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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by usa63t, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. usa63t New Member

    I recently returned to EQ after a 6 + year break, and decided to take the weekend to attempt to farm these for my beast lord. After 2 days and thousands of kills I have gotten 0 drops of any armor variety. This caused me to open a petition to make sure they are not broken and in the extremely quick response I was advised to come here as the drops are not broken supposedly just extremely rare. Sorry but with several thousand kills and non one drop they seem a bit to rare.

    My suggestion other than to look into the drop rate is just to make things simple. Add all ornaments to the db store that are more than 2 expansions old.
  2. Qbert Augur

    They did increase the drop rate of these and the dark elf set a few patches ago, but I can't speak to your experience as I have avoided that expansion like the plague for years now.
  3. Febb Augur

    Where are you killing? I know they drop in the Bixie Warfront HA's.
  4. usa63t New Member

    I started off and did the progression went down the allakazam list for the zones it says they drop in. Once that was done just been rerunning ha's without finishing them.
  5. usa63t New Member

    I also tried killing the few bixies that you can target in the zone after reading
    "- Increased the drop rate of Dark Elf and Bixie Hero's Forge Ornaments. Bixie Ornaments can now drop from the bixies in Bixie Warfront."
    from jan 19th of this year
  6. usa63t New Member

    I am up to 5 says 5600+ marks of valor and who knows how many killed still 0 drops
  7. Qbert Augur

    Just out of curiosity, for what level range are you doing these tasks (i.e. max level character is . . .)? Perhaps they only drop on mobs of a certain level range and if you're too low you don't see them?
  8. usa63t New Member

    Doing them solo with merc on a 110 ranger
  9. usa63t New Member

    Tonight's update finished slayer achievement yesterday. Finished all of the collection quests and even more killed still at 0 drops. I can not find anyone willing to answer from general chat who has gotten any recently. I really do think the drops for the armor ornaments are broken.
  10. usa63t New Member

    Well I gave up after a week I had 70 complete sets of the weapon collection items that you get from killing the mobs for a reference of how much I killed still 0 armor ornament drops.
  11. CatsPaws Augur

    There certainly has been an increase in the Hero's forge Dark Elf armor ornaments - mostly leather.

    But I agree with the lack of the Hero's forge Bixie ornaments - I get less now than before Jan.

    In fact after that patch in Jan I started getting the collection drops off bixies right and left. No armor though.

    I think the script is messed up and is causing the Bixie collectables to increase in drop rate instead of the Bixie ornaments.
  12. Yinla Augur

    Bixie ornaments are still rare, where the DE ornaments are about right now.

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