Blacksmith Trophy & Raising Smithing from 220

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  1. Deux Augur

    Currently at 220 Smithing and have finished all my smith AAs so I'm planning on pushing to 350. I don't have the smithing trophy yet and was wondering if someone could help me understand the process of maxing this out on my journey.

    I'm guessing I need to do the initial smith trophy first to get the beginning one but what next? A series of quests or ? To evolve the trophy do I do the quests, do I do progressive combines with trivial recipes based on the trophy level? Do I wait til the trophy is a certain level then start doing my smithing skill up combines? Not really sure what the proper steps are other than I know I want the +15% smithing hammer.

  2. Heajol Elder

    Get your trophy asap then equip it in range or primary or whatever whenever you do a smithing combine. Non-trivial successes will evolve the trophy over time. Also you'll need to take the token the judge gives you and combine it in a forge with your trophy equipped. It's only one quest and then the combines. My jewelcraft trophy isn't maxed yet at 300 skill.
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  3. CatsPaws Augur

    So to start go see Event Coordinator Baublie Diggs, female halfing in the newbie hunting area of Freeport West. She is just up the hill from the book.

    Since you are at 220 she will give you Journeyman (200-249) test. And a certificate.

    This shows the test requirements but they will also pop up in your quest window

    Then you return to that area and turn in the items to the Judge and she gives you a scorecard which you give to Diggs who in turn gives you the trophy for that skill.

    Equip the trophy, then combine the certificate by itself in a forge and your trophy will evolve to a Journeyman Smith Trophy.


    The trophy will evolve as you do future combines (only skills up on a success) and if your skill gets ahead of the trophy, then the trophy XP increases to 10 or 11 times previous until you catch up.
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  4. Deux Augur

    Thanks so much can I ask a couple follow up questions?
    When I go from 301-350 I believe I have to do learn recipes to advance skill. I don't know many recipes that are very low trivial...would these advance trophy when we are post 300?
    Also as an int caster I understand int has a relationship to success and/or skill gain? Is there a cap on how much int can help or do I want to load up on H+int augs?
  5. CatsPaws Augur

  6. Deux Augur

    Thank you is and is there a cap on int for the effect it has on skill gain or successes?

    Finally, when a person is looking to gain blacksmithing should they equip items that give a +blacksmith % ? I'm sort of unsure if that only affects success rate and not skill gain.

    I.E. - 250 smith (with 10% smith mod item now 275) making something 260 trivial...would they still gain skill because gains are based on their true smith skill and only the success rate is based on the skill + mod ?
  7. Heajol Elder

    Yes even if your trophy or other mod puts you over the skill level, you will gain skill until you reach the trivial in your true skill.
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  8. Deux Augur

    Thanks...last question at what point are str, wis or int (depending on your class) irrelevant to skill gain or success rate? guessing there is a cap or do I want to load up on heroic int augs?
  9. Tatanka Augur

    Don't remember the actual number, but I think it's in the 500s or 600s, so don't worry about heroic augs.

    To get the exact number, go to the calculator at EQTraders, and type in various values. Once your odds of skilling up stop increasing, that's the point where extra won't help. Also, at that value, your odds of a skillup from failures pretty much equals the odds of a skillup from successes :)
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