Bloodthirst Filling a few raid slots! <Mangler>

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    Moving towards GoD Bloodthirst is looking for a few dedicated raiders to join our ranks. Batphones are a nonfactor during LDON and only a small portion of raiding in GoD, so for all those players that prefer a more normalized raid schedule, now is your time! Our DZ raids are Sun, Mon, and Wed. starting at 8pm EST and usually last approx 3 Hours. We have survived the Aradune exodus of 2020 and look forward to the expansions of the future!

    Right now we have a need for stellar players of many classes!
    Only Closed classes are Monk and Shadowknight!

    For more information or any questions please contact Smallz or Chatja on Discord or in Game! (Discord link there)

    Once on Discord post in the Apply Here section!

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    Could u accept a 65 bard 58aa