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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Froglok, Mar 31, 2021.

  1. Froglok Augur

    So I have been trying to complete all 4 Beryl Ornament sets.

    According to the text in Achievement, they drop in Hot Zones.

    I have been to several Hot Zones now (20 to 95 Levels) and killed MOB's galore.

    Not a single Beryl has dropped.

    It appears the Beryl Ornaments / Loot tables for Hot Zones are bugged. Please fix this!
  2. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    All the old Hero Forge color ornaments are on trivial loot code. Which means if the mobs are green and gray to you (I think that's the range), the ornaments will not drop.

    Load up an in-range alt with high level (for them) buffs and go to town. You should see the ornaments drop then (it's still a pretty low rate from what I recall).
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  3. dank Journeyman

    Can anyone confirm what hotzones these are actually dropping in? Currently active hotzones? Zones that were hotzones in the past?

    I levelled a character from level 1 to level 36 (so shouldn't be Trivial Loot Code problems) with some time in both previous hotzones (where magelo has actually seen these ornaments drop), and current hotzones (where magelo seems not to have seen them), and I found zero pieces of Beryl.

    I suppose that isn't that many mobs killed, though...
  4. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    From Fanra:
    Beryl Hero's Forge - Any level 10+ NPC in a current Hotzone.

    From Allah:
    It does not drop outside current hot zones.

    From Fanra based on patch notes:
    It was also mentioned that the "Trivial Loot Code" applies. That means that the mob must be dark blue or higher to every member of a group or an armor piece will not drop.

    I have never gotten any with a high level character but on my lower characters they do get a drop now and then.

    Overall most of the HF armor is rare drops except for at least one zone I know of that will drop upwards of 10 or more pieces of the green stuff (eternal grove?) during a raid there.

    It would be more beneficial if there were an option to purchase Beryl with alternate currency like other HF armolr

    I like Bonzz page for possible locations of different sets, he shows which zones on many of them
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  5. dank Journeyman

    Yeah, I've read those pages. I was/am looking for someone to personally confirm that they have actually gotten a piece of it recently, and in what zone they can confirm they got it.

    I (not with complete confidence) predict that if anyone does answer this question, the place they found it may be on this short list, and not another hotzone: Blackfeather Roost, Direwind Cliffs, Dranik's Scar, Stone Hive, The Great Divide, or Blightfire Moors.

    I would also like to call attention to this quote from Chandrok in Fanra's article, and wonder what it was that was supposed to be done.

    Edit: I also wonder whether Trivial Loot Code is going to become a problem for sets like Bixie and Dark Elf hero's forge, for example.
  6. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    Update Notes:
    January 16, 2019
    Increased the drop rate of Dark Elf and Bixie Hero's Forge Ornaments. Bixie Ornaments can now drop from the bixies in Bixie Warfront.

    I get all my Beryl from the /baz because it is such a rare drop - sorry I could not help more in that matter.
  7. SteamFox New Member

    I've had it drop on TLP in OGH from light blue mobs. Oddly ZAM doesn't list OGH as a current possible hotzone (but it does show it as an old one 2013-2016) and hotzones for that level were not unlocked yet. I also spent hours in Jewel of Atiki which WAS a current hotzone killing light blues and got 0.
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  8. dank Journeyman

    It is my suspicion/worry that Beryl was never made to drop in any set of hotzones newer than the 2013-2016 zones (magelo has seen non-"Old Beryl" post HF revamp Beryl in that set of zones, but not, for example, Pillars of Alra). I was also assuming that it could only drop in zones that were currently active hotzones, though, which was why I pointed out Blackfeather Roost, because it's both a current hotzone and was part of the 2013-2016 hotzones, so I thought maybe that was where people are still seeing it. Maybe that isn't the case if you found it in OGH which wasn't capable of being a hotzone at the time.

    Blackfeather Roost isn't currently active as a hotzone on my server, so I haven't really checked it. Today I killed 700+ mobs in Stone Hive, which is both a currently active hotzone as well as having been in previous sets of hotzones with observed (on Magelo) loots of Old Beryl Hero's Forge. I kept de-levelling myself to avoid getting too high in level and triggering the Trivial Loot Code. Zero Beryl dropped though.
  9. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    The information on Allah as to the current active hot zone is not correct since they revamped the rotation a few years ago. It is only good to use as a reference to possible overall hot zones.

    Since each server can have a different hot zone at the same time and since they rotate at least once a month and/or every time the server resets then it would be too hard for them to update that info each time.

    Just some fyi to further cloud the drop ability parameters;)
  10. dank Journeyman

    I haven't been seeing/looking for information on Allakhzam regarding what hotzone is active, only what hotzones can become active. I have checked on my server, which hotzones are active.
  11. dank Journeyman

    I thought I had a lead on someone who had personally seen Beryl ornaments drop recently, but it turned out to not be Beryl that they had found.

    Still hoping someone sees this thread and reports having recently found it on live servers + where they found it. I have now killed enough mobs to level a character from level 1 into the 60s (including killing myself literally hundreds of times in order to de-level and spend more time in certain zones without violating the Trivial Loot Code) in a mixture of current and former hotzones without seeing any of it drop.

    In the absence of any reports of it dropping on live servers (well, it's also worth looking into to see why it dropped in a zone that wasn't capable of being a hotzone on a TLP, as reported earlier by SteamFox) I would appreciate it if a dev was able to glance at the manner in which these items are currently coded to drop to see if it seems plausibly correct to cause them to drop in current hotzones, but I know it's not a super important issue.
  12. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Once a zone becomes a hot zone I don't think it loses its new drops, I know the augs stay, it could be that the HF does too.
  13. Elyssanda Bardbrain

    its not just the beryl that are barely dropping, I leveled a berzerker from 1-10 in the mines, 10-15 in Crescent reach, 15-22 in Paludal Caverns, and then moved to the outside of Luclin, 22-30 in hollowshade moor, 30-40 Grimling forest, 40-50 in Acrylia Caverns. in all of that, I saw 3 pieces of original Hero's forge stuff drop, 2 ebon, and 1 viridian. (Doing LDoNs now, so I don't expect to see any more).
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  14. dank Journeyman

    I have found pieces of Ebon, and some other things (Sylvan or Viridian? I'd have to check logs), in my search for Beryl, but, like you observed, not very many pieces, yeah. I think a total of ~5 + some hats.
  15. Paladin Augur

    Can a Dev respond to this?

    In-game conversations are all along the lines that Beryl does not drop at all. Trivial Loot Code or not. As you can see by the posts, here, there is the same vibe.

    Is it possible form a Dev to check the tables and make sure it is being included with Hot Zones?

    Or is there a way to check and see if any Beryl has dropped at all since forever.

    Is Bixie also a Trivial Code? And others?
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  16. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Beryl definitely drops (or did as far as 2018) , it's just stupid rare and has that trivial loot code someone mentioned. When I was achievement hunting in 2018 I shrouded down to 30 or whatever and slaughtered in Dawnshroud for around 2 hours before I saw my first piece (and it wasn't one that I needed) so I gave up that achievement.

    It ONLY drops from the following zones (the 2013-2016 hotzones):
    Warslick, Marus Seru, Frontier Mountains, Dawnshroud Peaks, Jaggedpine Forest, Burning Woods, Corathus Creep, The Bloodfields, Undershore/Blackfeather Roost, Plane of Air, Walls of Slaughter, Oceangreen Hills, Hills of Shade, Old Bloodfields, Valley of Lunanyn, and The Grounds.
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  17. SteamFox New Member

    It's dropped as recently as March 2021 in OGH on Coirnav. I'm assuming you mean this can drop from these zones at any time and not as current hotzones since OGH was not even eligible to be a hotzone during SoD?
  18. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Correct, that is my understanding. I imagine the drop tables were only ever added to these zones then never ported to any of the newer ones.
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  19. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Sounds like a bug to me
  20. dank Journeyman

    This is/was my suspicion; that it was never made to drop in the most recent assortment of hotzones, only the previous ones. I have actually spent a pretty decent amount of time (using characters that were not too high in level) in some of those zones (Warslick's, Dawnshroud, Corathus, Bloodfields, Blackfeather Roost, at least) without seeing it though. I spent quite a bit of time recently in Blackfeather Roost (I killed the entire zone at least once, and everything on the entry ledge many times), because it is now a currently active hotzone on my server (the only one from that list that still can be, IIRC), so I was extra hopeful I would see some there.

    Yeah, I think being unable to drop in current hotzones qualifies as a bug (if true), hehe.