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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Adumbral, May 21, 2015.

  1. Adumbral Journeyman

    What even was the point of a beta ... i thought beta was supposed to take care of these issues this is a joke have a bad taste in my mouth not a good start Day Break
  2. Zach Journeyman

    Beta did not have 5000+ people.
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  3. jagarr Augur

    beta with betabuff active for the entire time wasn't super wise. it should've been much longer and gone in phases but memorial day weekend = $$$$$$$ in re-subs.

    can't turn back time. if i could fiiiinnnnd a waaay. etc.
  4. Rokuzachi New Member

    OP's ignorance on full display.

    Read the other thread about why the beta test didn't catch this.
  5. Deadlyne Elder

    You have become worse at posting! (-5)
  6. Drelik Lorekeeper

    Beta was also not attached to the live servers like this server is now.
  7. Tudadar Augur

    I didnt like how beta was done. Beta should have been classic only instead of rushing kunark and velious out. Betabuff was a bad idea too. The MOST IMPORTANT part of these servers is classic launch and starter zones and that wasnt tested properly.

    That along with beta out to at least the 20th then bam ragefire opens the 20th was a bad combo.
  8. Wwoe New Member

    "Frikkin children. What do you think it accomplishes to post that you're unhappy? Do you think you're the only one? If you're gonna leave, just do it and spare us the drama. "

    Its called Feedback... Someone doesn't know how they are till enough people tell them.
  9. Adumbral Journeyman

    i am not a child im 36 years old an when i pay for something i like it to work right its like if i got my car fixed i would not be happy if i payed an what i payed for was wrong an not working
  10. Exitx Journeyman

    There was no way to catch this problem on the beta client. The problem is in code for live server characters. Be patient, it will be fixed and everything will be right. I can think of many other major releases that have had way worse problems than this and everything turned out fine in the end.
  11. Exitx Journeyman

    If you are unhappy put your money where your mouth is and don't play their game. Email customer service, ask for your $15 back and move on.
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  12. Elkay Augur

    The beta server/playerbase obviously didn't exercise the instancing much, if at all. If as many people logged into beta as into the launch, this probably would have been found. So I blame the non-beta testers! :)
  13. Adumbral Journeyman

    Not saying that just upset an again why was there even a beta if we are now going through this
  14. Goodnews Augur

    This is why it may be worth considering beta testing off the regular server selection instead of having to click a drop down menu, download more files.

    If players can be in game, see a server-wide message requesting help to test something, /camp to server select, log into beta server from the screen, then they might get these kinds of turn-out.

    Sometimes the clients are different. Fair enough. Use the old system until the team thinks its ready to launch and then basically repeat what has happened here but "on purpose". Reasons being whatever they will be, the easier it is to log in/switch between characters/servers, the more likely a successful turn-out is to happen.

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