Berserker vs Rogue for 2box?

Discussion in 'Melee' started by Malkavius, Jan 19, 2022.

  1. Majin-ryokoryu Journeyman

    Those DPS poisons stack with the utility poisons so the rogues are being lazy if only using the DPS ones. One of the utility poisons is Quelious trauma however which reduces agro (which some of the newer expansions have made immunities to on mobs) which makes them less viable so other utility poisons should be seeing an increase.
  2. Loviticus Elder

    What did rogues get in the last xpac that's giving them the edge? I'm curious if it's something that would impact them in older content too or if it's just something you'll get specifically in ToL.

    I'm trying to decide my main on Mischief between rog/zerk right now. I think they're pretty balanced for a while but I recall zerk's sustained group DPS kind of gets lame for like 5-6 expansions, until level 101 and TBM. In Seeds of Destruction, when poison revamp gets put in, I remember rogues getting pretty cool again. Not sure when that fades.