Blackfeather Roost - Fenith a tame griffon quest chain broken.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Nomad1988, Nov 25, 2023.

  1. Nomad1988 New Member

    Category: Quest [Can Repro]
    Date/Time: Sat Nov 25 20:58:01 2023

    Character: Level 61 Shadow Knight (Main)
    Zone: Blackfeather Roost
    Location: 3238.19, -150.14, -186.36, 36.00

    Target NPC: a tame Griffon
    Target Location: 3251.00, -144.00, -186.75, 418.00

    Description: I'm unable to progress in Blackfeather Roost due to the second landing griffon refusing to accept the treat. It will say to me " I have no need for this item, Oaff. You can have it back." I went back to Fenith to restart the quest chain and redid the first treat quest, after completing the combine and obtaining the treat, that griffon refuses its treat as well, blocking me from re attempting the second landing quest. I still have both treats in my inventory.
  2. Hegsheoshed Augur

    Are you or is someone else casting invisibility on you in any way while doing the hand in? If they can't see you they may not respond. I was there recently with a bard and had to stop the invisibility song and sing something else to clear the invisibility. Not all quests are like this and do update when invisible but not all work that way.
  3. Iuwene Augur

    Are you sure you are using the correct treat? Griffon 1 and Griffon 2 need different recipes.
  4. Gialana Augur

    I just did this quest successfully a few weeks ago. The hint on Allakhzam is to not do anything unless you have the quest in the quest window. When you have the quest and make the treat (sandwhich), then you can give it to the griffon on the second ledge.
  5. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    If you accidentally rehail the 1st nest questgiver it breaks the second quest, been like that since the expansion went live. You can usually just delete the quest and restart it. Rarer, you have to redo the 1st one. I bugreported this several times over the years and never even got a nibble.