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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by ARCHIVED-pruner13, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-pruner13 Guest

    I was wondering what everyone thinks the best class+race combination would be. I know this would vary from person to person.. but i'm not looking for anything specific. What would the best combo be to you, whether they have a higher HP, or they do the most damage, or if they have the best spells at the lowest levels.. race comes in with who adapts best in most places. Sorry if this is confusing.
  2. ARCHIVED-Chanus Guest

    In truth, it almost doesn't matter. Things to consider are racial abilities, like Frontal Stun Immunity for Ogres, or innate AC and regen on Iksar and Trolls... or the availability of Cultural Armors (which are race-based and can only be made by people on the same race). A less common race would have a harder time finding someone to make their Cultural Armor... but I don't think there's a huge disparity in that anymore, and with "better" or at least comparable gear available now, it's not a major issue.
  3. ARCHIVED-code-zero Guest

    If you can be an Iksar then you should be....unless you can be a Drakkin.
  4. ARCHIVED-Redeemer Guest

    [p]Some combo's I like are:[/p][p]- Iksar Necro: Nice Iksar Regen coupled with a class that makes the best use of regen with HP to mana conversion spells.[/p][p]- Halfling Rogue/Warrior: 15% better XP! :)[/p][p]- Ogre Warrior: Frontal stun immunity and nice starting stats, both of which are helpful for a warrior at low levels.[/p][p]- Iksar Monk: Great starting character as Iksar's have the regen/AC bonus and monks are quite powerful at low levels even without much gear.[/p]
  5. ARCHIVED-Tonzofo_FV Guest

    -Barb Berserker: Dead sexy and make things dead quick with fairly ok utility.
  6. ARCHIVED-Jraizzu_TN Guest

    Race doesn,t mather in EQ unlike many other MMO.

    Best class... well the necro si the one that is probably the most powerfull one in therm of Solo and they still ubber DPS in group/raid and good utility if your a skilled player.

    necro and shm are the funiest caster class IMO if you can consider shma caster.
  7. ARCHIVED-Xeko Guest

    [size="small"]Iksar Necro. Next question?[/size]
  8. ARCHIVED-Giama_Xev Guest

    Any class that can be an Iksar should be an Iksar. Any other class can really just pick from any of the other races. I personally loathe Drakkin though. There is no best class.
  9. ARCHIVED-Destil02 Guest

    [p]Best class is hard to define, because it is different depending on play styles and what is available.[/p][p]Each class has iots strenghts and weaknesses. The best way to choose which is the best for you is to ask yourself a few different questions.[/p][p]First (and possibly the most important): How much do you want to rely on grouping? Some classes are near impossible to solo for high XP rates. However at lower levels it may be difficult to find groups if you arent familiar with the game tools (/lfg, /ooc, hotzones, guild recruitment boards).[/p][p]Second: Where do you want to play? This is less of a location question but a level of play question. Do you want to raid? Do you want to burn through the levels as fast as possible get the required AA's and try to get in a mid tier guild? Are you looking to play casually? The reason this/these questions are important is based on usefullness. Some classes arent in high need at the upper levels of the raiding game. While others are sought out heavily. Some of these classes may even get you a chance to be built up quickly if thats what you are looking for.[/p][p]Third: Melee, Utility, Caster? Which do you think you are most interested in? And there are sub questions here too. If Melee, do you want to be that guy out in front egtting beat on, or do you wanna do a lot of damage, or do you want to land in the middle (plate or chain armor differences are pretty big). Utility, This would mainly be casters who perfom sets of tasks, healing, mob debuffing, PC buffing. Finally casters, while utilities are casters, they usually serve specific purposes that benifit any size group. The three caster classes that I segragate here are Mage, Necro, and Wizard. They are prmarily damage weilding classes but differ greatly in their usefuness based on group/solo/raid performances.[/p][p]Race is a shrug. Each race has strengths and weaknesses. This was a more valid consideration when the lowbie zones and travel had to be considered, with the tutolrial, crecent reach and pok/guild hall/magus neither of these are as big of a concern.[/p]
  10. ARCHIVED-goth_brell Guest

    [p]as it has been posted the best thing to do is pick what class you want to be, then narrow down your field of races [/p][p]iksar have increased regen and ac, but is minor[/p][p]orge are imune to frontal stun, priceless[/p][p]gnome/dwarf/assling dont really need to shrink (saves money later on for raids)[/p][p]evil vs good [/p][p]etc [/p][p] [/p][p]there were /are some xp bonus/penlty for certian races but i think that was done away with not sure but either way its nominal worse case pick what looks best[/p]
  11. ARCHIVED-Giama_Xev Guest

    The Iksar AC bonus is a huge benefit for the WAR/SK and maybe MNK. :p No race or class has an experience penalty anymore, but Halflings retain their 5% experience bonus, and the other listed benefits (no need for shrink on small races, frontal stun immunity on ogres, etc). Fashion Sense is what picks most of my characters' races though. Yes, even my original Troll Warrior... he looked bad_HALFLING_!
  12. ARCHIVED-goth_brell Guest

    [p]whats the bonus like 12? thats not that big, compared frontal stun immunity[/p][p]go with what looks good , all the racial penatlys /bonus cept the orge one dont really make that much of a difference anymore[/p]
  13. ARCHIVED-Giama_Xev Guest

    Actually, I've heard that the Iksar AC bonus is as much as 80 at the highest levels. That's pretty significant, since I'm pretty sure it counts as raw AC rather than displayed AC. Since all Warriors can get stun resist AA from all angles that works nearly as well as the Ogre frontal stun immunity, but there is no AA that gives a permanent AC increase, this is a hefty advantage, while the Ogre bonus pales in comparison and is somewhat detracted from by their sheer size and need to shrink/duck through doors.
  14. ARCHIVED-reikazen Guest

    [p]its funny[/p][p] [/p][p]these days i forget about the fact my char is iksar and is "evill"[/p][p] [/p][p]alltho i allways rped him as kinda good and evill[/p][p] [/p][p]good person[/p][p] [/p][p]with evill ways[/p][p] [/p][p]iksar warrior =)[/p]
  15. ARCHIVED-Tonzofo_FV Guest

    I agree that iskars are pretty nice, if I make classes and its iskar usable they are gonna be an iskar. Though honestly no class benefits are ground breaking or even worth noticing, only one that might actually be pretty cool is the halfers and the exp bonus. If you want to be able to fit in anywhere solo/group/raid be a sham/iskar or ogre combo ,I hear the frontal stun on sham make a bigger difference then on any other class they can be but you would need to ask a sham.
  16. ARCHIVED-Marinoni-Brell Guest

    [p]Female Gnome Warrior.[/p]
  17. ARCHIVED-Noggo Guest

    Depends on what you want to play/do. Iksar necro is a great soloer. Iksar warrior is the best tank, AC bonus > all. Ogre shammy for the stun immunity which limits interuptions, Ogre beastlord for the same reasons. Ogre zerker is a DPS machine and can tank some. Iksar monk is good with the AC bonus and regen. Othen then those few classes, shammy, necro, warrior, beastlord and monk the race makes very little difference. Every advantage can be made up for with spells, gears, and AAs except regen (trolls and Iksars), AC (Iksars), and the breath spell Drakkins get.
  18. ARCHIVED-RannyFromDF Guest

    based on playsyle but drakkin get a free ae
  19. ARCHIVED-Redeemer Guest

    For the people commenting on race/class bonuses/penalties: There are no penalties as such but it's 5% race bonus for halflings and 10% class bonus for warriors/rogues (regular XP only, no AA).

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