Best pet focus for Mage Air pets at various levels?

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Xintril, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Xintril New Member

    I'm enjoying slowly exploring and leveling up my Mages and I primarily use air pets but I'm quite confused about how to find the best Focus for each new pet. It seems that sometimes the better focus won't work. I don't quite understand if it's my level, the pet's level or the spell's level that is important. I also don't know how this will impact all the different types of pets (main pet/servant line/AA swarm pets)

    I'm about to get the level 76 Air pet and would like to beef it up as best as possible and then explore content at this level for a few weeks. What is the best focus a group could obtain for this pet?

    Thanks for helping - lots of conflicting info out there :)
  2. 7thNecro Lorekeeper

    Once you get an enhanced minion item, it will be easier to see the progress because they jsut become the same name of focus with different ranks I, II, III, etc all teh way up to 18 (XVIII) for the highest raid focus. Before that, you can search for items at, go to search, enter your class, level, and set the filter to Focus: pet power. At your level (soon to be 76, right?) there are quite a few, but seem to be a little more difficult. At 80, it will be much easier to buy an attunable one for cheap such as Chipped Shards of Dread. It might take some camping, or if you can get the people for it, a small raid to get one of those options. Using any of the spell search sites, the relevant power, say, Increase Pet Power (25) you will simply want the higher number so long as the levels it shows are matching the level of your pet. Most of them will have a pretty wide range of levels they work at, such as 61-85 for Ritual summoning. I'm pretty sure its the actual level of your pet, which should be only a few lower than you at any given point.
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  3. Potawatomi Augur

  4. Xintril New Member

    Those are awesome links and I've used them a ton! But is there a resource that tells us what level the pets are? So a level 77 Mage using the level 76 air pet spell which casts a ?? Level pet, the host of elements AA which casts level ?? Pets, and the level 75 rampaging servant spell which casts a ?? Level pet, will need which focuses for optimal pet performance?

    I think it's the pets level that determines the maximum focus but its hard to figure out what the pets level is unless you have several level toons with you to see which one will con even.
  5. Gladare Augur

    The focus level goes by the level of the spell, not the pet.
  6. Xintril New Member

    For anyone else looking into buffing their 76 air pet, enhanced minion 1 on a few Katta Castrum items, or from the bazaar off of skull of the spire servant, seems to be the best attainable focus without getting dragged through the SoD progression. This takes into account level restrictions on items with better focuses that would work but can't be equipped.

    My suspicion is that if you use the Skull of the spire servant when you summon your Air pet that the pet will remain focused even after the buff fades. I will verify this once I've tested it.

    As for swarm pets and the RS line I'm not sure as its harder to test (need to have toons of different levels around to check the con) but I think the same EM 1 focus will work
  7. Gladare Augur

  8. Xintril New Member

    Well, can summon a nice yellow pet that is near indestructible with Skull of the spire servant at level 76. This pet will last even after the EM1 buff has faded. Minor Dyadic Quartzite is the backup with spire servant (also attainable from a few baz items like energized wire coil, fuel masters bauble and Kraxz,s earring of command) for swarm/RS pets. Seems to bet the best combo.

    Now just need to find a nice spot to grind another 500 AA... Suggestions?
  9. Nylrem Augur

    At 76... zeka for slower kills, paw for faster kills, katta castrum elementals for medium speed. Use the vs summoned nukes for efficiency.
  10. MrMan New Member

    EM 1 buff has faded?? EM is not a buff, it just summons a better pet when equipped, it doesn't wear off.
  11. silku Augur

    It doesn't fade like a buff. .but it does stop working at certain levels. Maybe that's what he meant?
  12. Gladare Augur

    He was referring to skull of the spire servant. It gets summoned from the cauldron of many things. You click it and receive the focus as a buff. It's not permanent. The pet obviously stays focused because that is only taken into account when it is summoned, but any future pets you summon won't have the focus obviously.
  13. Celestian Journeyman

    I am a bit confused on the whole pet focus item. Some list "Pet Power (XX)" and some say "Enhanced Minion XX".

    What is the difference?
  14. Gladare Augur

    Enhanced Minion is just the name of the focus. It lists a pet power as well. Pet Power is the strength of the focus.
  15. Celestian Journeyman

    Can you explain what they mean comparing the number to the spell level?
  16. Gladare Augur

    Enhanced Minion I
    1: Pet Power Increase (55)
    2: Limit: Max Level(85)
    3: Limit: Min Level (71)

    This focus works on pet spells between 71 and 85. The actual level of the pet doesn't matter. It's the level of the spell that has to fit the requirements. It has a pet power of 55. You don't really have to know what this means exactly in how much it strengthens your pet. You just have to know that it's more than 50 and less than 60.
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  17. Voragath Augur

    Correct. Pet power, to us, is essentially meaningless. As Gladare pointed out, it is a good bookkeeping method for figuring out which focus is better. Enhanced Minion ### is east to follow: 1 is less as powerful as 2 is less as powerful as 3, etc. Before Enhanced Minion, it was painful to figure which was best unless you stayed on top of them.
  18. Celestian Journeyman

    Thanks, that cleared up my questions. Character hit 80 last night and picked up the traded EM5 at the bazaar. So many things changed since I last played a mage ;)

    Is there anyway to tell what effect the EM5 has on the pet or do you just assume it works?
  19. Gladare Augur

    There are a few ways. If you summon your air pet the level that you receive it (61, 66, 71, 76, etc), the higher pet foci will increase the pet's level by 1 or 2 so it should con even or yellow. Another way is to use your Elemental Draw line of spells. At 80, it's Prime Symbiosis. Cast it on a non-focused pet and note the % of health it loses. Then summon a new, focused pet and repeat. The focused pet should lose a lower % of health. Also, you can compare the max hits of a focused and non-focused pet.

    EM 5 will work on pets between 76-90 so as long as you have it equipped before you summon your pet, you should be fine.
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