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  1. Xyphen Maximum Augur

    Has anyone seen or recently spawned this named wurm in ToV GD? I've been clearing the caves for days now according to "a restless wurm" being the PH and he hasn't popped.
  2. Ravanta Suffer Augur

  3. josh Augur

    Only specific restless wurms spawn him, they are fixing this in the next patch and renaming the placeholders so they are easier to spot.
  4. Saelemdar Journeyman

    Just killed him 10 minutes ago on Povar
  5. Zantor Augur

    He can spawn. But way to rare of a spawn. Took be 12 hours to get to spawn, some people are still waiting after days. But I got him off of the Restless Shardwurms, not a Restless Wurm. Middle of the E on the map, where EQresouce says it is.
  6. svann Augur

    Kill everything, then let Bristlebane sort it out.
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  7. Xyphen Maximum Augur

    Ah ok, I figured that might be the case. I was clearing the locations marked on eqresource with no luck.
  8. Greymantle Augur

    Popped on my head last night while i was pulling the cavern. Ouch.
  9. Yirrara Journeyman

    It was a restless shardwurm for me as well.
  10. Maedhros High King

    Best bet is to clear the entire wurm caves every spawn cycle.
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  11. Belkar_OotS Augur

    Eqresource has the wrong wurm type listed as the placeholder. It is the shardwurms.
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  12. CrazyLarth Augur

  13. Windance Augur

    This one was pretty rare for me. Some times I'd clear everything going round and round, sometimes I'd clear just the area where eq resources has the label. Over all it took 4 or 5 days camping 60-90 min each day.
  14. Thunderkiks Augur

    Yes, was helping a friend do his earring task and killing wurms. We spawned him 3 times.