best 2 support classes for a warrior in classic.

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  1. pinco Lorekeeper

    i plan to play a warrior for raiding and need 2 support classes,should i use cleric ,shammie, bard or mage and what races and deity for classic9if classic and kunark open together then kunark?
  2. Flexin Not an amateur

    Warrior and Cleric is a top duo. One of the few problems I run into when doing classic warrior is having no slow. You can always grab a truncheon but you're relying on procs. I think a shaman or bard would be a great 3rd in the trio. Shaman buffs are great to have and bard songs are always a win. If you end up going with a shaman just make sure you're dotting or things are going to take forever to die.
  3. Xhartor Augur

    Shamy and Bard.
    Both do a lot to enhance melee damage out put with some durability buffs you go. This also depends on how long you intend to play on the TLP. Someone had suggested Cleric, which can work, but once you getting to GoD/OoW the advantage that a shamy offers easily surpasses the cleric.

    The biggest downside to a shamy in the early expansion is that requires more active play. They need to be casting canni all the time and short buff duration make them a never ending headache.
  4. Basak Augur

    I can't agree more with Shaman and Bard for Warrior. Cleric could work and is probably what I would do as I like to take risks and often would need to rez myself. But if I was attentive and paid attention and took less risks I would go Shaman and Bard.

    Biggest issue I have with early expansion shaman is not canni, I don't think I ever use it outside emergency needs but more the single target buffs that last 20 minutes. It gets better in Kunark with the group buffs but until then, it is annoying little buff-fest every 20 minutes.
  5. fransisco Augur

    I'd rep the bard with enchanter. Classic/kunark is about dungeons, and enchanters will unlock that for you far better than a bard can.
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  6. Dre. Altoholic

    Enchanter for charm deeps.
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  7. Lineater Augur

    cleric/enchanter and it's not close. You have the best heals, best buffs, rez, charm pet DPS, CC. You have an instant starter group and can solo just about anything you want.
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  8. 25thAnniBaby Lorekeeper

    Cleric / War / Ench just due to the sheer fact you can kill damn near everything.

    Everyone wants an Enchanter in group, so everyone is willing to join them.
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  9. Tyranthraxus Grognard

    Support classes for War? Sham, Bard no contest. With a chanter the War is the support class, taunt failsafe when the pet breaks. A well played Shaman is able to heal most content your going to level in, and at higher levels just gets better at it. Cleric buffs can be bought, and eventually merc clerics make a box cleric even less advantageous over shaman. And Bard is just OP in all situations as support.

    Edit: thats of course assuming you plan on playing past classic, otherwise, why play a warrior at all?
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  10. eqfanforlife Elder


    Chanter charm can carry all the way up to gates of discord, that's when warriors start to come into their own.

    Cleric for best hp buff/rez/heals.

    Pull packs of mobs with warrior, aoe mezz them with chanter, let pet do all the damage.

    Even when charm isn't as effective (post god) chanters are still good for the ultimate crowd control and slows and buffs.

    Warriors are particularly weak, they only shine on tanking raid mobs so they essentially have to be carried through most of the game.
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  11. natedogg Journeyman

    I'd roll with an enchanter and cleric, as others have said. It's a no-brainer.

    If you've got the set up, I'd just round out a full group with War, Ench, Clr, Wiz, Mage, Bard. That group can get fully kitted out in Hate, can port you anywhere, and has tons of versatility. In Kunark you'd be able to solo instances of Naggy/Vox/Phinny and sell the loots.
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  12. Vlahkmaak Augur

    Troll War, Troll Sha, Human Bard outta freeport so you can meet up early/fast.

    Throw canni into a macro and every few seconds just tap it and it will canni dance for you and once you reach alchy you are making mana pots for yourself and the market for extra cash.
  13. Laberintica77 Lorekeeper

    The trifecta trio: War, Enc, Cle or War, Shaman, Bard/Cl/Enc
  14. Kahna Augur

    Warrior - To tank things
    Cleric - To keep you alive, maybe pull with lull to split a camp
    Bard - for hands off slow/snare/haste/mana regen, can also split in a pinch with lull or mez an add while you are killing another.

    Boxing isn't just about what can the class do, it is also about what the player can do when trying to micromanage three classes. Main the warrior, put the cleric heals on a small numberpad next to your main keyboard and the bard sits in the corner and sings. Could swap out the cleric for a shaman or the bard for a chanter but those are both going to require more interactions to do their job effectively.

    It is low DPS, but grabbing a DPS guildmate who can't find a group isn't going to be a problem.