Confirmed Beryl Ornaments

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    Threw a like for ya. Good research/trial and error. Gotta reward that.
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    I have now personally found multiple Beryl Wizard Hat Ornaments in Oceangreen Hills, on Povar server. This zone is not a hotzone at this time, and has not been capable of being a hotzone for several years.

    These hats are part of the achievement "Hero's Forge - Wizard Hats II," which says (about the Beryl hat) exactly the same thing as "Hero's Forge - Beryl Hero's Forge Cloth," that being "obtained by defeating non-trivial creatures in hotzones."

    Considering that this zone isn't/can't be a hotzone, I have now confirmed to myself that these items aren't dropping correctly. Other people have also reported this, but I still wanted to see it happen myself.

    I would like to personally witness some other pieces of Beryl, other than Wizard Hats, drop. I may spend a bit more time in this zone.
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    As I said on the last page, Beryl only drops from the 2013-2016 hotzones, which included OGH. Doesn't matter that they aren't currently hotzones, similar to the old hotzone items/augs that were restricted to their specific hotzone periods and not added to future ones yet are still available to acquire.
  4. dank Journeyman

    Yeah, I replied to that post already (on the previous page of this thread); I saw it.

    As I said, "I have now confirmed to myself that these items aren't dropping correctly. Other people have also reported this, but I still wanted to see it happen myself."

    Edit: Are you implying that you believe that this isn't actually a problem, and that Beryl is actually supposed to only drop from those zones, like some types of hotzone augs? I do not share this opinion, if that's what you meant. You can see from historically observed drop information (in places like Magelo) that Beryl has previously been seen in hotzones other than the 2013-2016 set (eg Stone Hive during the 2011-2013 set of hotzones), meaning that in the past Beryl HF drops were kept up to date with changes to hotzones. Even if one doesn't trust that information from Magelo, Beryl Hero's Forge existed in 2012, pre-dating the 2013-2016 set of hotzones, meaning it must have been updated to drop in that set of new hotzones, and can not have been intended to only drop in the set of hotzones that were original to the time of its introduction.

    Edit 2: Also, calling these ornaments "still available to acquire," while technically correct, is a bit of a stretch given the Trivial Loot Code, due to the high level of most players and the low level ranges of this old set of hotzones. This, as I mentioned before in this thread, is a problem that was previously acknowledged by the devs as being a problem that was intended to be addressed, as can be seen in a quote by Chandrok on Fanra's page.
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    It kind of does matter though doesn't it? If the in game achievement says to go to defeat non trivial monsters in hotzones and they do not drop in current hotzones then that is a bug. The "work around" is knowing it drops in hotzones from years gone by but nothing in game indicates that and everything in game indicates this should be dropping in all hotzones.

    Does the trivial loot code still apply (ie: are you low enough level that the mobs in OGH were light blue or higher?) or is that portion not working as intended as well?
  6. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    I agree that the description as to where to find it should be more specific or the set should drop from all current hotzones, and I don't think the trivial loot code should remain as the set is ridiculously rare even when you CAN get it to drop.

    That is true, Beryl DID used to drop from the 2012 hotzones when it was first released in Aug 2012 ( ) . And based on that it got ported to the next set of hotzones in 2013 you could argue that it should be on the current ones as well. The issue you will have is convincing the current devs that this is a bug and not a design decision. Good luck.
  7. dank Journeyman

    I was using characters who were low enough in level that the mobs were not trivial.

    I literally cannot even imagine someone having the view that this is an intentional design decision (the in-game information tells you Beryl comes from hot zones; why would anyone actually think it should not come from actual/current hotzones? Does anyone think that Ebon HF should only drop from level 10+ mobs in zones that existed in 2012, and no more?), but I can definitely imagine someone having the view that this isn't worth taking the time to fix, even though, as I keep mentioning, devs did consider the lack of attainability of Beryl, to high level characters, an issue that would need fixed, in the past.
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  8. Ratalthor Developer

    Which specific item are you expecting to find in the hot zones that aren't appearing?

    What server are you on?

    Where did you get the information?
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  9. dank Journeyman

    Personally I'm on Povar.

    I expect to find every item that belongs to any set of Beryl Hero's Forge (examples: Cloth, Leather, Chain, Plate, Wizard Hat) within zones that are currently active as hotzones, and not in zones that used to be hotzones, but aren't/can't be hotzones now.

    The in-game achievement window itself tells you that this is where these items are supposed to drop (even for the wizard hat):
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  10. dank Journeyman

    Even official press releases regarding Hero's Forge (note the URL of that image) state that Beryl Hero's Forge drops from "level 10+ NPCs in hot zones."

    The attribution link from Fanra's page about Hero's Forge for the quote from Chandrok (a staff member), that:
    Is unfortunately a dead link to the old forums, so I can't prove that one.
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  11. SteamFox Journeyman

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  12. Froglok Augur

    The Beryl Wizard hats are unrelated to the Beryl Ornament set, despite the name.
  13. SteamFox Journeyman

    I got chain arms and a leather wrist in OGH and I know someone who got leather pants from there also on Coirnav.
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  14. dank Journeyman

    Read the achievement window entry for Wizard Hats II. They are meant to drop in the same fashion. Yes I know they aren't actually part of, for example, Beryl Cloth Hero's Forge.
  15. dank Journeyman

    I just went back to Oceangreen Hills because, as I said before, I really wanted to personally witness a non-Wizard-Hat piece of Beryl drop for myself.

    And, finally, I did; here we go:

    Both Beryl Wizard Hats (which are supposed to have the same drop rules), and another (armor) piece of Beryl have now been seen by me to drop in OGH, when using lower level characters to avoid the Trivial Loot Code.

    And OGH isn't/can't currently be a hotzone.
  16. Froglok Augur

    Expected Item(s): Beryl ornaments

    Server: Bertox.

    Info Source: The Achievement(s) for Beryl Ornaments.

    Some have said there is a trivial loot code involved. If so, then at Level 115 you will NEVER get any to drop.

    Granted, one could try shrouding down and other methods, but judging by many of the posts here... they are either still overly rare, or not dropping at all.
  17. SteamFox Journeyman

    Ooooh I see we're flagged as confirmed now!!
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  18. Barlin New Member

    Had a non wizard hat Beryl head ornament piece drop this weekend. Pretty sure it was in Warsliks but could've been EJ. Was killing on a low level trio comp working on iksar factions. Got about 7 wizard hats during that time but no other Beryl specific pieces.

  19. Froglok Augur

    Dev Confirmed in May, but nothing in patch notes for June. Maybe July?
  20. dank Journeyman