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  1. ARCHIVED-hvntplydsincepop Guest

    What is the best trio to three box in eq?
    Is cleric, sk, chanter still very good? Is druid, monk, chanter still awsome?
  2. ARCHIVED-Kyuso Guest

    the trinity is still a powerful force. healer/tank/cc. with the way balancing is working, go for whatever you'd like to try.
    hvntplydsincepop wrote:
  3. ARCHIVED-code-zero Guest

    Bard/Mage/Wizard :p
  4. ARCHIVED-TeamLeader Guest

    I've heard Druid/Monk/Chanter works extremely well. Though it can be a bit taxing on the Druids mana if you plan on him DPSing and healing.
  5. ARCHIVED-TeamLeader Guest

    I've heard Druid/Monk/Chanter works extremely well. Though it can be a bit taxing on the Druids mana if you plan on him DPSing and healing.
  6. ARCHIVED-Jedis Guest

    I personally do Mage/Druid/Enchanter. It works great and am able to take down T5 named easily with 2 cleric mercs. The only drawback to a pet tanking is that the NPC will hit anyone standing closer to the mob with the pet tanking. Keep your toons a safe distance away. Multiple mob pulls are not an issue with the Enchanter mezzing.
  7. ARCHIVED-I_Love_My_Bandwidth Guest

    This completely depends on playstyle. For myself, I prefer a melee-heavy team so I box Monk, Rogue, Berserker, Bard. I use one T5 healer and a T5 Tank. I usually will drop the healer and tank for guild members that fill those positions.
  8. ARCHIVED-Antibane Guest

    I box Necro (Healer Merc)/Cleric (Tank Merc)/Shaman, and it's enough healing and DPS to handle pretty much whatever I encounter. Nameds rip through the PC cleric's mana pretty quick, but with the added heals of the mercenary, the tank merc handles them just fine.
  9. ARCHIVED-Left_4_Dead Guest

    On mayong I trio War, Cleric, and Wiz. (no mercs needed!) And so far I haven't found a fight that I couldn't take. Lvl 65 w/ 250aa's.
  10. ARCHIVED-emericanmonkey Guest

    monk ( cleric merc ) shaman ( tank merc ) ranger ( w.e merc ) thts a pretty good trio

    w/o mercs

    SK / Shaman / WiZzY imo =p
  11. ARCHIVED-clinton1011 Guest

    My trio is weird ....Beast,Bard,Shaman.... its a huge benifical group. tbh there hasnt been much i havent been able to take down... very fun group to have
  12. ARCHIVED-Kazolo Guest

    mage/mage/mage is the group that will get by far the most exp.

    It is also the group which can take down the biggest named. They have trouble with super AE's and lots and lots of adds. (4+)
  13. ARCHIVED-clinton1011 Guest

    3 mages is killer..... but also sounds real boring playin same class
  14. ARCHIVED-Daislet Guest

  15. ARCHIVED-UnlicensedFish Guest

    Bard (Bard Speed, Puller, CC, Slows, DPS boost) / Magician (Pet tank/heals, DPS, CotH) / Wizard (burninator/transportation) With 3 cleric mercs is a very powerful trio. Keep in mind that bards can leave their mercenaries suspended until they're needed - fade & unsuspend...
    ~ ><>
  16. ARCHIVED-Lasia Guest

    Bard/War/Cleric what I use, isn't much at all I can't kill.

    mercs are suspended 90% of the time aswell.
  17. ARCHIVED-Dorjan Guest

    I box WAR/ROG/ENC, and let the mercs do all the healing. No content out there groupwise that I can't handle. Its not the most stressless combo for sure (moving 2 melee, one which is super position dependent isn't easy), but I'm used to it and it works well for me.
  18. ARCHIVED-Wrathruin Guest

    I play a beast/druid/bard. I don't think it is the best trio but it is good enough.
  19. ARCHIVED-cower Guest

    While I would agree that Mage, Mage, Mage trio would be extremely powerful, I think that I would drop the third mage in favor of a chanter. CC can be an issue with mage pulling so the mez, not to mention the mana boost and twincast, would make this an unsto-pable trio with a healer merc or 2.
  20. ARCHIVED-Tilluan_AB Guest

    hvntplydsincepop wrote:
    Mercenaries change a bit the aspects as they could provide tank and cleric, but:
    - you still need a backup/patch healer
    - a puller
    - a slower or mezzer
    - many DPS

    Therefore a cleric would be not my first choice, here I would prefer shaman or druid.
    You may take a bard, monk or druid (outdoors) as puller
    A shadowknight is one of the best offense melee classes and has FD abilities too.

    Myself I play: druid, paladin, shaman (plus T1 cleric, T2 maintank, T1 offtank)
    The paladin could be changed to a SK though or for a mage with pet (the problem is to really "rely" on the tank merc).
    Never rely on the merc cleric as sufficiant main healer, you will need a backup healer in many situations!)

    My last hint: To level up to 55, just use tank mercs in Goru Mesa etc.

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