Best dps class with the most utility?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by iamgreatness, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. iamgreatness New Member

    Returning to the game and want to know what classes bring the highest dps with the most utility. I'm leaning towards ranger do they ever top raid parses? Plz give opinions and what u guys think thanks!
  2. Noirfu Augur

    Ranger. The next closest is probably a wizard who could provide ports.

    Zerkers can boost the DPS of others, necros can give you DMF. :)

    Although not a DPS class, bards are awesome, and in my regular exp group, swapping the rogue for a bard results in a much faster kill rates for current mobs. Depending on what else you have, you might want to think about a bard.
  3. Norathorr Augur

    I would say it would be finding a balance between dps and utility. Take rogues and berserkers. They can achieve very decent dps but require a ton of support and a tank to keep the heat off them. Monks and rangers can better take a hit but on average cannot attain the same upper numbers. Rangers can do decent dps and offer nice buffs plus tracking and the option to do range damage and not be utterly pathetic at it. Casters can survive better on their own and can keep a mob at safe distance also compared to pure melee are less support reliant. Not sure where beastlord a reside in The heirarchy these days, but they have some decent group buffs and rebuffs and can solo/molo with the pet well.

    My advice would be to avoid a pure melee class unless you have some good friends to group with regularly who play shaman bard and beastlord. Your utility options within a group will be severely limited and your performance will heavily rely on the attention of others. A wizard is currently a good choice for dps as you can do a decent amount without the same support restrictions as pure melee. If you want a more mid ground character I would suggest a ranger as they have a decent array of options for different situations. As previously suggested bard would be an excellent choice as they can enhance just about any group and provide much utility for a wide range of situations, despite not great personal dps.
  4. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    Wow.. no one said beastlord?

    Haste, slow, Mana regen, shammy-style hp buffs, Frenzy, OTing with pet, placement to help balance push, FD at higher level.

    Sure they don't match the DPS of the others mentioned, but they offer soooo much more in the support role while producing decent DPS.

    For a DPS/utility pick, it would definitely be between ranger and beastlord.
    The ranger will have higher DPS + HeadShot, tracking, snare, and misc DPS enhancing buffs.
    The beastlord will have lower DPS, but the additional utility noted above.
    (both have more than what is mentioned, just giving a quick snapshot)

    If you're looking for this as your main and not a question of boxing. I believe the answer you're looking for is indeed Ranger.
  5. EQgamer23 Elder

    Zerkers do DPS themselves, they don't assist/boost the DPS of others.
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  6. Vlerg Augur

    I assume you are in the group game, not so much in the raiding game.

    If you favor DPS over utility, it would be a tie between mage and wizard ( mage if you need the tanking abilities of the pet, wizard for massive damage without the need of support classes).

    if you favor utility over DPS, beastlord wins as they bring pretty much all the utility of a shaman ( minus heals), the pet can tank almost all the CoTF names and the DPS isn't a joke either. Ranger would have a little niche with auspice since beastlord have nothing to help other caster in your group.

    I'd stay as far as possible from rogue and zerker, as they are extremly reliant on support to do anything.
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  7. fransisco Augur

    generally, the more utility, the lower the potential dps. Berzkers and rogues will outdps rangers or beastlords in group and raid situations, as will mages and wizards.
    But if your grouping/boxing/soloing, the utility is worth far more than the extra bit of dps.

    People tend to be bitter about rogue/berzerker dps beacause they cannot acheive there highest potential without raid support (which gives a bigger increase to them than caster raid support for wizards. As well, in the right situations, it makes them the absolute best dps classes with perfect raid support). That is not to say they are not top tier dps classes, because they are.
  8. silku Augur

    I'd like to suggest that the best DPS class with the most utility is the enchanter. You can do all kinds of utility, and you boost the group tremendously. You're own personal dps is not bad. You're charming DPS is very nice. You get some decent runes to keep you alive, and always have clarity at your finger tips.
  9. Jonny Panic Augur

    We boost the DPS of others appreciably, thanks. Aura, MGB Battle Cry, Cry Carnage and Shared Viciousness alone go pretty far.

    But Berserkers are not utility-heavy. They hit targets hard, they help others hit targets hard, they have some ranged combat ability, that's about it.
  10. Qest T. Silverclaw Augur

    If you like Ranger, go for it! It has some utility and some DPS.

    You mention topping raid parses. The answer to that changes periodically as one class gets boosted, and another nerfed. It has a lot to do with player skill and the particular event you're dealing with. So, with the new expansion coming, and you presumably far from learning to be at the top of your raid, whatever the right answer is today will almost certainly be the wrong answer by the time you level and skill and gear up.

    You ask about utility, and there's all different forms of utility, so you need to explain what you're interested in from your utility.

    I think the classes are fairly well balanced such that you really can't go terribly wrong regardless of which you choose. One will have more utility, and another will have more DPS, and yet another will (should?) have more DoT.

    More important if you want to raid is to find a raid guild that suits your playtimes and personality. Once you find that, they can point you in the right direction as far as their needs and experiences in the game.

    Use /LFGuild in game on as many servers as you have patience for and find the perfect guild for you!

    If I had to pick from your OP, I'd say Enchanter. We have been known to occasionally show up in the top 10 on a raid parse, which is quite an achievement for a utility class, and we have as much or more utility than anyone else. Plus, if you find Enchanter is not for you, usually because it's too hard to get everything out of it, an Enchanter makes a great power-leveler for your next choice.

    P.S. If the Bard's songs boost the raid so much that the Bard causes the most damage to be done, but the parser can't differentiate DPS from aDPS (assisted DPS) so your contribution isn't precisely known, would that please you?
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  11. Vlerg Augur

    As a wizard boxing another wizard... I strongly disagree. I'd say that being able to vaporize almost any name in RoF and CoTF before runes fade off worth far more than crack / slow / tash or even mez ( there's soo few place who actually require CC... and even less place where you can't split with root-snare-stun-fade... and if you cannot split, you can still burn 2 or 3 of them down within few seconds...)

    i've completed all of RoF and COTF partisan, mercenaries and hunters with 2 wizard + 2 cleric merc , I can also complete most RoF-CoTF missions ( including stuff like bixie 1, grelleth 2, breeding ground 2, dead hills 2 [ the miniboss cast his magic immunity shield ~15 sec into the fight. with 2 wizard you can kill him before that]) with that setup. I can also do all of Plane of war partisan/mercenary chain minus the very last part Inside castle rulvanis ( killing the Crystal then killing a name).

    - if the DPS brought by the support trough buff ( or debuff like tash-malo) and abilities dosen't surpass the DPS brought by a real class, it's a net loss ( ex: 1 tank 1 heal 1 ench 3 wiz 'dps < 1 tank 1 heal 4 wiz ' dps, especially while burning)...
    - CC isn't the king it used to be during Kunark and classic ( and underfoot), almost every class have some form of pulling abilities ( root, snare, knockback, stuns, pacify...)
    - Slow remain the most usefull support ability. that's a plus for the bard-shaman-ench-bst.

    Long story short; 98% of the content isn't hard enough to require support classes... but when you tackle that other 2% ( wich is.. plane of war + ToR 2nd mission). those support classes come in handy.
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  12. fransisco Augur

    Were you using any raid gear there Vlerg? Cause that inherently trivialized all group content regardless of class.
  13. Vlerg Augur

    I did all of the RoF stuff before joining a raid guild. the wizard box wasn't raid geared at all when I did the CoTF ( T1A-T1B) stuff, and gave me a pretty clear idea of the difference between group gear and raid gear assuming equal skill ( spoiler: the differences are minimal).

    the merc don't get better with raid gear... I regulary use the cleric merc to offtank double pull

    good, strong DPS trivialize group content... not raid gear... I also get the impression you vastly overestimate what raid gear does to DPS ( for caster). T2 raid focus: 50% to 100%( average 75%), T2 group focus: 50% to 70% ( average 60%), raid gear provide 15% more damage... let's say 16% with spell damage added in, 20% with RK3 spell added in...names now die in 30 sec instead of 40...

    Tanking wise, if my raid-geared wizard can facetank 2 mob at once, then a group-geared tank can take 3 or more. ( also, see shield of fate for caster... there's hardly any difference between the RK1 and the RK3 ).

    While raid gear do help, it dosen't help nearly as much as what grouper think... especially when you consider a wizard facetanking stuff. The amount of player unable to out-dps a wizard merc is saddening... a real group-geared wizard should be able to sustain 50k+, burn at 100k+ for the duration of an heroic ( let's say, clearing a path) while the wiz-merc burn at... 20-25k?
  14. Qest T. Silverclaw Augur

    Sorry, which classes are real, again? Or are Enchanters the only fake class?

    The first group with the Enchanter is far more capable and powerful in real situations. Sure, a bunch of Wizards with max level/AA can get XP really fast...except they can no longer use XP for themselves, so what's the point of holding that up as the measure of what a class can do?
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  15. Pwnography Augur

    Before I begin, let me say that all classes do well in their own right and if ranger is what you want to play, by all means play what you enjoy. There is no reason to change the playstyle you like just because someone else here believes X or Y. Rangers can do decent, sustainable dps, heal, buff, have wonderful crowd control abilities among other things. If that fits you, please, by all means, pick it. The game is amazingly balanced with the tradeoffs when compared to a lot of other MMOs (Wildstar having all the tank classes also be the highest raid DPS, for example.) When you ask if Rangers top raid parses, you have to remember this is one of the rare games with tradeoffs. Rangers with full support do parse very well, but they aren't the 'top.' Be assured its still very good, but all the extra benefits of the class mean you'll lag slightly behind pure dps in most situations.

    When you say highest dps - you're *generally* looking at your Wizards, Berserkers, Rogues. Of course, this is fight dependent and probably lack the 'utility' you're thinking of in the common sense. With that said, what do you consider utility? Mages parse exceptionally well and have some good group utility, especially with the air pet stun fix and offtank potential (or even tanking potential), but that sounds much different than your original inclination of a melee class.

    Why don't you tell us your playstyle - do you enjoy doing dps? Do you want to be in the CC realm, or are you thinking more damage utility for those around you? Do you want to be a puller? Are you a ranged type that wants to stand back and blow things up? (Rangers are pretty melee-centric instead of ranged now.) We can easily guide you as to how classes play and help you find the right fit, but you need to let us know your favored playstyle so you walk away with something you enjoy.
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  16. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    The whole question is contradictory in a way. To get utility you sacrifice dps in most scenarios.

    It all depends on where you play (solo group raid) and what you want out of your toon. If you want to top raid parses and have an easier time getting into raid guilds the pure dps classes are the way to go. If you want to molo or hang in the group game and have the most versatile toon, the "hybridized" dps types are for you.
  17. Rouan Augur

    Rangers have ae root, a very quick snare, decent heals, and probably the best tanking of the non-tanks (although beastlords and monks probably have better tools for when a bad round comes in). Ranger burn is highly independent of other classes, so you'll do pretty well solo and in a regular group. If you have your epic you can get a 50% slow on a mob at will provided a certain AA is up (although slow isn't as valuable as it once was, very mitigated these days). In a raid you will be on the bottom of dps by quite a bit. Oh, and you're also going to have mana issues and pretty awful sustained dps.

    Beastlords are probably the better bet if you mean to raid eventually. Better raid utility (mana restoration), better raid burn dps (maybe group/solo too), better sustained dps, can use pet to offtank, and can slow.
  18. Dre. Altoholic

    I don't see Necromancers mentioned. Always been solid on both the utility and DPS front. FD, snare/root, slow, combat rez, both types of invis, healing options, pet for tanking and you can even throw swarms at spell-immune mobs.
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  19. Vlerg Augur

    what's a real situations Qest?

    cause in my adventures in RoF and CoTF, you need to try kinda hard to get more than 3 mob on a pull... few name camps in ToR or argin-hiz, the horrid pathing of the queen's castle in neriak... nothing that can't be handled with root-snare-punt ( or an actual tank who pop a disc instead of cleric-merc tanking). Of course, you may argue that mez is more reliable and safer than root... but really, with 3 ( or 4) wizard in the group, as long as the root hold ~10 second, you're good. ( also worth nothing that arcane destruction + shield of fate + armor of the stonescale = 450khp worth of rune... if you cannot split it, pop rune, burn mobs down.)

    Don't get me wrong, I like the enchanter class. I used to play one until omens of war ( Vuuil- Solusek Ro) and I do play with some quite skilled enchanter from time to time ( I believe Dandin is an acquaintance of yours?) but still, in all of RoF + CoTF combined (group), the only time I felt that an enchanter made a big differance, was during ToR 2nd mission going for all 3 achievements.

    maybe TDS will have more CC-intensive content, or maybe all the nerf to mana regeneration will make enchanter mana recovery arsenal more desirable... for the moment, group content get trivialized with overwhelming DPS.
  20. Stubar Augur

    Dps and utility? Beastlord easily, if you can master the class. Mana regen, some (very little---but it's there) endurance regen, mana battery, and boosts to dps (RF, Ferocity, GBA).
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