Best Tradeskills to commit to on Agnarr

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  1. Zansobar Augur

    I was wondering what are the best tradeskills for a general class to pick. By that I mean of course a Shaman is going to do Alchemy since it isn't available to other classes, Rogues have make poisons and Enchanters get Jewelcrafting. But what are the tradeskills that are useful/profitable etc. for other classes on Agnarr?

    I am wondering if there is anything good for a caster (Mage/Necro/Wizard) or what would be good for a melee (Warrior, SK, Paladin)?
  2. Syllestrae Elder

    Well, if you do tailoring, in addition to making silk armors for yourself as a caster, you can also make bags which both casters and melee can use.
  3. Rhodz Augur

    Research, at least it has a point until later.
    Fletching has a specific use also.
    Armor is a pretty hot while banded is in big demand.
    TS in EQ are ... meh, been that way a very long time.
  4. malaki Augur

    None of them unless you're going to be one of the first to do it.
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  5. Fluid Augur

    Tradeskills are by design a money loser with the exception of what malaki said. I still have items I created 18 years ago. Most are persistent so it dilutes the market as volume in existence drive down prices. I think people also get that even on a TLP server, just wait a month and item stat inflation will take care of everything. Most importantly, virtually all trade guides tell you to have a couple of hundred PP before you start. In order to get a couple of hundred PP on a TLP server, you are pretty much locked into getting to killing Hill Giants stage before you start.

    Just my personal preference anyway. Level rapidly, sidetrack to profitable quests if you need the PP, when you have a couple of thousand PP in the bank, then take up crafts.

    Create a character on Ragefire or Phiny. Just use the /bazaar command to see what people are asking for items or /barter to see what they are buying. I started a new Druid on Phiny this week. Made ~400 PP selling spider silk from killing spiders to level @2 PP each, 300 PP doing quests items. Character is only level 17. I did spend ~200 PP on potions and a couple of essential items for leveling.
  6. Barudin_Phinigel Augur

    Unless you know the exact correct paths to take and when to do them and are first to them you do not really make money.
  7. Mindra New Member

    Disclaimer: I haven't played on TLP

    Now I am, as they say, old school.
    In classic people bought banded armor, and for the game economy they paid decent for it. You could easily take orders for it in EC in order to fund your skill ups through fine plate. They did also buy fine plate, but you really had to put your foot down about the price in order to profit on it (banded sold for 1pp / ac, which worked; so the general population wanted to pay 10pp / ac on fine plate, which meant you lost money on some parts, so smart tradeskillers would charge per sheet needed for the piece). Also full suits of good armor are difficult to obtain at this point, so fashion conscious people enthusiasticly bought dyed fine plate.
    Some races got decent cultural smithing, which was a niche market, but it was there. All other relevant items are cross skill items, such as boning/studs for tailoring or arrowheads, until DoN I *think*, there was an overhaul on cultural crafting and some folks paid a good amount of pp for that.

    Tailoring, you sold Wu's armor and handmade backpacks, which were both moneymakers. After that you spent the rest of your life trying to find HQ lion pelts in the NK. Those fleeting quivers would also sell for a good amount.
    Another tradeskill with a niche cultural market. This was a severely bottlenecked trade in that most races couldn't even approach max skill until Velious because the recipies just didn't exist.
    Velious gave options, and that armor sold for a truckload, but neccesitated rare drops and combines that were trivial 100+ over the skill most folks were able to obtain at the launch of the expansion, so now skilling up was possible but not easy in the slightest. At this point tailoring was probably the most prestigious trade to have a high skill in.
    Note that most casters will want a skill of about 143 for the coldain shawl... I mean they'll *want* a higher skill, but will eventually find out why it's easier to just make multiple attempts at the shawl, this will effect the market somewhat for components and for some of the easier items to make.
    I don't know if tailoring got much a boost for a very long time after Velious.

    Jewelcraft was very useful at this point, just not as glorious as the two aforementioned skills. You can get a very high skill on vendor compontents alone (maybe maxed once Velious is released, I'm not posative), and although some items like blue diamonds are difficult to come by, when people begin raiding the planes they'll be out there in the market. Jewelcraft takes less time and more pp, people will want 6ac 65hp rings and some blue diamond stuff, a lot of people will want a lot of it.
    If you're not a chanter then you will have to work with one to get anywhere in this trade and make some pp.

    Fletching is relevant to... you guessed it. If you're not a ranger then this trade will do nothing for you until PoP. Rangers would get some decent cultural bows earlier on, and there will be a little bit of a market for acrylia arrows in Luclin, but they're just too expensive for anybody without endless quiver, so I don't think they sold in huge quantities.
    I knew some warriors that made their own arrows to save pp, but that just illustrates how futile it is to expect to sell things to others with this trade.
    This is a failrly easy trade to skill up in (though classic bows get a *little* expensive to make). It just isn't that viable until PoP, at this point however those bows will be in *huge* demand, you will have to pay a lot for the components if you're not in an EP guild though.

    Pottery is for rogues. I think there were some idols that were released with GoD or OoW? I actually forget exactly when, but they were somewhat useful. Every other use will be for subcombines and PoP tradeskill trophies. Seriously the most irrelevant trade for a very very long time (except for rogues).

    Baking and brewing both don't have any practical use until Luclin I believe. Misty thicket picnic, queynos tea, halas 10lb meat pies and grobb liquidized meats were the first high demand stat foods I can remember for casters/melee respectively. At this point these trades are both still easy or cheap to skill up in (maybe baking requires more drops, but not expensive ones, and brewing can become very high at a vendor). So these are both pretty low investment/reward trades, but there is some pay off. I think those stat foods are pretty intensive on subcombines though, so you will have to spend some time there.

    Fishing isn't a tradeskill, and the whole point to it is the fisherman's companion, I don't recall when that was implimented.

    Of course if you enjoy tradeskills or you enjoy suffering:
    You'll want all of your tradeskills as high as is neccessary for coldain ring/shawl before Velious is realeased, now that we all know what is going to happen; casters especially will want theirs as high as possible.
    and Again, before PoP is released, now that we all know what is going to happen, everyone will want a skill (preferably a more difficult one) at 250 and the rest sitting at 200 so we can plow ahead with our earrings.
    This is the double edged sword of truly good tradeskill rewards *and* with the ability and requirement to get them all up to max, by PoP they're going to become a lot less special, this has always occured when an every tradeskill quest or item is implimented, like the PoP earring, or the coldain 2.0 shawl. Wish they made each skill more difficult to master then gave a different quest reward depending on which skill you used, the population would at least be less homoginized, which would make things slightly less inflated... oh well.

    Also in regards to your comment about rogues and shaman, note that alchemy, poisonmaking and tinkering do not cut off other trades from a 250 skill, so you can max your class/race skill and 1 other tradeskill without aa's. I can't speak for alchemy or tinkering, but poisonmaking is somewhat easier than some other trades to build up, so this is exactly what I did. Also, jewelcraft is for obvious reasons signitory to chanters but they are not the only ones that can master it. Again, most folks will want to have it mastered in PoP, and most casters will want it to be pretty high in Velious.

    I'm sorry this was long winded and doesn't directly answer your question, but there's a little history of how tradeskills worked in the first few expansions, so you can think about which ones might be best for which classes. That is all.

    -Mindra Skylarker of the Iksarian Broods, Bertoxx.
  8. Agnecro Journeyman

    The OP said "I was wondering what are the best trade skills for a general class to pick," and I think that depends on two important things. First, are you going to play enough to make the plat, level trade skills, and compete with the krono farmers in EC tunnel most of the day? If so, I would suggest JC as an enchanter, which is a "two for one," as you will be able to craft pure caster spells as well. So the second consideration is whether your playing a caster, hybrid, or pure melee. If you're going to be a caster of any type, you should be aware that the previous TLP servers have always, yes every time, screwed up by allowing tomes and spells to be made much earlier than intended. Also, you need to consider Velious. This is the expansion where crafting really reaps the rewards. Melee get the ring quest and casters get the shawl. So, basically at the end of the 24th week, you're going to need high skills in almost everything anyway. Melee have better weight carrying potential, especially if you aren't spending $40 for a bag. And, they can make tomes for pure melee's, which is something no one ever wants to do, which could end up being a risk worth taking. So melee, especially tanks, are better off trying to skill up smithing or leather, especially since they are the ones who can carry the free materials. Personally, I don't really need the headache of an all day job which pays less than one hour of working at McTrumps making flies. I prefer to just go kill stuff, sell items people want or materials Tser's need. If you play enough to trade skill, you would probably be better off leveling up and selling loot rights in the company of a few good friends. Just my two cents worth.
  9. Zansobar Augur

    What's the rule of multiple tradeskills on a character? I always thought you had to pick only one tradeskill, but apparently that isn't completely true.
  10. Mindra New Member

    One tradeskill can go above 200, all others will be able to go up to 200; until PoP, then New Tannin Crafting Mastery aa will allow another trade to go above 200 for each rank (the pop earring requires a skill to be at 250 for each step, culminating in all of them being maxed).
    Alchemy, poison making and tinkering do not count toward your allowed 201+ skill (so you can max these skills along with one general tradeskill).
    I was on hiatus for a long time when the tradeskill cap was raised to 300, but the hard cap was 250 at least through DoN.

    I never refer to fishing and research as tradeskills, primarily because they didn't go above 200 skill, so also can't count toward your allowed 201+ skills (I'm not positive about the cap on research, but I am positive that it wouldn't block another skill from passing 200).

    On research, that is an important skill in classic as there will be boat loads of spells that are researched only. Then there's a few here and there later on that become researchable when they weren't initially, RGC comes to mind, I know it was a raid drop only in Luclin then became researchable in PoP, but I think the more sought after spells from Kunark and further were drops. Again though, you can master research and another skill.

    -Mindra Skylarker of the Iksarian Broods, Bertoxx.
  11. Semah Augur

    FYI: New Tanaan Crafting Mastery is Luclin-era, unless they changed it in the past 4 months. I know, I know: New Tanaan is the city in PoK. But the AA itself was added /before/ the expansion came out, and prior TLPs have been able to buy it before PoP unlocked.
  12. Kahna Augur

    Made a few comments on the sections that differ on TLP's.

    Banded will sell for a bit, but plenty of folks will be making it. Planar raids are so easy you can do them in banded, with one warrior in something better. Fine plate will have little to no market.

    Cross skill items are of little value, people just level up the skill on their own. Cultural can be pretty decent for a handful of classes in Luclin.

    You can get to 190 in tailoring cheaply if you make friends with, or just level up a shaman to 25, and make Forest Green Silk Swatches.

    The deity idols will be in at launch and will be BIS for everyone who worships a deity and doesn't want to use their ranged slot as a weapon.

    These stat foods will be in at launch.

    New Tannan Crafting Mastery is a Luclin AA. You can get all your trade skills over 200 in Luclin.
  13. Manfred Wilmont New Member

    I would go with expendable items for early on tradeskilling.

    Alchemy: If you're able to spend a good chunk of time in Kedge Keep Deepwater Inks (each successful ink combine makes 5 pots) making spirituality pots (BL mana regen) well before BL's are even in the game and you can make a good chunk of money that way. Alchemy is also pretty cheap/easy to vendor raise if you have some money to throw at it with Concentration pots.

    Baking: 10lb Halas Meat Pies and Misty Thickets. Mammoth meats are a bit of a pain until Velious and Eastern Wastes, during classic you gotta go to Everfrost to scrounge them up, but every Mammoth meat makes enough for 60 combines worth of food, plus the lion and bear meat is vendor purchasable as well leaving only the mammoth/wolf meats to farm. For the Misty's each brownie meat you have to get makes 100 combines worth of food. Misty's look daunting but you make so many of each subcombine and with the tradeskill UI in it's not bad at all.

    Brewing: Qeynos Tea is always fairly in demand, but you need a forager to even get off the ground with it and be willing to spend a lot of time in Eastern Karana. The upside to this is you can run around collecting spider silks off the crag spiders and hides off of the lions/feathers off the griffons (which you'll need as well). If you go to NK to hunt up some of the griffon feathers make sure to kill the lions too and save any High Quality Lion Skins you come by for Fleeting Quivers, rangers will love you.

    Research can be profitable but not as much use long term. Lots of researched pets.

    Tailoring early on reinforced medicine bags are pretty easy to come by all the components without a high trivial rate. 10 slot giant containers.
  14. Trevalon Augur

    Pottery will make the most money if you can get it done quickly within the first week of launch.
  15. Gremin Augur

    All tradeskills if you choose the right race/deity can make you money especially come Luclin.