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  1. DruidStorm69 New Member

    The devs deserve some good credit for adding loot back to hate minis after the Zerg guilds forced a nerf. It was a great and welcome sight to see actually cool loot on mini bosses which take several minutes to kill. Thank you to the new company and the devs
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  2. Brontus Norrathian hitchiker

    Another big round of applause for the devs saving the Norrathian economy from total devastation and insolvency by nerfing those newbie bags and newbie food.

    Our Norrathian tax dollars hard at work! o_O
  3. Trevalon Augur

    Oh, Good to hear they did this! Way to go Devs!

    PS which Dev is currently in charge of the TLP changes? I thought Prathun and Ngreth used to do it the most back in the day, which Dev has taken on those reigns? Id like to tell them good job!
  4. HoodenShuklak Augur

    The bags was flat out broke! I loaded up it was great, and probably saved me like 4pp. Unfortunately, on the next FV TLP we won't be able to get the free backpacks :( .

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