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  1. Fian Augur

    Currently, each expansion we get the following type 5 augments:
    • 1 Tradeskill type 5 (Lore)
    • 1 Dropped type 5 (Lore)
    • unlimited currency purchased type 5 earned from running missions
    Currently, the new expansion currency type 5 is better than all 3 categories above. My proposal is that the first two type 5s in the list above be equal or better than the next expansion type 5 augments. So, that way if you take the time to camp the current expansion type 5 augment, you know that it will last you for more than one expansion.

    It should be noted that while on my main, I usually farm a full set of type 5s in an expansion, on my alts, they are woefully behind, even though they may be max AA and have excellent gear in other respects. I suspect only a small subset of players are current when it comes to type 5 augments.

    P.S. On a separate note, you used to be able to farm type 5s running easy quests that could usually be duo'd. Since ROS, type 5s can only be farmed from missions, which usually requires a full group, and definitely a tank. The end result is it puts even more limits on getting a full set of type 5 from an expansion. Personally, I loved that in TBM, every single quest gave you currency often in less than 30 minutes. I really hope that the game can learn from TBM and create quests that give currency and are designed to be run many times, not just once for an achievement flag.
  2. Windance Augur

    Some other notes:
    - TBM currency was also tradable. +1
    - TBM currency had ridiculous cost/stack sizes -1.

    The reward, cost, and stack size are all relative, you don't need to have highly inflated values like the overseer.

    I have 839,373 overseer Tetradrachms which have a stack size of 1000 coins - so it would take 839 inventory slots ... (if they were tradable)

    I have 47,713 Remnants of Tranquility ... 47 slots ... really?

    I have 368 Orux ( TBS coin ) which is a much more reasonable number to deal with.

    If I remember right TBS, short missions were worth 60 orux, long missions were 120. All the mission rewards scaled from 50%-200% based on how often they completed. Pick one that everyone was doing and it would drop down to 30 orux, or get good at doing the long one that everyone hated and you'd score 240!

    I love the idea of the self balancing quest rewards. Sadly they never used that system again so it was probably a PITA to code and track
  3. Yendar Augur

    TBL had several easier missions that you could farm type 5’s on duo’d with most classes. Most people got enough coin for their type 5’s just from fight fire, which was moloable by many classes last expansion.

    This isn’t so much the case w RoS or ToV missions though. I do think there should be an easier/longer mission or two to farm currency & chests.
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  4. Tegila Augur

    I see ppl doing to missions with 2-3. Too s and some mercs all the time. Granted, there are then 6hrblockouts, but I don't think the expansions including all minor Aug upgrades, should be completable in a couple weeks.
  5. Monkman Augur

    A few classes can solo Griklor mission. Some can solo AOW mission :)
  6. Yendar Augur

    Can you solo grik on the monk? I been curious and want to try it.

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