Best box to pair with Necromancer on the new TLP

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  1. GRACUS Lorekeeper

    Hey guys trying to find what the best class would be to box with a necro on the new TLP. I plan on 2 boxing and eventually switching the necro out for a Beastlord come Luclin. Any help would be appreciated especially if you can give me info on the synergy and why the class is good for the necro.
  2. Umul Augur


    Druid Beast lord pair well and every necro needs a pocket porter : )

    Shammy would be the best if you stay necro because slow is so important but beasties got that.

    Bard would be more annoying with necro but another great pair with Beastlord.
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  3. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    Bard makes everything better and also knows what to do when necro FDs. Bard can DPS / Split / Pull / add to necro DPS / slow mobs / Mez adds / Tracking is huge, can get to any camp.

    Druid is actually pretty fun as long as you're careful with group port ins to druid rings lol. good synergy with DoTs and kiting, heals, cures, tracking, ports, Skin, decent healer for those confined spaces. Dru also has more burst DPS.

    Shaman is also pretty potent. buffs, Slows, DPS. Potions on demand, heals, cures, DoTs
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  4. Appren Gnomercy

    Bard is good for when you switch to beastlord, less useful for necro, since your necro can already split camps if needed, and can mez adds. I'd probably go druid, will help level your beastlord when luclin hits, and a pretty good duo with the BST when time comes.
  5. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    I agree with everything in this post except "Bard would be more annoying with necro" unless you meant more annoying to mobs. Necro / bard may be the most OP duo in game in classic if you do it right!
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  6. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    FD splits / time = boring. Haste, HoT > Regen Bard AoE kiting. Druid eats FD aggro dumps ot has to port, which sucks in some camps. Bard just yawns.
  7. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    Nice thing about bard cures vs mob Dots / etc is they are persistent, like the crud in Paludal, if you were to cast cures you'd cast 1,000 times by level 15, but bard cure is set it and forget it. many such cases!
  8. Barder-mangler Augur

    I dual boxed Necro/druid (dual charming a lot) for most of Classic & Kunark, it was a lot of fun. Not coincidentally, I was the 1st necro to 60 in classic, and the 2nd necro to 60 in Kunark on my server.

    You'll want an enchanter if you are dual charming though. I did the Kunark grind with 4 charm pets in our group, and we just rampaged through everything. That being said, if you power game (10+ hour sessions), 2 charm pets can be very tiring to maintain.

    Afterwards I just basically use my druid as a port/utility/buff box. I'd keep both characters bound in the same spot, and just gate back on the necro for buffs as needed, or run the druid out to him. Generally, I found it more interesting/challenging to just solo most things on the necromancer, but definitely enjoyed the luxury of extra buffs. It was also nice to just use the druid as a runner to buy/sell things so I could stay at whatever camp I needed to on the necro.
  9. Jakuk Lorekeeper

    How are Necros in later expansions Luclin onward
  10. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Probably a lot of the same sans mana pumping clerics.
  11. Mrjon3s Augur

    Necros have plenty of duo options. Shaman, mage, bard, druid, necro.
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  12. Ishbu Augur

    If you are planning on changing by luclin, just roll a 2nd necro. Necros are flat out broken in classic
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  13. Fluid Augur

    You should be aware Verant, SOE, et al has tinkered with character usefulness so we didn't end up with 10,000 people playing Druids and 1 or 2 playing Bards for instance. Druids will really flatten out after 50ish IMO. Why you want one is your ability to heal the pet is pretty low, buff spells borderline, you run slow and jump low. A druid will buff the snot out of the pet, heal it with both HOT and direct spells, port you & your pet all over the world, and increase your run speed.

    After level 51, everyone gets Inate Run Speed AA to level 3 so you don't need SoW. PoK comes into being so you don't need to port so much. Druid is outdoor mostly so their spells don't always work in dungeons where they best loot and experience is. Having the Druid draw aggro with DOTs and run snared MOB around in circles while your summoned/SoW'd pet beats it from behind is a valid technique. Team aggro kiting while you sit on your hands meditating.

    More IMO, you will wonder why the Druid is so weak after level 50 when the expansions hit for quite a while, I make it about level 86 before they are back in it. They still are a good choice, probably the best choice from 1-50. After level 50 other things come into play like the ability to slow MOBs and Haste Pets. Druids are kind of slow killers and the game eveyrone plays is fastest to level. It would pay to have a Magician friend just for summoning pet toys for instance. Post 50 I think even a Ranger is a better choice because they can add a lot of buffs to the pet, heal, and sustained DPS. Shaman is really good for that, ditto for Enchanter.

    I do a stupid amount of questing too so Druid and Ranger are always on my go to list just so I can find the object of my attention with tracking.
  14. Runes Augur

    Everyone telling you Druid is correct. Been a Necro on last 5 TLPS and had a Druid throwing Dots, DS & Regen and heals
    alone is beast mode for early Necro, but add buffs and the port ability makes you even more money and utility. I went Necro/Druid through Velious and then switched to Shaman main with Necro being alt starting Luclin, because Shaman is so valued in groups starting PoP and only gets better. Beast is ok but if you raid you will gouge your eyes out as Beast being a buff bot for melee.
  15. Gnothappening Augur

    On a fresh server without beastlords? I would go with bard first, shaman second, druid third.
  16. Xazier Augur

    Necro,Druid is the 2nd best duo from classic-End game for overall utility first being SK/Shaman
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  17. Tashanian New Member

    Don’t listen to these amateurs. Necro/Rogue all day.
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  18. Vlahkmaak Augur

    Troll WAR and Troll Shaman. Also, Necros should be granted a new skill: 'Walk of the Grave' (or whatever) which allows them to port their group to any Graveyard in the game :)
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  19. Twizzzy New Member

    I would ask yourself why you want to play a Necro,

    if you want to be useful to your friends, level a cleric, this is also best Beastlord box partner

    if you want to be that lone solo player, play a bard, bards are just better than everything a druid can do, minus healing but you don't need healing. When you play a Beastlord, bards are one of the most accepted box's in raids and groups for obvious reasons.

    The only other shout is enchanter, personally when I played this duo, I found myself just thinking, i wish i just had 2 enchanters or I wish I had a cleric instead of the necro. Enchanter self PL is some of the best xp you can get until GoD though and will make your aa grind on your Beastlord a lot easier if you have no static group.

    Whatever you do, do not play a druid, the people that tell you to play druid are the same that tell you Paladins/Rangers/Rogues are worth playing, when in reality they suck, we played sk/shaman/mage/druid in classic on our 1-50 and it was "ok" , the second kunark hit, the druid didnt heal , did half the dps of everyone else in the group outside of charms that they cannot reliably control and was pretty pointless. We now play sk/shaman/bard/monk/beastlord/cleric and its glorious
  20. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    Kite crowd control, snares, roots before
    exodus, which is localized zone with aggro dump.

    Dismiss one of the most potent duos in the game for one situational possibility.

    You just can't into druid, fine, but the sales pitch level of lobbying points toward something else.

    Where did the priest touch you? ;p

    440k dmg /tick that stacks with necro dots.

    Yeah, bad.