Best Option for Velious Factions?

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  1. Korzu111 Elder

    Hi All,

    Been a long time since I was at level for Velious, and now I'm wondering exactly how to plot my factions for Velious now. Should I just go through Kael and kill giants for Thurgadin +faction and for drops toward the armor? I want to do the shawl quests, so that's why I am thinking of Thurgadin faction.

    Thank you.
  2. Xhartor Augur

    Coldain: EW giant fort is 10 per kill, try to trigger and kill death squad while waiting on repops.
    Kromzek: Kill Dragons in WW.
    Claws of Veeshan: Kill the quest mobs behind KT throne room.
  3. Lortl Journeyman

    Kill everything.. Worry about faction when you're ready to hand something in. CoV is easiest by far with mobs behind KT throne. Kromzek next easiest.. and Coldain... well i never really liked short people anyway.
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  4. Machen New Member

    Kill everything faction. If you need to do a turnin, /q on tormax or whatever to avoid a hit once or twice and you'll be fine.
  5. Bewts Augur

    If you’re a somewhat casual raider your best bet is to stick with +Coldain and +CoV.

    Otherwise just kill everything and worry about faction once you have something that really requires it.

    Generally speaking if you plan on doing the Shawl - don’t waste your time as the best part of it isn’t even available until Luclin and that expansion is rife with pixels to replace it pretty easily if you’ll be clearing VT on the regular.

    Of course if that’s not your situation; go ahead and maintain Dain and CoV faction to gear up via HoT farming while doing shawl and ringwar quests.
  6. snailish Augur

    faction bonus weekends can really help.

    Stockpile quest turn ins for those events.
  7. Nolrog Augur

    I've always done Coldain. I like being able to shop in Thurg.