Berserker wish list for next expansion ...

Discussion in 'Melee' started by Tanols, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. Tanols Augur

    Headshot and Assassinate got massive boosts .... our unique ability Decapitate hasn't seen any love for a very long time I hesitate to mention it here because it was seen as being OP and perhaps caused stagnation of the class for such a long time. However i would like to see its base damage doubled if not tripled.
    Same can be said for Ancient Cry of Chaos. I am tired of being dependent on having perfect ADPS I'd like to see us get a self only version like or
    AA line to extend duration to 1 min please. Either that or boost HH from Blinding significantly.
    Non stacking line to increase hit accuracy like for zerker with AA line to extend it up to 1 min and another to reduce it to 5 min refresh ? or since devs are overly fond of us hurting ourselves to increase our dps.
    The accuracy mod on Cry Carnage is so minimal I can't at least parse a difference between having it up and not. Something could be done to a new version.
    AA to make Aura permanent
    AA to reduce re use timer on Cleaving Acrimony line.
    AA to reduce re use timer on Mangling Discipline. OH and unlink it from Disconcerting while your at it.
    That's all I got for now but I'm sure I will think of more.
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  2. Zolav Elder

    A few I would like to see,

    -Upgrade to warcry is needed in some form, maybe add an accuracy component to it or a minimum hit effect (that's kinda lame but all I could think of so it doesn't turn OP) but that was such a class defining effect that's just meh now.
    -Reduce timer on the Cleaving line.
    -They wont ever unlink Mangling and Disconcerting BUT an AA line to reduce Mangling would be nice. Even if by 4-5 min.
    -Small but a QoL thing,, summon 1000 axes at a time.
    -Blinding definitely needs an upgrade, as Tanols said an increase to the HH component seems viable.
  3. Derresh Augur

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