Best paladin AA's for soloing...

Discussion in 'Tanks' started by 68Strat, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. 68Strat Augur

    Anyone care to share their favorites?

  2. Uxtalzon Augur

    Disruptive Persecution - get that ASAP and max it. Need pre-requisites (a good amount in fact), but once maxed and with Rush to Judgment and spell crit AAs maxed, you can dole out 30k+ nukes every 9 seconds for just ~400 mana at a time.

    Quickened stuns - So you can zap mobs and keep them stunned with 4-10-4 combos with less casting time. If you have a caster mercenary, you can stun-lock them while it just melts them.

    Valorous Rage and Blessing of the Faithful - Valorous rage makes you swing like a madman and crit very often, and Blessing of the Faithful grants you a huge DPS boost (when you kill a light blue mob infrequently). I love getting the Blessing buff, hitting Valorous Rage, and Pureforge running at once. You can easily see crippling blows for 30k and up.

    I use stuns as much as possible and cast Shackles of Tunare AA over and over while my caster merc does all the damage, and I rarely ever care about aggro because I keep the mob from getting close to the merc anyway.

    That's just some tips.
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  3. 68Strat Augur

    I don't like the merc idea...I just want to solo by myself. I imagine ill be using pacify and root a lot.

    So I should be getting AA's like Knights advantage and flurry too right?

    Also that shield block one seems good for well as the ones that boost heals. hmmm.
  4. 68Strat Augur

    What does the shackles of tunare AA do? How does it modify our root spell?
  5. shiftie Augur

    shackles of tunare is a copy of the spell it allows you to free up a spell gem. You will want to get chains of purity as it will make it so your root doesn't break as often.

    If you use the righteous audacity spell it will also make it less likely root will break when not nuking.
  6. 68Strat Augur

    So I can root and nuke without it breaking?

    So for undead I can up to it and bash it to death with out it hitting me and it will sit still?

    Sweet...if that's true.

    Also, if shackles frees up a gem do I just put the spell on my hotbar?
  7. Xenariel New Member

    It may sound silly, but simple things like your steed and Balefire (when you hit 86) are game changers. The ability to say "Nope, I'm out of here" will save you an absurd amount of deaths while soloing.
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  8. Kleitus_Xegony Augur

    Not quite....

    You can root it and nuke it with a better chance of the root not breaking. It will still happen though.

    You can fear and shackle. But once a mob is rooted, it will attack the nearest PC / Pet / Merc on it's hatelist that's within range of it's attack. What you're thinking of is fearing the mob while it is snared. When it's snared, it can still move (albeit barely) so it continues to flee while you beat the snot out of it.

    Making a hotkey for shackles allows you to put it on one of the Hotkey Bars, so you don't have to memorize the spell. Instead, you can carry another heal, nuke, stun, etc... in the slot that you no longer have shackles loaded in.
  9. Docur New Member

    Uxtalzon nailed it. I use a DPS merc, pull using Demand and use both Disruptive Persecution and our level 100 Force Stun. I Tank rather than use root as that gives me a better chance for Blessing to go off, plus I normally solo undead. With that combo I can hold aggro off a DPS Wizzy merc on burn. Note: If there is a chance you will pull more than one, turn merc burn off until you have aggro on both or down to a single. Don't forget the Disciplines if you have multi aggro, Armor and Guard both will keep you up in a pinch for a bad pull. Also on undead, make sure you use Helex AA on pulls.

    Docur - 100 Pally of Povar

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