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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by ARCHIVED-scottM, Aug 4, 2010.

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    Currently what is the best duo in everquest while using a tank & healer merc? What is the best, most powerful duo I can make right now? I will be using mercs but what I want is the fastest killing, most effecient and all around best duo. I want to be able to level up and get 1k in AA around level 60 then move to 85, any advice is appreciated as well as any strats you can offer me thank you all! Also, sorry for any errors you would think this app would have a spell checker! /sigh
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    If you're relying on tank/healer mercs, I'd say go straight DPS, so two wizards, I suppose. If you are willing to deviate from tank/healer mercs, I'd argue that two magicians w/healer merc and wizard(caster) merc would get you further than a tank/healer merc combo.
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    By Duo do you mean you + merc? or You + Friend or boxed account + merc + merc?
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    I'm a little partial, but I think a Ranger/Shammy combo does quite well. Add Tank/Healer mercs and you usually have a pretty solid group.
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    scottM wrote:
    At high levels, the best of anything won't involve a tank merc. I recommend SK+Shaman. With that, in the end you can take on almost any content. You can augment that with either two DPS mercs or a cleric + DPS merc at various levels on the way.
    If you just want to level up fast and get AAs but not be able to farm gear then a couple of wizards or a wizard and necro or mage would work. You'll be sort of stuck later when you can't farm gear from hard-hitting summoning mobs though.
    That's why I recommend the SK+Shaman. Monk+Shaman also works but the monk will need way more AAs and much better gear to tank relevant content as compared to an SK. Either of them will be able to pull well enough to avoid needing a chanter for most content.
  6. ARCHIVED-scottM Guest

    So the high level mage pets cannot tank the mobs needed for gear drops?
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    scottM wrote:
    They can; easily in SoD, for Underfoot you'll want the best pet focus you can get, ideally UF group focus or SoD raid focus (which is relatively easy to get, some open raids do the necessary raids).
  10. ARCHIVED----Wantstahelp--- Guest

    The most DMG I've done is as a Mage / Wizard box.

    Mage pet tanks
    Mage has a healer merc
    Wizard + Mage + AoE Merc all contribute mass AoE Dmg. DS on both the Healer merc and pet.

    Using this combo I can burn through any old world zone rapidly. No. These guys aren't 85's. They're alts I use to PL with. Both sit at 71. But I chew through CoDecay and get AA pings every 10 minutes.
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    SHM / MAGE just rock,only the counterbias slow from shm (got a overtime heal component on the MT of 3466 per tic heal and halcyon hot both combined is 5200 per tic heal,add 2 mercs healer it's just crazy.u got slow /lynnx /growth a 5600 hp buff who is more hp than galantry / 3 min aa root / coh pull / damage shield from mage / there are some UF nameds who need more heals than just the 2 mercs and the shm can chain cast heals if needed
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    Don't stop for AA at 60. I think the best spots are level 70 or 75.
  14. ARCHIVED-Khauruk Guest

    SK sham is one of hte best classic self-sustaining combos, but look at pally + rogue also. If you plan on being somewhat hardcore about things, they can be an amazing combo.
  15. ARCHIVED-Hatsee Guest

    Dual cleric mercs, mage and wizard for the real toons.
  16. ARCHIVED-MellRince Guest

    You need a puller at high level zone ==> Bard You need a DPS for fast killing and tanking ==> Mage Or you only need the most DPS combo ==> Mage/WIZ And the most powerful duo for Named hunting in UF imo is MAG/ENC(group gear).ENC AA Charm(level 85 NPC) gives you the best pet in game for a whole 5 mins.BTW,this pet has 400+K HP and 3000+ DPS.
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    scottM wrote:
    I find it hard to spend 500 useful AA at 65; 1k is a more practical target at 70 - and I'm someone who hates to level up when there's still a good AA to buy.
    A good AA point for any class is 55 - you ideally want 3-6 of the General AA, and go to town on the 55 (Archetype) AAs; you'll probably find you're still under 100 AAs at that point. Then level to 59 and check the class AAs; some classes might want to get all that are available, and others just a few. You may find the 61-65 PoP AAs are better for some classes (eg, berserker). The extra AAs you get at 65 from GoD are mixed in value; some are good, others really start to show AA cost inflation.
    Some classes switch and get a much bigger power boost at 70 or 71 (ie paladin and shadowknight).
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    If you choose a melee class that will be tanking, make sure you max out your base tanking AAs at each level- Combat Agility and Combat Stability, as well as Planar Durability, Shield Block, Planar Enhancement and Natural Durability as they come available.
  19. ARCHIVED-Malindea_VoR Guest

    I do necro (main) and Mage with two healer mercs and have little problem.
    I'm tanking UF named (Arthicrex and PG) with no problem on the mage pet.

    Necro and mage both maxxed for pet AA including heals. necro 3k aa and mage 1500.

    Lately I've added a SHM and Bard brining it to a 4 box + 2 healer mercs. I'm my own full group )
  20. ARCHIVED-Ralph10 Guest

    You need to rethink the question.

    The best duo, and the best duo with healer and tank merc, thats very different.

    Don´t forget, those guys take exp from you.
    So the best duo is one, that can work on EXP mobs just fine, and take in the healer and tank for names/quests.

    I got a chanter/druid combo, that can tank with charm and kick butt, but also take out mean guys with mercs, when i need to. I know a mage/pally combo, that tears anything apart.
    It´s up to you and your playstyle really.
    I´d just recomend a slower.

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