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Discussion in 'Melee' started by Zerkini, Dec 15, 2020.

  1. Zerkini New Member

    I wouldn't expect it to be modified from it's existing pattern. But then again the chest items for berserkers has been changed to a defensive clicky, which pretty much goes against my entire usage of a berserker, which is primarily to deal damage, forcing me to use an older BP since I simply have no use for the defensive click in 99% of situations.

    Much like the repo/melee avoidance, chances are I would only use them when doing something by myself. ideally in keeping with the way a berserker is lored up to be, instead of getting defensive entries added, they should get offensive entries. As it stands, losing the health grants you defensive things, but the idea of going "berserk" would mean that you would toss safety to the side in favor of a brutal onslaught of damage.

    So I agree that the effects provided by the ability don't "feel" right, much like the newer BP clickies don't "feel" right.

    Regardless of that portion of it, I still think it's due a new variation of the ability in order to keep up with current content.
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  2. Behelit Augur

    As one of the leading voices that got us our defensive click allow me to just shed a bit of light on that issue. Our VoA BP click was/is scaling/better than the set-dmg amount BP clicks because we were getting improvements to Frenzy (recast reductions, Frenzy procs, etc), I asked numerous times for a return to the VoA BP simply so that we wouldnt have to go back to obtain that click, but it was decided they didnt mind us having to go back for certain clicks (much like Anguish BP's or other random old clickies). And rather than have a completely useless flat dmg proc that was doing less than the VoA frenzy BP, we asked for a defensive click that would at least provide an alternative/situational usage.

    That said there's even less chance of revamping RS/OW to have offensive bonuses as the devs are clearly happy with our dps (if anything they think we do too much is what they've conveyed). So if there would be any hope of making the line useful/continuing it, it would need to be on a defensive basis.
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  3. Zerkini New Member

    I expected something along those lines to be the case as berserkers are certainly a great DPS character, which is why I had led with "I wouldn't expect it to be modified from it's existing patterns". I just didn't elaborate on what I meant by that.

    I honestly expect our damage output will be left alone until it's balanced out, I've noticed things like Hiatus line sneaking in which negative mods on them in an attempt to quell the DPS output, certainly glad that the previous breather line still has some use.

    Since we've heard input from other berserkers, have any of the Dev's discussed this line (OW/RS) anywhere? I'd be curious to know what their thought process is in regards to it.

    Should the use of it just be abandoned since they're not keeping it up to date with content, or can we expect it to be reasonably kept up to date in the future/present?

    If they consider this ability is up to date, I'd be curious to know by what standards they consider it up to date? Sometimes things like this are done by design. I'm afraid I'm just not following the reason this would be intended to repeatedly cease to be useful every few expansions.

    As you mention, the devs are happy with where our DPS is, but this doesn't do anything for offensive capabilities other than allow us to use other abilities. Which, as others mentioned, we would still be able to do with an alternate method (Bloodfury). So why the neglect of this ability in particular?

    If there is no plan to keep it from lapsing in usefulness, then why bother with it at all?
  4. minimind The Village Idiot

    My default assumption is "time" and will stay "time" until the Devs say otherwise. The request to remove the raw HP component is reasonable and I'm fairly confident that when a Dev has some time to discuss the topic and allocate some time to take action, we'll get the changes needed to continue the ability's intended use.
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  5. Rajaah Journeyman

    I wouldn't mind seeing discs that require 89% or lower HP go away entirely in the future.

    Also, adding an AA that grants resistance to the blindness component of Blinding Fury. I'd pay 100 AA a rank for something that increases your chance of resisting the blind effect by 25%/50%/75%/100%.

    And what's up with berserker DoT abilities? Things like Blood Blade that look like they belong in PoP and take up a boss debuff slot on raids seem beyond absurd, unless they have some hidden usage I haven't figured out.

    (For reference, have played up to level 110, so I don't know if any of these things are improved already on live)
  6. 666DPSweDeliver Elder

    We already have an AA that mitigates the blindness component. We also have drawn to blood to pull us to the mob. Add in the fact that you can use the map as a position assist tool, not sure we need anything else to help mitigate blindness. There may be a raid event here and there where you cant afford blindness or root, but dont really have much to complain about using either.

    Berserker dots can stay in the toilet bowl of death they deserve, even when they were current content they were crap. They did more damage to us then they did to the mob. The only exception is the dot component of binding axe ... but since most raid mobs are immune to root, that dot never shows up except for group content. Though there have been raids in the past where mobs were able to reflect it ... good times to dot and snare yourself when not paying attention. We neither need nor desire DoTs.
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  7. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    Melee taking up debuff slots on raid mobs with crap dots is 100% on the player to not be dumb, I don't have anything against melee doing dots in principle but if we get them they should be good, if the choice is a rubbish dot or more straight up melee damage the rubbish dot can gtfoh.

    Same almost goes for temporary pets of melee classes, these work like a dot that doesn't require a debuff slot really and can work against a couple of mobs if they die fast enough and I would prefer these pets over dots if I didn't think that using the bajillion swarm pets we have on raids is likely to be a big part of the problem with MAG/BST/NEC main pets losing so much melee damage on raids.
  8. minimind The Village Idiot

    Quick update: Recent upgrades have pushed me above the HP limit and now the 89% lock restricts me to 87.5%. Bleh. Still, it's not the end of the world for me because our raid org got into ToV and progressed through it with my having even less HP.

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