save up to 40% on Tournament Packs and Booster Boxes.
  16. Gurudo New Member

    Thank you for posting this Fanra!

    I think we would all appreciate some concrete details on what exactly is occurring and when.

    Much love,
  17. Taemek Journeyman

    Correct me if I am wrong, but havent we only had the two double faction events out of that list?
  18. Fanra Augur

    That list is from 2014. They haven't told us about 2016. I was posting a request for them to do so.

    Daybreak, please let us know about events.

    Thank you.
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  19. Catashe Augur

    well since its the 20th already... Id say you'd be lucky if you get double xp this weekend only
  20. liveitup1216 Augur

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