best 6 box on ritzlona ?

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  1. Fraggly Augur

    SK/CLR/BRD/SHM/MNK/RNG switch to ZRK. I haven't boxed early eras so I am thinking of experimenting with tank/ENC/CLR/WIZ/MAG/BRD and just sort of messing around with combos until Velious hits.

    Making raids with other box groups on Ragefire is the most fun I've had on TLPs. Came back when Agnarr released so tried it out and quickly realized with my work schedule and play times I needed to truebox at least one other. Getting groups as a monk took forever sometimes because there were monks everywhere. I didn't know they were OP at the time, it was just what i played back in 2004.

    All need groups are a pain, showing up to the group then the tank/healer leaves and it was all for nothing, dealing with people that AFK every other mob. Bleh. I get I'm biased. Running old raids with other box crews all playing optimal is fun to some of us. Class synergy in EQ is crazy good but solo minded players sometimes don't even bother to keep up.

    There are moments when a hive mind controlling a group has benefits and moments when it doesn't. Play on Aradune and enjoy the mass report spam and conspiracy reports from people with nothing better to do, and the LFG game.

    Sorry you have trouble with the workload playing one Everquest character requires. Auto attacking, casting the same spell bind, and meditating must be hard to keep up with.

    Play on Aradune, problem solved...?
  2. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    It really should be based off whether you plan to raid at all, and what class you plan to main as if you do.

    Then decide if you want to box on raids eventually or just work through group progression with boxes & raid on just your main mostly.

    So build your box crew around the above & then you want to either choose a caster strong build or a melee strong build.

    Caster Strong can either go with a tank or use pet tanks so there are two paths there you can pick for that.

    Also consider if you want to build your "final team" or close to it in classic or are going to be happy switching some classes around around later on because what works later on can be weaker in classic & what is strong in classic is less than optimised later (pre/post Gates of Discord).

    I have gravitated towards "simpler" 4-box Melee builds as I never use 3rd party helper programs, just some good macros on each character.

    So my own boxing setup would be War/Clr/Enc/Mnk for classic to LDoN
    From Gates onwards it would be War/Shm/Brd/Ber
  3. Spayce Augur

    With a raiding Warrior main the best compliment is Cleric/Bard. This allows you to bring the cornerstone of the raid force with you, and the Bard allows for easy travel between raid targets. In my opinion this is the standard 3 box for a raiding Warrior, and almost every serious boxer with a raiding Warrior main understands this.

    As others have said, the rest is all personal preference.

    If you're willing to charm, Chanter is by far the most powerful through most of the expansions you mentioned. Anyone saying otherwise is ignorant and/or lying. If you don't want to charm then there is almost zero reason to go with a Chanter, and I would advise adding a or the other...not both.

    If you don't want to charm, the easiest DPS additions are Mage and Necro due to pet DPS being pretty much fire and forget. With the Mage you also get CotH, which is very useful for folks unaccustomed to running a box team around, or are lazy (like me).

    If you are willing to cheat with apps, or don't mind using auto-follow to position melee boxes, Monks are superior DPS at all times in all expansions. Grouped with your Bard and Shaman they will be pure destruction if you are willing to control melee boxes. The most highly skilled non-charm boxers usually use 2 Monks in their group for DPS.

    I find porting classes extremely useful when 6 boxing, but many people don't bother. A Druid is nice from Luclin through whenever you stop grinding PoFire because DC makes the Druid a fire and forget pet class. Afterand before DC there isn't a lot of benefit outside ports to either class. You'll find the Wiz constantly out of mana during any serious chain killing, and Druids simply don't pack much of a punch. If you want ports you are sacrificing some serious DPS to get it, so be aware.

    The best non-charm boxers I've seen run Warrior, Cleric, Bard, Shaman, Monk, Monk. They simply tear trough everything with the Monks on auto follow destroying the mobs.

    I am not at their level, so I go with the lower DPS group that offers more utility: SK, Cleric, Bard, Shaman, Mage, Wizard...but I wish I had went Warrior over SK and would do so if I re-rolled on a new server.
  4. Gremin Augur

    My ideal 6 box is me (warrior), wife (ranger), our best friend (shaman), friend (bard), me boxing (cleric) and ,me boxing (monk). Now if we could get two friends to play on our schedule id swap a box for friends playing cleric or enchanter instead of my clr/mnk
  5. Gremin Augur

    Btw not all guilds will be boxes galore on raids on rizlona, DHS is still sticking to its mains first philosophy only use boxes if needed on raids
  6. Foaming I Drank Bleach IRL Once

    Both DHS and DG are mains first. That's the sum total of announced guilds on Rizlona as of now.
  7. Volaris New Member

    WAR/CLE/ENC/MAG/WIZ/WIZ is a pretty easy box setup. You don't have to worry about positioning that much with casters, their assist&nuke-macros are pretty easy to set up, and 2 wizards stack surprisingly well. You press a couple of keys to get them going and have your attention free to focus mostly on your main tank for the entirety of the engagement.

    If you can, distribute WAR, CLE and ENC on each their screens so that you have full overview over what's going on and can easily access characters you need to mez, charm, heal and taunt. Consider swapping out the WAR for an SK and you have easier pulls and almost equal tanking power.
  8. Pawtato Augur

    Trying to decide on a melee focused group, but wanting to keep them the same race or somewhat near each other. Any suggestions?
  9. Excruciator_Test New Member

    Best of healing, rez, hp buffs, mitigation, Best of CC, decent slows, high burst dps with high mana maintainability, ports, CotH, AoE slow/snare, large pull survivability. (AOE bard slow basically cuts dps on large pulls by about half kind of making it like its half as big but also has nearly 0 agro so it doesnt kill the caster), AoE pull capable, Best DS possible, straight up 20% more dps added through bard overhaste/cast dmg + what comes through mana regen + the extra agro from war overhaste (if you replaced it with a dps class, you lose the DS, mana regen overhaste and aoe slow. The bard makes this group what it is). and the most important of all SELOS! selos = faster pulls, less work for you while pulling, less travel time, less CR time if you wipe etc. . This group has high utility as well as good dps, its easy to box as most dps comes from casting. I have had major success with this setup (though I use an SK as tank) This setup is also easily done without automation other than in regular in game macros.
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  10. Foaming I Drank Bleach IRL Once

    Ogre sk or war and shaman with freeport human bard and 3x monks. Takes less than 15mins to make that run and it can be done at level 1. Bind in commonlands tunnel at the soul binder.
  11. Ashian Augur

    In the later expansions and/or if you invest heavily in gear for your tank, you’re better off with a shaman healer than a cleric, particularly if your group is melee heavy. In general, you want just enough heals to survive and everything else should be pumping out DPS (with some consideration for CC). Depending on how versatile you want the group to be, you can consider whether you require a mixture of melee/spell dps or range DPS.

    I played through nearly every expansion in EQ with an SK / SHM / BRD / RNG / WIZ / MAG. The group had the ability to do fights at range nearly equally as well as in melee range. Offered a lot of versatility which enabled me to do some of the more mechanic heavy missions. Bard speed combined with CoTH and wiz ports collectively saved a monumental amount of travel time. The group wasn’t the best DPS in town (drop the WIZ/MAG for a BER/BST if you want that), but it was still quite high dps and I never encountered something I couldn’t beat.