Best solo class (non Necro) through GoD?

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  1. Dabrixmgp Augur

    Im looking for a loot farming solo class. This is my first TLP and I cant go off my original experiences during those expansions as so much has changed. I just hit 50 this morning but my class doesnt solo that well. I mean I can kill a green for a few plat then end up sitting for 5 minutes. I want to make something that is a solo god. Please no Necro because as even though the older models for skeletons and spectres are in the game it doesnt seem you are actually allowed to summon pets with those models. The new ones are so ugly even if a Necro could solo Naggy I wouldnt play it. So I guess that leaves Mage, Druid, Shaman, and Enchanter. I have played every one of these classes at some point on Live with most experience with Shaman and Mage so this isnt a "Play what you enjoy" thing because I have enjoyed all four. I just want the most OP solo plat farming powerhouse.
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    even if they actually were a great farming class how am I supposed to roll one on Mangler?
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    This. If you get torpor and malo, and then succesive line of spells you can face tank a lot of other people just would not be able to do. You do need gear obviously. Not sure if that ever stops for shm.
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