Best box to pair with Necromancer on the new TLP

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  1. GnomeGnomeGnome Elder

    I was thinking about a Necro as well. But no one here has mentioned Wizard, which was my initial thought, Necro/wiz. Do wizards suck so much that no even considers them? I thought it would be good to solo with the necro, then just nuke the mob with a big wiz spell to finish.
  2. Kahna Augur

    They are that bad, especially in classic. You would get far more out of a druid if you really wanted a porter (sow, regen, dots that won't break the root rot) than you ever will get out of a wizard.
  3. Runes Augur

    From Classic through Velious a druid is your best box with a Necro. I have done this for the last 5 TLPs and its been amazing for Farming camps and getting around. With Druid regen, hp/ac buffs, sow, thorns on Necro and its pet, plus the Druids pack a great DPS and charm pet themselves, you have two beast for pets, all the buffs you need and the speed to get around with ports. Hands down the best combo IMO. Shaman is also good but the ports early on and the pet charm dps inch out shaman for me, even with their slows.

    When you want to switch to a Beastlord in Luclin , I think Bard or an archery Ranger with decent AAs that pumps out huge DPS are your best duo choices. You can box a Ranger or Bard so easy, just set on follow and hit a single key and forget them.

    Personally rather than Beastlord I would go Shaman/ Bard or Ranger myself in Luclin

    Good luck.
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  4. ECrack Augur

    As of right now my intentions are to play a Necro/Cleric. I'm actually surprised no one has offered insight on this combo. I've never done it, but it makes sense to me.. Necro is a ghetto enchanter, and they both love to hate undead. Additionally the utility for raid content is pretty astronomical? Dots for raid targets and twitches for cleric mana. Cleric's power level is based off of how long they can keep casting CH's in most circles, so a necro battery makes sense to me?

    I'd appreciate any insight if anyone has some as I've never done this combo.

    For the OP I have done Necro Bard and it felt very powerful.
  5. Kahna Augur

    Necro mana dumping is so ridiculously inefficient there is basically no situation in which the necro isn't better off DPSing and just making the fight end faster. I think there is like 1 fight in Velious where my dmg spells didn't land and I had the spare mana to share, other than that DPSing was the way to go, every single time.

    That being said proper necro DPSing is labor intensive. I have gina timers for all of my dots so I can tell at a glance which one is about to fade, regularly weaving in FD and life taps when appropriate, managing the pet, recasting it's insta click to keep it's buffs, puling it out of AE's, pulling it back to regen if it gets too low on HP. Managing my own health, and mana pools. It isn't like a monk or a bard where you can half heartedly put it in the right position, maybe push a button or three, and let it do it's thing and do 75%+ of what you would do if you were actually playing the class.

    They make fairly mediocre raid boxes.
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  6. 25AnniONLY New Member

    I would consider two options:
    1 ) Necro Druid ( recommended choice )
    2 ) Necro Cleric

    3rd option: Necro / Necro

    It all depends on your boxing capabilities in my opinion.

    1 ) You can dual charm in several Classic-Luclin zones and easily steamroll all group content until max level with minimal issues, biggest problem you will face is a double charm break.
    Allows for ports
    Charm pet and self heals
    Sow & DS for PL later for your intended BST

    2 ) This is a better survivability option in my opinion as you have a plate class available to tank some hits if needed and they pair very well with a necro due to dual undead nukes.
    CH for charm pet if needed
    High HP buffs

    3 ) Necro Necro is insanely OP if you can manage it, just double dot with the crummy skelly pets and nothing undead will ever be an issue and if so, just FD both.
  7. Kahna Augur

    So, about the charm pet heals and druids. It doesn't work. Healing a charm pet with druid heals is like trying to patch a sucking chest wound with a bandaid. Your best heal does about 0.0005% of the mobs health and it takes and entire bar of mana to maybe give the mob a sliver of health back. (Okay, I am exaggerating, but not by much. Seriously, don't try to heal a charm pet with a druid. Cleric is the only way to go for charm pet healing.)
  8. ECrack Augur

    I half agree half disagree with this. I boxed an Enchanter Druid on Aradune all through classic. The Druid could absolutely keep the rock golem or w/e pet I had hp up, but it wasn't as braindead as cleric. It was rigorous, but doable.

    Cleric on the other hand, just CH every 10 minutes and its GG.
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  9. Lejaun Augur

    Why you rezzing a thread 2 years old? They have probably already decided what they are going to do on Yelinak launch.
  10. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I'm currently looking at druid and necro at start.
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  11. NuffanTuit Nuffan Tuit on Innoruuk Server

    The synergy between the Druid and Necromancer is unsurpassed. People who claim it dies off at higher level are telling the truth but then again so does any other class you pair up with. The dru/nec ability to stack DoTs makes them incredibly strong.

    I am a Druid / Enchanter person myself to me that is by far the best duo in EQ.

    If I was forced to replace the Enchanter due to EQ deleting the I would go to a Necromancer without a second thought.
  12. Bewts Augur

    My advice is to play a Monk and then persona over to BL once Luclin and BL unlocks. I’d also recommend pairing with a CLR, which while not an ideal duo, CLR becomes extremely good supporting a BL + Pet as you move further along and allows you to cover 2 of the 3 key items necessary in groups: Slow + Heals while also being very serviceable for mana regeneration via SD / Paragon on cooldown.
  13. 25AnniONLY New Member

    Well # 1 -- You aren't charming a rock golem and the mobs that are charmable are low HP high dps output. Also put into perspective that when dual charming the mobs are dieing so fast that you should rarely be healing the pet anyway.

    # 2 -- Dual charming really opens up in Kunark where you actually have charm mob possibilities.
    In Classic you are very limited in the higher zones for charmable mobs for druid.
    IE: Sol B - Bats
    If you are lucky enough to get the Basilisk from LGuk, then you just let it stun the mob to death while the necro pet goes ham.

    In Kunark --
    The best dual charm zone for the druid/necro combo would be in Chardok sitting @ the bridge/koro doing levi ping pong and you can do that with 1 character to pingpong and the other just sits on the top of the bridge area out of danger until your charm pet breaks to you.
  14. Kahna Augur

    Let's be totally honest here. The average EQ player struggles to maintain 1 charm pet. The kind of folks who can manage to juggle 2 charm pets without getting themselves and everyone around them killed are few and far between, and those folks are unlikely to be asking for boxing advice on the forums.
  15. 25AnniONLY New Member

    Not going to disagree with that.
    However, It is not rocket science to play 2 characters even when charming.
    The only difficult thing about charming is the breaks, otherwise you just assist and target your pet again once pet is engaged for easy recharms.

    I plan on rolling 4 ench / 1 cleric / 1 druid on the 25th Anni launch (if the ruleset isnt complete garbo).
  16. NuffanTuit Nuffan Tuit on Innoruuk Server

    A well played enchanter can protect 3 other enchanters as long as they have mana...I play Dru / Enc using dual pets and it is simply not hard at all as enchanter solves the issue. Of course I also have the oh @#$! of Exodus but charm break never causes it it is usually unwanted adds when mana is
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  17. Manafasto Augur

    When I played a Necro, I preferred duoing with another necro.
  18. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casual™

    My experience with the game, sadly, is only to TSS. However, my vote would be shaman. The obvious buffs and heals have been mentioned already, but the debuffs would be very helpful as well. I would suggest bard, but you would have to play so long without songs also affecting your pet, it doesn't make my list.