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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Valric Steelblood, Feb 5, 2020.

  1. Valric Steelblood New Member

    Hi folks, returning player here from many years ago looking for a new way to play the game. I've been considering giving two boxing a try with a berserker, but I'm having issues deciding what to pair it with. Would anyone mind giving me some direction here? I'm not looking for a definite answer exactly as I know that's not possible, but I'd love to know more about my options. Any advice welcome.

    I've done a lot of searching and reading but most of the threads that cover the questions I have are many years old. Basically, I am just looking to play Berserker+something else that is medium-to-low maintenance. I don't know how high in levels one can reasonably two box with a berserker but over 85 would be nice.

    From what I've read from other (very old by now) threads so far, my best pairing options seem to be:

    1: Shaman - Good utility and heals but the glass cannon Berserker will have to tank because merc tanks become bad at it later apparently?

    2: Bard - Good pulls and buffs but no healing or tanking, basically just a buff box with some okay damage. Possibly low maintenance.

    3: Warrior - Low maintenance solid tank apparently, but not much more than that.

    4: Beastlord - Decent tank but high maintenance, maybe not an option for a beginner. One thread stated pets can tank for melee characters now, not sure if that's true.

    5: Shadowknight - I know nothing about this one except 'they are good'. Maybe high maintenance?

    Feel free to correct any of my false impressions here. I'm about as newbie as it gets.
  2. Mokumara Elder

    I don't know what'd the best route, but I have a lvl 100 SK / 87 Bard / 84 Mage + Heal merc (I thnk T2 merc)

    My SK is geared with pretty much mostly 92+ gear from shards landing + 2.0 He has also been auto-granted AA's and is full access. My other 2 are just kind of just bystanders while I collect gear and XP for them.

    My SK takes some pretty narly hits and seems to dip down to 40ish% quiet a bit. I also recently came back so ALOT I don't know and trying to figure it out on my way lol.

    Regardless I couldn't picture a Zerker being able to face up against many mobs or more so names. Ive always thought of them like your reference "Melee Glass Cannon". I would say maybe run some type of tank on the front line and have a higher Tier healing merc.

    Are you trying not to use mercs? How against a trio are you? I feel like a Warrior,Zerker, Bard or Shaman would be a pretty sick group.

    What server are you on? I'm on Prexus Rathe and always looking for someone to group with!
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  3. Valric Steelblood New Member

    Thanks for the reply! How active is Shadowknight? This is something I've really been trying to figure out, shadowknight vs warrior for a tank when boxing. I've read that warrior is almost "set it and forget it" even in to high levels. Would you say Shadowknight could possibly do the same? I understand they have some self heals, that seems like it could put them over warrior for me as long as they don't require a ton of attention.

    I'm totally fine with using mercs, though I don't know how good healer mercs really are later. I was planning on giving one or two healer mercs a try, just to make up for the probable lack of healing. I am curious to try a trio at some point but I feel like I need to get used to even just running two first. I do like the idea of a War/Zerk/Sham team.

    I'm playing on Firiona Vie unfortunately, it's always been my home server.
  4. Mokumara Elder

    100% I'm very un-knowledgeable when it comes to this stuff and I'm sure someone will say something way better than I, but as for Shadowknight's:

    I feel like they are a pretty active class. This is the reason I went with Bard and Mage in my trio. So I can focus on the SK; just let Bard twist and let the Mage pet attack, toss a couple spells.

    -Toss out like 4-5 DoTs
    -Making sure your defensives are up: Gorgon Skin(absorb blows) / Stubborn Stance(Slef HP)
    a.Both of these need to applied pretty regularly
    -They have a tap spell line that gives them a temp HP gain
    - Watching life for when to pop Epic 2.0 incase you dip to far.
    -I generally don't have to deal with my hate spells / abilities too much as usually the bard and mage don't pull off me. If I pull 2 mobs one might jump on my Healing Merc which I can get mob back pretty easy.
    -After that I usually just make sure my Mortal Coil is up all the time or as much as possible - Fantastic for grouping / soloing 25% chance on killing mob to get a buff increasing AC and makes melee return health.
    -Using my offensive discs when they are up

    I may be doing some things wrong but things are dying LOL, so ill take it. Prob not what you are looking for in terms of a tank though. UNLESS the Zerker is a class you think you can put on a mob and just tab to SK. Not really sure how Zerker is; if most of the damage comes from abilities.

    As per mercs I think I did the quest for the T2 healing merc (need full access I think) to utilize them. It was a BIG step up from the T1 healer. They get more choices in how they react in a fight. You can set them to reactive and It basically turns them into a healing machine. As soon as you take damage they are casting.

    I heard FV is a great server but man having to re-roll sounds terrible LOL
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  5. Mokumara Elder

    Bro I would just start up a trio if you wanna play Zerker! Warrior, Shaman or Bard(bards are awesome for melee heavy groups), Zerker + heal merc. Sound win and would be fun!!

    and if you are ganna duo I would think you would have to already level a new toon so mine as well level 2 at the same time! I wish I did lol
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  6. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    From my experience Berserker Shaman makes a solid duo but will struggle with 100+ content without additional support, if you can 3 box a Bard added on will make all but the toughest mobs easy pickings as the Bard gives you a strong puller class and Crowd control along with a significant boost to your Berserker's damage output & provides solid damage too.

    For tougher stuff you may need to think on going Tank/Ber/Brd or Tank/Ber/Shm I would lean towards War myself due to it being simpler to box than the other two tanks and probably benefits most from a Bard but I'm biased as I mained as Warrior in the past.

    I have a long term goal of 4 boxing setup being War/Ber/Shm/Brd with 2 Merc Healers for harder hitting stuff or Heal/Melee Merc for easier stuff I can plow.
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  7. Valric Steelblood New Member

    Okay, looks like warrior is the easy choice if I want a tank then. Everything I'm reading seems to point at it now. Thanks!

    I'm really considering it now. It's still a maybe but it sounds fun. I'd rather have bard but shaman seems like the safest bet, unless bard has some great healing I don't know about yet (entirely possible).
  8. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    Choosing between the two I think depends on how you like to play:

    With a Bard you are most active when you need to pull, post-pull you can melody & autoattack on most things & focus on the Tank & Berserker to get the mob dead.

    With a Shaman you won't have a puller, though at higher levels with lots aa they can crowd control rootable mobs very easily & can provide strong healing & dps if you are actively DoTing and that is a substantially busier active class during the kill process.

    So the "busy" time of each is very different with Bard being more focused up front prior to the fight & the Shaman requiring a lot more attention during the fight to get the best out of it, even with good macros.

    I think if you were going with Shaman then also consider that a Shadowknight would offer more utility than Warrior as it can fd/split pull at the cost of a busier playstyle than Warrior during fights.
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  9. Tucoh Augur

    For a berserker looking to add a box to help them do content, warrior is the best choice for the reasons stated in this thread.

    I would advise you to consider adding a warrior and a bard, however. The bard will dramatically help both your berserker and warrior while giving you a lot more options for CC, debuffs and pulling. They can do this without requiring much effort once you enter combat.
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  10. Mokumara Elder

    I agree with Tucoh; Warrior/Bard/Berserker sounds sick lol

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