Best 3 box for Yelinak start to Finish

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  1. Xazier Elder

    Hey all,

    What would you guys suggest the best 3 box would be from start to finish on Yelinak these are the classes I would like to play just don't know the setup.


    1. Would I have to be raiding on all 3 in order to to accomplish named/groupable targets?
    2. What are the limits I can push with the 3 as far as hard named targets
    3. What 3 would be best for overall making plat and Krono on the server as far as farming goes not buy/resell.
  2. Ariana Augur

    Define finish
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  3. Regismkv New Member

    Question 1: This depends on what you decide for your combo. SK, monk, and ranger will always do better if they are raid geared, your other options don't really need much gear. Keep in mind different guilds have different philosophies and policies when it comes to boxes and awarding them loot though. If you are in a guild that is anti giving boxes loot, then I'd suggest not bringing them to the raid. Having a raid geared tank will make your trios lives much easier though, and if you are able to squeeze out a few pieces for a dps (monk/ranger) then that will always help too.

    Question 2: Again this kind of depends on your combo, but if you are refering to basically any non raid group named mob, then any group combo should be able to handle it. The SK, monk, shaman combo would be very powerful for this, especially if your sk is raid geared.

    Question 3: This one is a little tougher to answer, I think the way the kronolords make most of their kronos is through powerleveling, which might be hard with just your 3 boxes. Though if your goal is to just maximize krono you might consider a necro/necro/druid combo. Very minimal gearing is necessary (so you don't have to waste your profit giving the gear to your toons), you can easily farm plat or various camps for sellable loot. Raiding with this combo might be kind of meh for you though, on the other hand almost every guild I've ever raided with has always been low on necros and druids so you can probably easily get a raid spot with it.
  4. Slaytanik Elder

    Bard or Monk, Enchanter, Cleric. I was going to say SK, monk and shaman, but nah.

    If you're good at boxing, then you can't really beat the bard/monk , enchanter, cleric 3 box. Enchanter pets, CH'd by cleric and your bard/monk for pulls. Personally I'd go with bard for pulling. i think they're the best group pullers while monks are the best raid pullers.

    You can do pretty well Powerleveling other people with this setup cause of the sheer strength of a good enchanter charmed pet. The pet can tank and do the best dps.

    Edit: I just actually read that you only want to play those particular classes so my post is irrelevant. Sorry.
  5. SoandsoForumUser Augur

    SK (main), Shaman, Bard. You'll be solid but not fantastic for the early game, but that's fine because the game is a joke at that point. You've got 3 amazing 2.0 epics and the bard will start putting any other dps option to shame while providing much better utility.
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  6. MarttinPH Augur

    An amazing point!
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  7. Gremin Augur

    Sk, Shm, Bard
  8. Noobnoob Journeyman

    From the feedback I received regarding duos I would say that the best classes for a trio (of those you selected) would be Shaman, Monk, and Bard. Basically Shaman and Monk, then whatever flavor is good for you. Enchanter might be a good choice too, if you're up for something not on the list. With that said my duo box will be Bard and Monk, even though I know it's not the best, since I'm lazy and just want to use the bard as a mobile buffing platform.
  9. Triconix Augur

    What happened to staying on Mischief? That was a short-lived ultimatum
  10. Lumiens Augur

    Having personally done a ton of 3 boxes in early eras on TLPs, there is no way I would start out with a bard over a chanter again. Life is hell without one in Classic and Kunark. You could maybe get away with running a shaman instead of a cleric, but its not even a close comparison early on how much better the cleric is.

    I'd start out with SK + Cleric + Chanter and have SK be your raid main then look at swapping out your Cleric and Chanter down the road to Shaman and Bard. Before you have to start grinding a lot of AAs, not really that big of deal to change to them. I'd probably just make the change in Luclin.
  11. Installing Updates Journeyman

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  12. FranktheBank Augur

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  13. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Are you a recycler or planning to get to live no matter how many guild hops it requres?

    Edit: which makes the rest of my post meaningless, you need help, but not to choose classes to see the error of your ways and to find an escape route out of your self-induced boredom and into the 75% & growing of the game you never see.

    (Hint: it may require many guild hops to survive that long)

    You don't need raid gear unless you are planning to raid consistently, and when you do you will rarely be getting era-Best in slot, look for decent upgrades that let your chosen class perform its primary role.

    If you plan to multi-box then the cornerstone / linch-pin of any box team is going to either be a pet-tank e.g. a class like Mage with the best Enhanced Minion-boosting focus you can get or a dedicated tank class that has focused on getting their AC as high as is possible with each expansion so be prepared for repeated Augment farms once you reach augment containing expansions (GoD onwards).

    A Raid-geared tank makes the best possible box-team centrepiece, but you have to be a really committed player to do that.
    Casual tanks are simply not liked or tolerated, you will be relied & depended upon by your entire guild as a raid tank so be consistent or don't even try the raid tank route as you will just piss everyone off eventually.

    Best Tank depends on you as a player:
    Warrior - the most simple to box with, but requires the most support.
    Shadowknight - the most flexible & consistently strong over its entire career, also requires the most attention to get the best out of it.
    Paladin - the weakest overall for damage (unless you plan to be become a full-time undead-hunter) but among the highest demand classes full stop because it is the least popular to play and has some key facets & abilities that are game-changers for many raid events.
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  14. MMOer Augur


    This would work too. Much Dps and bard could tank/pull/kite.
  15. Mayrn New Member

    tl;dr in my experience, and from what i saw in the life of Selo
    Classic -> OoWish
    Shaman or Cleric

    Cleric Or Melee DPS
    Melee DPS

    Cleric Or Zerker
    Melee DPS or Beastlord

    If you mean Classic through Terrors of Luclin, I would start with SK, Cleric or Shaman, Monk. The real decision here is Slow versus Healing throughput and Rez. I am sure a shaman will do fine, but not having Rez is a QoL issue for some people. Clerics are also highly coveted boxes by most raid teams and are fairly easy to play effectively enough early on due to CH chains.

    In OoW, when the population declines and difficulty goes up, you will need to add on three additional boxes: Bard, Shaman or Cleric, Melee DPS. For Melee DPS, if you use a monk you can use the same gear which could work out. By the time you get to OoW, I think Shamans are okay at group healing, but most people will use both. You also have the option of utilizing another Melee DPS in place of the Cleric if you feel so inclined.

    Later on, I think Zerkers are looked at as one of the easier DPS to box and do considerable DPS plus some aDPS for a melee group. A good deal of people I know swapped over to Zerkers for their melee crew around the 75-80 mark. Then at maybe 100ish, you can make a decision to replace a melee DPS with a Beastlord, which does okay damage but also provides good aDPS to your melee. This is not necessary, but I think people look at this as higher overall damage if you are willing to learn and macro out a Beastlord.

    In ToL, I think Rogues overtook Zerkers in group-based content as a lot of it was deemed humanoid and thus able to assassinated. This coupled with decapitate being underwhelming, I saw some shift over, but Zerkers are still more than plenty. Also, I am not sure how much the new body-type classifications affected rogues in the group game.

    All of this is predicated on the fact that your tank maintains fairly current raid gear, as the later expansions are not friendly to group geared tanks. I am not saying it is impossible; however, you probably will need the Cleric and Shaman healers to be stable through all content. For every other party member, group gear will suffice, but I would attempt to get a raid weapon, arms, and legs for your melee DPS if possible. The arms and legs can be multiple tiers behind, but the weapon being relevant is a large part of your damage. Eventually, there are raid level drops, typically weapon and non-visible pieces, that are exceptionally rare and are typically a tier or so behind raid equivalents that you can farm or buy to improve your boxes.
  16. Manafasto Augur

    They should learn from their mistakes and buff defiant gear for group gear tanks. EQ is about progressing but the older we get the less time we have to raid hours on end.