Blessed Coldain Shawl... in VELIOUS!

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  1. Boze TLP complaint factory

    I've tried all the text she says, everything from hails, everything for aid grimel, everything from the two books you get, other text from solstrin/dain, every variety of asking for etching tools I can think of, /em of the preceeding, and she hasn't responded to anything. I've killed her a dozen times and she doesn't drop them either. I feel pretty confident PetitionQuest RNG is the only way to get the etching tools until Luclin opens. I'm guessing a few people asked early and got lucky. I'd just like to be able to go ahead and do the dang quest lol.
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  2. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    Guys, I found it. It was really obvious.
  3. xaga Elder

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  4. Thrawnseg Augur

    This is being sold as a in /auction now. So anyone can get a Shawl 8 with enough krono!
  5. Coletricklw Journeyman

    By the way, if you have a 7th shawl, you can absolutely snipe the 8th shawl at the Avatar turn-in. That is still unfixed. So, feel free to try and grab one for free from the krono sellers!
  6. Boze TLP complaint factory

    CS gives out-of-era item to player, player sells completion of out-of-era quest with out-of-era item, other player snipes out-of-era quest reward. I am extremely curious how CS would respond.
  7. starvingblacksmith New Member

    i think once they announced that this is as designed, the willingness or even the idea that something needs "fixing" went out the door. and i don't blame them, in a couple weeks no one will care anymore, not worth the effort. i even cared a lot last week, and have since stopped.
  8. Pikollo Augur

    I'm fairly sure this would work. I was doing shawl walk in Convorteum and the server crashed. The GM helped me by giving me 3 different shawls in my itemoverflow which I can't remove cuz of the lore group. Most of the GM's don't know how these quests work.
  9. xmPradah Not a dude

    I just want to know the secret phrase...
  10. Gemstoner Lorekeeper

    I .. I ... I want the tools ... pleeeaaaassseee.

    Be sure to scratch with the prayer wheel as you say the words.