Best EXP 96+ without doing HA's ?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Skiidz, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. Skiidz New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    My current setup is a 100 shadowknight, and 96 enchanter. I am trying to figure out the best places to go, or things to do, besides HA's to get the enchanter 100.

    I really can't stand the HA's as they get repetitive. So what are my options? I could always go back to the 95 hot zone -- but the exp is starting to get iffy.

    What would you guys do if you we're me? Is there specific quests that I can hit that really give you bundles of exp? I did a partisan quest in Ethernere which took me 2 hours to complete and it only gave my enchanter 3% :(
  2. Laronk Augur

    what I suggest you do is actually ROF partisians for shards landing then all the other tier 1 zones, they're pretty good experience. But while you're doing those also do the hunters and if you're not doing a timed quest also turn the same thing into a grind so you kill every mob you see on the way.
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  3. Kongfoo Elder

    The Rain of Fear partisans were good exp around that level. Doing these will also progress Stone of the Landing which is still one of the best augs when you finish it.

    HAs are by far the best exp though and there are a ton of them. Maybe try out ones you have never done before. I would recommend talking Guard Hamarn in Ethernere to get the daily HAs. He will give you 4 different HAs which will give bonus exp on completion. This should help with the repetitiveness while also getting you some of the best exp.
  4. Laronk Augur

    I'd also suggest trying to complete every HA at least once, that should break up the monotony
  5. gotwar Augur

    At 97, your Enchanter gets Temptation, the level 96 and below charm spell.

    Take your Enchanter solo into Chapterhouse of the Fallen, bring a healer merc. Leave the SK at home.

    Do the merc/partisan tasks. You'll level extremely quickly and lrn2enchanter. I did this as my "Enchanter crash course" at 97, molo w/ a healer merc, and without autogrant. Best way to learn to Enchanter, imo. Lots of things to CC, mobs to mez, things to charm, nameds to learn on, and you'll be forced to learn your way around a quick invis cast and mez/blur to move around. It will be invaluable when you re-add your Enchanter to your SK at 100.

    If you'd like to continue the Enchanter crash course, go work COTF HA/partisan progression w/ a healer merc. Then solo TDS prog @ ~104/105 (This is doable before 105, just more difficult).

    This really, really helped me to learn to Enchant. Chapterhouse is tough at 97, but once you get your s*** down, it's a breeze.
  6. Ravengloome Augur

    HA's are your best Option though Gotwars post would probably be helpful to pay attention too.

    If you are looking for straight efficiency, Depending on how geared/good you are at SK theres quite afew Static zones in COTF/ROF that can beat HA's for XP, but... IDK what your gear is.

    Static Neriak is alright
    You might be able to do Sarith zoneline in BD, Doing the shrubs, with 2 wiz mercs and no healer, but that depends on gear alot.

    Plane of Shadows is legit too, the bugs area, thats where i usually PL toons around that level, I haven't done it lately but i think in T2ish COTF gear (group gear) on my SK i think i ran a no healer setup (those mobs are pretty )

    Which is optimally what you are going to want to do in order to get XP, is find a place where you can kill alot of mobs really fast (2 wizard mercs if duo) and rely on SK tricks to pull it off.
  7. Cicelee Augur

    Like many, I cannot stand the repetitiveness of repeating the same HA ad nauseum. And I find it incredibly boring to sit in one spot and mindlessly kill mobs.

    So my advice to you is... don't XP. Instead, set goals for yourself and tasks to do. Go through the progression for expansions - mercenary tasks, partisans, missions. Complete expansion based rewards such as Stone of Landing, Hero's Calling, Relife Adornment, Jonas Parrot, etc. Work on completing check marks in expansions.

    By doing this, you will see the progress being made on your character. You will learn and experience all that an expansion has to offer, see different zones, etc. XP now becomes a by product of the goal you set for yourself, so now instead of dreading Gribble #86,712.... instead you are flagging yourself for Arx Mentis.

    Whenever an expansion comes out, I focus on the mercenary and partisan tasks. I find that doing those gets me close to max level without even trying to XP. Then the mountain becomes much less daunting to climb...
  8. Ravengloome Augur

    Cice has a pretty solid point there.
  9. Hellboy007 Augur

    I think someone has mentioned it already.. but doing hunter will be enough to give you substantial exp. plus its fun experiencing many different zones and camps.
  10. Gundolin Augur

    Might be a little tough to Two Box at 100 and 96 but doing all of the CotF Missions were good xp. Also Make sure you grab the Partisan and Mercenary quests in all of the CotF zones cause a lot of the HA's have parts of these quests that overlap. If you don't grab these side quests when you are running HA's its tedious to have to rerun some of the HA's.

    If you can't do those yet, I see the Partisan and Mercenary quests for RoF were already suggested. Especially the Shard's landing quest I thought were good in that expansion.

    Really as already has been suggested I like to focus on completing the Partisan and Mercenary quests in all expansions. Though I am still considerably short of the goal, its always what I work on if I'm not asked to group right on signing on.
  11. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    The fastest exp is almost always just straight grinding, but that will get you burnt out really fast. Just like doing only DH HAs will get you burnt out fast.
  12. Rhodz Augur

    Depends entirely on the ZEM for the location, some places are fairly horrid.
    Would it not be great to know what that was officially...
    secret squirrel management is a hoot.
  13. segap Augur

    It's more than ZEM. It's also mob density, respawn rate, hp, resistances, etc. Lots of factors determine how good exp is in any location. Part of the fun of a game is discovering for yourself what the best locations for your group make up and skill is.
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  14. Rhodz Augur

    My nature demands a wisecrack here but no, ZEM is the only thing one cant see on Magelo.
    It aint fun at all finding out the place you just spent a good deal of time getting setup in bites and badly.

    Compared to the DH HAs Plane of Shadow is one of those places.
    Nice zone really but the xp has been slaughtered at some point and it does not take Einstein to see it is the ZEM at work. Tons of mobs, some once decent but now nerfed-all-to-heck quests to go with them and slow xp.

    A bad ZEM prevents any of your criteria from working out so yes it all depends on that.
  15. Tatanka Augur

    How much time does it take? Turn on 100% AA, kill 1 mob, see how much AA XP ya got. Doesn't take long at all.

    And Segap is right, the other factors are important. One of the reasons people liked Grounds so much was mob density and respawn rate. The zone could support a LOT of people, because you didn't need a large area to keep clear before respawns. Valley was good also, but you had to clear a lot more spawn points with the standard 15-20 minute respawn rate.

  16. Ravengloome Augur

    Plane of Shadows is actually a pretty decent zone... caveat being, you have to hit a good kill rate.
    I think last time i burned a lesson there (granted I was PLing a box) I killed 150 or 175 mobs in the duration of lesson? That mob density yo.
  17. Rhodz Augur

    Compared to other open zones it is a nice place, I like it, prob a decent place to PL as the mobs to support it are readily available. However due to nerfs in zone xp and the quests (0.2% per turn in at 100... really who thought that was ever a good idea... thanks TLPs) it really does not come close to the DH HAs which is the entire point. This is still a Tier 3 zone in that expansion and should be much more rewarding than it stands now.

    The OP was looking for a change from HAs and unfortunately with recent boneheaded moves like widespread nerfing of the ZEMs and quests there really is little remaining to give one that break with any remotely comparable return on xp.
    Again secret squirrel management is just bad game management pure and simple as it does not respect our time, effort, nor game play.
    If they wish to take the game in that direction fine, make better and far more well designed HAs and be open about it. Nothing prevents bad design like having to take the credit for it personally.
    Just an old fart's perspective born out from a LOT of MMOs.
  18. Rhodz Augur

    The other factors are important only if the ZEM allows them to become so.
    Seriously think about it, move it low enough and none of those will matter at all people just wont use it for the topic at hand, xp.

    As for snapping ones fingers and magically being attuned/flagged/transported to a zone at the correct place I must ask where one gets that clickie cause it sounds handy as hell.
  19. Kobrah Augur

    mistmoore and nagafen are revamped now.. I have always found that zones experience to be very good.. just be careful with what named you attempt some are very rough for that level.

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