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    I am in search of the best DPS macro setup for raids. I have read the forums (Romance's, etc.), but I am looking for a complete setup including spell line up, key placement, AA/disc combination, and technique for cycling thru in order to get the highest possible DPS. If anyone could help me i would greatly appreciate it.

    thanks in advance
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    It's probably the best guide on the boards, but any posts from Stubar or Zahrym usually have good info to use as reference.

    Think the only difference for me from the guide is I generally start with BA instead of SR because the crit dmg mods from shm epic and SR don't stack.
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    I was just wondering again, what all combat abilities is everyone using? And when you use these you map them all in individual hotkeys (in addition to your spells) to one key correct? If so, I have been having issues getting some of them to fire off when they refresh for several seconds (or longer) so I am losing out on dps. Anyone else have these problems? or what is the most effective way to have everything bound to one key.
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    This is what I found to work with some assistance from Terroz.
    key 1 - 5 spells
    key 2 - feral swipe
    key 3 - bite of the asp (or) gorilla smash (or) ravens claw
    key 4 - bestial evulsing, clamor of claws, pummel, chameleon strike, kick

    Personally I prefer multibinds but I know people who also have success with hotkeys.