BETA reward?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Veteran_BetaTester, Jan 28, 2021.

  1. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    Was there a reward for BETA?
    (How to get it)
  2. Svann2 The Magnificent

    It always takes too long, but up till this year I really didnt care.
  3. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Last I heard this was in progress, I will check the status in a meeting I have today.
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  4. Nolrog Augur

    Yes, there was a reward. If I recall correctly, it was a mimic metamorph wand.

    You get it by playing the content and doing the quests or raids and they would grant a beta token and if you collected enough (not sure what the exact criteria but several), then your account qualifies.
  5. Moege Augur

    Doing the raids with a dev present. They do not count if just guild.
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  6. Elyssanda Bardbrain

    doing one with a Dev gave you more, but iirc you still got some if you finished a raid, or for unplayable ones because of problems if you reported specific (non-lag) problems out on the forum.
  7. Erebor New Member

    Any update on this?
  8. Celephane Augur

    It only Feb, Beta rewards have never been available this soon before... just sayin'
  9. Hayzeus Augur

    I'm pretty sure the hidden Beta Reward is that the entire game population gets to continue "beta testing" the content through 2021 until the next expansion launches. You all act as if they've got a long demonstrable history of responding to beta information.

    They don't, and it will be demonstrated over the year by posts of general population players complaining about this or about that, and then a beta player will post how "they knew about this or that in beta, and they did nothing."

    Nothing new here, but by all means enjoy your mimic wand while pretending it was all worth it - I know to some of you it will have been thus.
  10. Celephane Augur

    Cool story bro, thanks for the most useless post on this thread... so far
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  11. Svann2 The Magnificent

    When did it come out last year? Tried to forum search and could only find a post that said someone told them it was in claim.
  12. Sokki Still Won't Buff You!!

    I think it's typically around the beginning of March. I could be wrong though, I never really pay attention to the exact date.
  13. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    Around the time they allow us to buy lifetime membership?
  14. Elyssanda Bardbrain

    that was Xmas/new years.. not anniv time
  15. Nilwean Elder

    It's in /claim now!
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  16. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    I see mine, but fellow guildees are reporting not seeing anything atm.

    So it may take time to get em all out.
  17. OldCa61 Augur

    Confirmed :)