Best tank class for Fippy launch?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by ARCHIVED-Paulisdead, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Paulisdead Guest

    Which tank class will be the best at Fippy launch? Not classic EQ, because its obviously not classic with dmg tables staying the same and not a lot really changing mechanics wise.

  2. ARCHIVED-treebouncer Guest

    Fro groups, pally followed by SK, pallies stuns cause so much agro the dps can usually unload the second the pally peals.
    For raids it will still be warriors, especially after kunark. Defensive disc+high base HP and more AC on armor will do it.
  3. ARCHIVED-BarlowTime Guest

    Always a warrior :)
  4. ARCHIVED-Locnar Guest

    At fippy launch?

    Monk by far. Better mitigation/avoidence then the other "tanks" in their patchwork and banded, 2x, 3x, maybe 4x the DPS to hold good agro and let the casters do their thing.
    Monks on Fippy are going to make tanks look silly , at least untill the sol Ro armor quests start getting completed and the bronze armor drops come.
  5. ARCHIVED-Paulisdead Guest

    Locnar wrote:
    Seriously? That seems a little far fetched.
  6. ARCHIVED-epherym Guest

    Monk (1 handed) fists will be 20/26 (under new tables) at 50... so no .. it's not farfetched. Soul Leech 2handed drop from Cazic Thule 30/45 has a worse ratio than monks bare naked, free fists.... If you want to see that changed make a thread, or contribute to threads discussing it so the devs change it.
  7. ARCHIVED-Giizmo Guest

    war-pal-sk all great tanks. monks will tank sure but lot of classes will. there wont be anything extreme like everyones saying so.
  8. ARCHIVED-Najae Guest

    Yeah, nothing extreme at all about a class using dual 20/26 fists at 50 for free while other classes use 8/24, 13/30's 1handers or 30/45, 25/40 2handers that they had to loot.
  9. ARCHIVED-Sleppen Guest

    epherym wrote:
    Maybe not farfetched, but most likely exaggerated. Trying to hold aggro with just DPS is a lot easier than it sounds. Once you lose aggro to a nuker or healer, it can take a long time to get it back. Paladin/SK snap aggro, and even warrior taunt, doesn't have that problem.
    But we'll find out what really happens soon enough. If monks are really as overpowered as some people are suggesting, the nerf bat will swing.
  10. ARCHIVED-code-zero Guest

    Why nerf anything, sounds like a good motive for getting new expansions opened so other classes can catch up. In this game there's always been top DPS classes, top whatever you care to name. So what if it starts off with Monks on top?
  11. ARCHIVED-Garthilk Guest

    I'd also say Monk or Shadowknight. I mean with these classes you won't be tanking for very long, so holding aggro is not a huge deal. Just Harms Touch and DPS stuff down rapidly, don't have to worry about heal aggro if the mob is dead.
  12. ARCHIVED-treebouncer Guest

    Going to give a legit response thats not QQ monks and SK's are going to ruin the prog server waaaahhh...
    Pallies will probably have the best agro gen in classic, with multiple stuns on different cooldowns they will be able to draw tons of agro very quickly. If I wanted a exp as fast as possible group I would want a pally tank.
    Shadow knights are your next best bet for group tanks. They dont have quite the agro gen of pallies, but way more than warriors.
    Warriors will be your raid tanks, especially once kunark comes out. Their armor has alittle more AC and they have more base health per stam then SK's and pallies. Also worth noting, the wont be nearly as **** in groups in classic due to getting provoke ( a non classic disc being left in) at 20 which generates 100 threat instantly and 45 more per tick. Over the course of the proc it will generate threat equal to about 3-4 yak procs.
  13. ARCHIVED-Najae Guest

    Paladins are great for the early era of Everquest. A paladin loaded up with undead nukes and a ghoulbane can do some serious damage. Add in the plate he'll be wearing, stun, and taunt on top of that and at least in the dead zones (Befallen to Unrest to Lower Guk) they'll be doing alright.
  14. ARCHIVED-Kolani Guest

    Just grouping? As in classic, ranger will be for a while. Treebouncer did mention that warriors will get Provoke, but ranger will still have Flame Lick from 3. Also, your ranger won't hit the defense cap roadblock that nerfed them into tank oblivion in Kunark.
  15. ARCHIVED-Najae Guest

    code-zero wrote:
    Number one, perhaps not all people want the expansion to open so quickly. Monk fists, SK HT influences people to vote yes faster then they might normally.
    And yes, there are always top DPS classes. Monks actually did decent in the original era with 14/30 fists, so 20/26 they will be far ahead of everyone else.
  16. ARCHIVED-Phenix2687 Guest

    Kolani wrote:
    Really? Can anyone comment on how accurate this is? I didn't think Rangers made good tanks at all let alone were wanted for groups that often. I was going to roll an SK, but after seeing this thread I am having second thoughts. I want to play SK, Paladin, or Ranger and am looking to main tank but also deal a decent amount of damage. I would also consider a monk at this point too, played one on Vanguard and I loved it.
  17. ARCHIVED-Koor Guest

    Phenix2687 wrote:
    If you play a Monk you can start in Freeport
  18. ARCHIVED-Kolani Guest

    Phenix2687 wrote:
    Err, ranger was the preferred tank up until Kunark. I suppose you didn't get the memo. Rangers were far better tanks than the two knight classes in original 1999 release, and had the same defense cap as warriors with superior aggro generation - knight defense cap was actually LOWER than ranger. Modern changes will help knights (and warriors) keep up, but if you wanted a tank back in the day, it was ranger. The "ranger down" syndrome happened in Kunark when the class defense cap was accidentally on purpose stagnated and rangers had lower defense than rogues thanks to knight qq.
  19. ARCHIVED-Borek-VS Guest

    Low level caps for most skills have been raised substantially, which will make for a difference from the first time around, as the last progression servers found out.

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