Best way to grind Commemorative Coins or anniversary currency?

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  1. ZenMaster formless, shapeless

    What is the best method to acquire or grind for Commemorative Coins?

    I've read in the past that repeating Jimothy the Delicious is your best bet. Is this still true?

    Weapons ornaments at 395 coin each is a bit steep.
  2. OlavSkullcrusher Augur

    That does seem like a lot for an ornament. The bags and mounts just seem ridiculous at 500-1500 coins when you get, what, 5-10 coins per quest?
  3. ZenMaster formless, shapeless

    Yes. And tasks have a 6-hour lock out.

    I think I'll only get enough coin for 1 ornament. I wish the weapon ornaments were maybe 100 coin each.
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  4. Riou EQResource

    Yes, also add in Unity the new HA from this years stuff, it gives 20 and depending on your class you can invis gank each named, it has a lockout like jimothy one but you can complete it in like 20 minutes if you are at all modern geared/AA'd even duo with a merc (nothing sees invis and only like the named itself summons)

    I would look through the list and see which other quests/missions look fast, there's quite a bit that can be done per Jimothy/Unity lockout

    The thing that makes Jimothy good is that you can pre-farm everything in the quest, so 1 general play day of farming lets you do the quest up to every 6 hours for the entire like almost 2 months the anniversary is active (each go takes like 5 or 10 minutes max or something, and should be easy to plan around doing per lockout since that is low time commitment beyond the farm day)
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  5. Lisard Augur

    they just need to make Commerative Coins Heirloom, the problem would solve itself.
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  6. ZenMaster formless, shapeless

    Thank you for the guide and advice Riou!
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  7. Coagagin Guild house cat

    At five coins every 6 hours the Neriak mission can be done in 3 minutes or less, solo/molo. Fippy's further revenge takes what 15 minutes with a mage? I think I did that in 12 this morning and gives 10 coin, also easy. The WW mission takes a little longer but can be done in less than 15 minutes as a group. I use a mage to port mine around and fights last less than a minute.

    You just need to find those missions that work easily for your class or group.

    - Coag
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  8. Kase Elder

    Another 22 years of collecting coins to get the bear mount....
  9. Zinth Augur

    yeah the prices on those items doesn't seem very "celebratory" like....
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  10. GriefPK Elder

    great place for some micro transactions. put the currency in DBG store for anni period only
  11. Conq Augur

    I farm coins thusly:
    1. Magically Delicious - 20 coins - 10ish mins
    2. Fippy's Further Revenge - 10 - 15ish mins
    3. What Happens in Neriak - 5 - 5 mins
    4. Dead Dragons - 5 - 5ish mins
    5. Defending Knowledge - 5 - 15ish mins

    There are others (and of course this year's), but those are the quick and easies. I try to run them once before work and once after work, but your mileage may vary. Have fun grinding.
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  12. Fenthen Augur

    Come to FV, trade them around!
  13. Riou EQResource

    You should give the new Unity HA one a try if you are in modern gear/AA you can get 24 from completing it in like 5-10 minutes
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  14. ZenMaster formless, shapeless

    The bear mount for 1750 coin is reachable if one runs the Unity mission 73 times:

    1750 coin for bear mount / 24 coin per mission = 73 mission runs.
  15. Zamiam Augur

    hmm 73 times at a 6 hour lockout means you can technically run the mission 4 times a day thats roughly 18 days .. minimum if you do it every 6 hours when timer is up

    I guess if you want to run the mission , which prolly only takes 15min to complete every 6 hours non stop for 18 days wouldnt be that bad if you can make the time for it .. basically it boils down to 1 hour a day for 18 days is 18 hours max .. when you break it down like that it doesnt sound that bad
  16. Zinth Augur

    6hr? only see like 2hr 30min lockout?
  17. Riou EQResource

    Yea, Unity is a 3 hour lockout
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  18. Tatanka Augur

    A question on the bear mount, and other anniversary mounts (bought with coins). I looked them up on ZAM, and couldn't find where any had mount blessings associated with them. That seems strange, so I figured it's just something weird with ZAM's data capture. Where can one find out which blessings come with these mounts?
  19. Vumad Augur

    Doing stupid easy missions 150 times is not an accomplishment. Having a celebratory item because you solo grind-ed out the same nonsense for 2 months is nothing worth bragging about.

    Each year we need a very challenging mission that requires no less than 2 people with mercs but really need a good group of 6 to do, something that is hard, and gives like 200 coins. Then each year the items from that year and the mission from that year need to reduce by 20% until they bottom out at 20% of the original costs.

    So if you want to invis through Blackburrow on easy mode for 10 coins in 20 minutes, then great, but if you and some friends want to get together and spend 2 hours crawling a dungeon then you can see some big rewards. 6 times through the mission with friends and you can get the celebratory mount or w/e items you want.

    To prevent people from going crazy, a limit can be set. So each time you do the mission the reward reduces by 5% or after 10 missions in decreases by 50%, or something.

    So with unity it should be a "hard mission with white and yellow cons that hit solid, see invis, need to be split (fix the pathing) and gives like 200 coins and good XP for killing in it. Think of the difficulty and XP like GMM was on launch, but in blackburrow.

    To put that in numerical terms...
    Easy Unity = 10 coins. Functions as is.

    Hard unity = 200 coins, 190 coins, 180 coins, etc until it bottoms out at... 50 coins? 200+190+180+170+160+150+140+130+120+110+100+90+80+70+60= 1950
    So after 15 runs you can buy the year's mount with some coins left over and from there out it's only 50 coins for a hard.

    Other methods would be to lockout the coin reward to 20 hours, so you can repeat the mission as much as you want to do it with friends and get XP but you can only get coins once per day.

    Then the next year (23rd) your penalty resets, but it's a year old so everyone starts with a past anniversary (easier content) penalty.
    So if we are talking about the 22nd anniversary quest...
    22nd anniversary = 200 coins, Mount costs 1500 coins
    23rd anniversary = 150 coins, Mount costs 1125 coins
    24th anniversary = 100 coins, Mount costs 750 coins
    25th anniversary = 50 coins, Mount costs 375 coins
    And again this is for doing the 22nd anniversary task and buying the 22nd anniversary rewards in subsequent years.

    Not whining about it's too much work. Trying to scale the work to make it more enjoyable, with more options. I have 0 interest in invising through blackburrow over and over to get a few coins, but a lot of interest doing a dungeon crawl with friends, splitting mobs, CCing, etc during my LOTD session.
  20. Conq Augur

    Armored Battle Bear Saddle gives Kala.
    Bridle of the Wrulon Strider gives Beza.
    Darkpaw Destrier gives Kala.
    Firiona Vie's Unicorn Horseshoe gives Jaka.
    Lava Sessiloid Saddle gives Beza.
    Shadow Prowler Saddle gives Azia.
    Per personal testing in game.
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