Blessed Coldain Shawl... in VELIOUS!

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by BigYedan, Nov 23, 2020.

  1. Boze Augur

    Us tradeskillers are T H I R S T Y
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  2. Hadesborne Augur

    Darkpaw, turn all the people's 8th shaw that is out of era BACK to a 7th shawl. If these people obtained this item through nefarious means, they nmeed to be reverted. It can't be THAT many people who petitioned and obtained etching tools. Go through your petition records and make adjustments. You allowed people to game the system and now you will not allow anyone else that same benefit . You need to go back and revert the mistake you made. It's simple.
  3. Hadesborne Augur

    Fairness within the game it of utmost importance in a MMO. If you cannot see that then you are simply selfish, and as such your opinion means nothing.

    Also there are plenty on Aradune that have abused the error. Just FYI
  4. Lejaun Augur

    It affects gameplay because it encourages others to obtain it (and other things in the game) through means not intended. It encourages cheating when not correctly addressed.
  5. Xanadas Augur

    I'm confused.... why is it special doing this in Velious -- it's a velious quest... ?
  6. Hadesborne Augur

    The 8th shawl was introduced in Luclin.
    Dude, this also happened on Aradune. So stop with the Rizlona crap. If it doesn't affect you on Rizlona then just stop posting. You simply don't understand the value of fairness in gameplay in an online game.
  7. rJAAAY New Member

    Lol yea its almost hilarious how blatant he is about it, we've watched him zone in with multiple groups and just warp wherever. Reports do nothing of course. Dude is a plague on the server.
  8. Hadesborne Augur

    Game Balance affects everything in an MMO, genius. How about you refrain from posting on subjects you have no experience with.
  9. Kodachi Journeyman

    The Hole is in classic, all era issues are irrelevant since this zone that came out AFTER kunark released is still attached to classic but I didn't get to see Cazic Thule revamp at level 60 even though it was added in velious originally. I hate the hole.

    8th shawl in velious? Who even cares at this point. Otherwise the cheaty stuff? Have at it but realize nobody in a position to do anything about it cares.
  10. TLPman Augur

    lol i hope a gm see this and seen the name of the person in in the screen shot they take that way and make you start over 100%
  11. Accipiter Old Timer

    LOL. Your first post obviously called out the OP for faking the screen shot.
  12. Boze Augur

    Definitely some shawls on Aradune. Bunch of 8th shawl walk loot being sold in EC even. I've been told by at least one person who did the 8th that they got the etching tools legitimately, though I find that impossible to believe. I've hit every part of it perfectly in order and still haven't been able to get the etching tools. Tried petitioning some on the off-chance that the tools are supposed to be obtainable in Velious and just been given boiler-plate 'post bug report' message. My guess is people have gotten lucky with GM roulette.

    Only argument I have for why it should be doable now is there's very little else to do in Velious for the next two months plz I'm going to be so bored.
  13. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    the [secret words] have reached Aradune
  14. starvingblacksmith New Member

    if someone actually completed this quest. let them keep it.
    from someone who did it all and did not get to obtain the item,
    i'm not going to feel better by erasing others hard work. it wasn't their fault.

    this quest was very time consuming.

    eq itself needs to own up to it. if they want to remedy it.
  15. Boze Augur

    Update: You can kill her. She doesn't drop the tools. =/ More science updates to come.
  16. Ambakkar New Member

    I have seen several mentions that the 8th Shawl was introduced in Luclin. I respectfully disagree. I clearly remember doing my 8th shawl on Bertoxx back in the original Velious release (and was very proud of it.. the write-ups at the time were VERY unclear). And I am fairly sure I did it on Corinav in the Velious release.

    In my humble, this is a bug.. pure and simple. So the ones who managed to get the tools were simply working around a bug and being assisted in doing so.

    Perhaps the GMs who assisted remembered that it was ALL supposed to be a Velious quest. Case in point.. Why would all of the other text work for the quest yet this one small part NOT work?

    It's just broken. And it is simply not broken in the Luclin code.
  17. Gidono

    I changed this quest to a Luclin quest on allakhazam and some of the quest pieces and rewards as well so there isn't any confusion in the future.

    I haven't done this quest in forever so I don't remember it. Are the tradeskilled items you make in this quest, combine while Velious is current? I want to make sure the recipes are marked correctly along with the components.
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  18. starvingblacksmith New Member

    To be accurate, you can do the combines for everything.

    It is the etching tools that are locked out from creating the imbued versions.
    But to those who have had access to the etching tools, they were obviously able to do the combines to imbue them as well.

    People are also so appalled that people are upset with the item that is or is not available.
    I am not, I am upset with the process involved being broken and the bad gameplay experience.
  19. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    It's not broken, though some additional in game text on the npc to inform you when the next stage of the quest can be completed would be most welcome the fact remains that the 8th shawl is a Luclin era quest & item.

    The confusion arises out of the fact that this quest is on TLP servers & later expansions already exist where on live they did not & that disparity was not addressed in a way that made sense to players on TLP who were going to be using & following guides that followed the timeline of live servers, hence there is more information out there than existed when these quests were current on live servers and the quest text of the original velious era quests was altered at a certain point once the luclin part was implimented - that change makes it look like the quest can be completed in Velious on TLP when it cannot but when that NPC's text was changed TLP did not exist.

    Fortunately there not too many quests that stretch across multiple expansions like the Shawl line does.
  20. Tweakfour17 Augur

    I'm curious if there actually exists [magic words] to get the etching tools or if thats just code for GM o_O
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