Best 2 box with a Necro

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Moardots, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. Coppercoz Augur

    It really depends on what you want to do. For sheer power, necro/necro or maybe necro/mage.

    For utility, I think it's hard to beat a druid. Dots, regen, sow, and ports are really a time saver pre-pop. For some levels, dd is pretty good too. More importantly, it's easy to box. There maybe a time or two the evac will come in handy.

    I think bards require a lot more attention to get the most out of their abilities. If you multi task well, more power to you, but I'd go with druid.
  2. Moardots Journeyman

    This thread hasn't done much to help my indecisiveness :( haha but I really appreciate the suggestions guys! :)
  3. superman Augur

    I hear ya man, haha so many opinions about this game, From what i've read its between druid/shaman in my mind.
    druid = Damage shields/evacs
    Shaman = extra pet/super buffs/slow/meaner dot's/tougher

    My buddy just made a lvl 1 necro and i've been thinking of what to make, Think i'll go with shaman.

    Guess it kinda changes expansion to expansion too, i was thinking druid originally because they get dire charm animalys which would rock in zones where you had animals and undead present in luclin/pop.

    just a couple thoughts :) good luck man
  4. EQcleric Elder

    Seriously, make a second necro.
  5. Moardots Journeyman

    I could see 2 necros being very powerful for sure. But just doesn't really sound like much fun to box. Doesn't bring anything new or exciting to the table ya know? At this point its either Shaman Bard or Cleric for me. But that's basically the 3 I was considering before this thread haha. Druid sounds like a solid option too but never been a big fan of druids. Ports would be nice but I'm bound at firepots already and PoP isn't THAT far away. I can live with tipping for ports til then. Outside of ports I feel like Shaman is hands down the better choice between the two.
  6. EQcleric Elder

    2 necros allow you to get to places you otherwise couldn't go.

    Both toons can FD.

    Both toons can rez.

    Both toons can heal themselves and put out ridiculous dps.

    Might not be fun! Or will it?!
  7. Voss Elder

    So I box a Druid with my Mage...

    Long term is Mage or Druid better box partner with my bst when I make him?
  8. EQcleric Elder

    Probably either, with bst slows and (un nerfed Mage pets) pet heals and the like. Bst Mag could be a crazy duo
  9. Adumbral Journeyman

    I did a Mage/Necro for ever mage pet tanks like a boss an then the necro dots followed with a FD an it was great
  10. Adumbral Journeyman

    Yes the Mage/Necro combo is so damn OP even fully doted mobs the mage pet keeps agro well

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