Best potions for power leveling a new alt?

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  1. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Have never started a new toon on this modern Live-ish era EQ, but whats the best way to go about things? I know there is skinspikes which is huge, but is there anything else easy/cheap/tradeskillable (basically things one can acquire ASAP) like that that really gets the juice flowing?

  2. Vumad Augur

    A PL is when a higher level toon supplements a lower level toon from out of the group, until they can group together. So a PL is usually not potions, but rather a mage DS / healer, druid or I used my ranger, which was slower but worked. The best PL is a combination of a SK with Wurm slayer and mage DS, camping the toon between repops to extend LOTD.

    But what you are asking about doesn't sound like a PL. It's just stuff to supplement your journey.

    In which case, the best is to 3-box a subbed main and 2 FTP accounts, switching out mercs for real players if you find someone to play with. Have your tank merc (or CLR if you are tanking) on your subbed account and DPS mercs on your non-subbed accounts. There is no real reason to sub until L65.

    If you are asking about armor, the term for that is "twink" which, due to level restrictions on armor, isn't that big of a deal.

    If you are going to do a true PL, it might behoove you to do more than 1 toon. You can stick a dru in there with you so you have on demand ports, forage, track, etc at the later levels.

    3 toons is ideal because it's the minimum you need to place a campfire. Bring a dru/wiz and you can port where ever you need to run to the campfire back. It's very efficient.

    If you just want to get caught up to play with people, use a heroic toon to L85, find a L115 working on older hunters and tag along for the free XP.
  3. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    This is generally the best advice for anyone starting a new character.
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  4. Fanra

    Not cheap for a starting player but Mirao Frostpouch (Poison Supplies) in the Plane of Knowledge sells Cloudy Potion for around 10 platinum each. He can be found using the Find Window (Ctrl-F). Cloudy potions are an instant cast (can be used while moving) invisibility that lasts anywhere from (random duration) 6 seconds to 20 minutes.
  5. Fanra

    More expensive are potions from Mercator Kosco (Potion Merchant) in The Overthere (Ring of Scale).

    The Plane of Knowledge potions merchants offer some less expansive and less powerful ones, use Find (Control-F) to locate them.

    Of course, always check the Bazaar for player made ones.
  6. Qbert Gallifreyan

    The best potion for a low-level player is a tank mercenary. Loot stuff you can use along the way to 60ish, then reevaluate what mercenary to use based on your class. Until then, everything is unnecessary if you use a tank mercenary.
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  7. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Will definitely be using a tank merc. I was just curious what other easy stuff there is to gather. I have a couple 110 toons but never started a new toon in "late era" EQ.
  8. Cadira Augur

    You want a potion? Here ya go!

    Oil of Fennin Ro

    Sold from Zordak Ragefire in SolB for like 1k a piece? Quite possibly elsewhere but I think that's the only place. 4 charge ae damage potion. Works on mobs that are around your lvl long as they aren't "too red" they should not resist it super often.

    Pick a high lvl toon, the higher the personal damage shield this toon can get, the better. (SK? Bard? Mage? Unsure who is the best or significantly higher than others) Someone who can get agro without doing damage is probably necessary so SK works out great.

    Pull a massive train on the high lvl toon of mobs that are close in lvl to your twink, get lots of no-damage agro on the mobs once they pile up, stand in middle with twink, hit the potion once (Twice if it's a huge train and you think you got a lot of resists perhaps), proceed to apply as many ds's as you can if not already on and turn your back to the train, and sit down over and over so they can land hits on you (remove Jann mask buff if needed) and twink gets all the xp.

    Or save yourself hours of work and headache and use a heroic character :p
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  9. Moldar Augur

    Depends on the class(es) you're trying to PL.

    I usually do not power level, but I have ran characters with a tank merc using the player-made rogue spider bite poisons (iirc rk. 1 is level 15 or 20 req), haste and skinspike potions.

    Obviously this works better on melee toons, but it does also work on casters and the poisons will assist in killing quicker.

    All of the materials though levels 15/20 through like 55 or 60 can be purchased from the rogue tradeskill merchants in PoK and requires a higher level rog to make, I find 1-2 stacks at lower levels is adequate before moving on to the next rank 5 levels later. Haste will increase swing (and chance to proc rate, skinspikes for when mob turns to hit you (this will pull aggro off tank merc if you use one). This method really only works well until about level 50-60 (essentially once the tank mercs can no longer solo content), additionally I have found around the 30-40 range healing will needed especially if you're constantly taking aggro.

    Otherwise any class with a reliable AoE damage or ability to successfully deal damage to a mob while a class with access to a damage shield sit/stand spam is generally the fastest routes I have found without the need to purchase a heroic character boost to 85
  10. Bigstomp Augur

    As others said, heroic is the quickest way.

    Up to about level 60 a tank merc can basically do it all for you.
    From 60-85 can be a bit more rough (hence the suggestion to heroic).
    85+, just group with a level 115 and have them slaughter things in an easier zone that your 85 still gets xp from.
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