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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Mannus, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. Mannus Journeyman

    Coming back to the game after many years, much has changed. I have checked online and found multiple opinions regarding the best starting zones. These are from over a decade, however, things in the game change.

    I am wondering if anyone knows the current most profitable starting zone to play in both in xp and coin?
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  4. Raytan Elder

    If you haven't played in a long time, you might consider one of the Live servers or older TLP's. Basically, so you can have access to the tutorial, which not all the TLP's have. A lot may have changed since you last played, and many of these changes are covered in the tutorial. Additionally, there is a tutorial in PoK, near the Loyalty merchant, that covers things not covered in the tutorial zone. Regardless if you stay on that server or not, the tutorial zone and the tutorial quest giver in PoK can be well worth the trouble.

    Once you leave the tutorial, the best starting zone(s) can vary depending on which server you end up choosing. If live, Crescent Reach is pretty good for quests and level of mobs. This won't be in option on many of the TLP's though.

    Good luck with where ever you choose to play.
  5. moogs Augur

    Of the classic starting zones, I like the ones by Qeynos, Halas, Rivervale, and Cabilis (if Kunark is unlocked). Butcherblock Mountains outside of Kaladim gets honorable mention for its chessboard.
  6. Yruc Augur

    For live no contest - tutorial / crescent reach

    For TLPs

    For goody two shoes - Greater Faydwer is a nice newbie zone, you have Orc hill and crushbone nearby and then unrest not to far away.

    Kaladim and Steamfont are okay can funnel into Crushbone / Unrest

    Qeynos / Surefall glade are decent as well. Can move into Black Burrow

    For evils - neriak is decent as it can go into commons / lavastorm / oasis

    Misty / Freeport are okay

    I think the better question is which starting area's should you move away from after creating your character.
    Tox - Erudites have it bad, panieel is a little better than tox but still sparsely populated. - should move to qeynos
    Trolls move to Neriak or freeport
    Not sure on the ogres been forever since i played in that zone, but i think it okay with the lizards.
  7. Dahaman Augur

    West Freeport has extremely safe pulls just standing at the gate. You can level up to 3 easy with only the mobile skills of a couch potato... even with a melee character. The re-pop time is insanely fast. Sell rusty weapons galore for loot. North Ro is a graduated farm. Progress a step south every level or two. Loot is decent if you are into trade skill supplies. Your last step will take you into the Oasis area at level 10 to 12, pending if you group or not. Oasis is good XP but mediocre (orcs) to zero loot (crocs).

    Neriak is crazy good XP and it feels like trade skill supplies fall from the sky. Rusty Weapons and bone chips will fund your initial needs. You can collect a huge amount of trade skill supplies to sell just outside the gate. Neriak has places to XP to take you into the mid teens, so you don't even have to travel until you have your basic class skills set unlocked.

    The hardest and stingiest spot to level a newbie that I tried in the past couple of months was Innothule Swamp outside of Grobb. Community aggro yields grisly ambushes unless you live puckered to a zone wall and trade skill loot is abysmal (the trolls came back to Grobb but left all their trade skill loot potential in Neriak).
  8. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    I don't think there is any noob zone that is better than the one closest to you.

    When you consider the wasted time trying to get to any other noob zone, you will always level up faster by staying put. The only exception would be the rare scenario where you can't find a group in your noob zone, and even then it's debatable. You don't want to end up somewhere you don't have the faction to buy/sell/train/etc.

    The real question is, When to move somewhere else, and where?
  9. Yemeth New Member

    In term of xp and plats, what you are seeking is Paineel / Warrens

    I dont think there are any other newbie quest that gives so much gold upon delivery (and a small amount of xp too) , the "molar" quest and now and then, you receive a chain item that (depending on which item you get) sells for 2-5 pp, also the further in you go, the kobolds drop better and better items, staffs that sells for 5-6 plat.

    There are also kobold camps in the adjacent zone Stonebrunt Mtns that drops fine steel weps / jewels / plats and somekind of armor "Etched iron" that sells for good money at the bazaar. I just recently dinged 26 and I have tried other camps in other zones, but I havent found anything near the xp and plats you get from here.

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