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    During the double xp weekend I was able to get my berserker to 105 with 20k aa's. As I was getting EOK armor and augs for him I noticed the attack seemed to be capped and the accuracy really low.

    I normally play a mage so some melee stats are new to me. So wondering if the attack is capped, should I still look for type 3 +attack augs, or go for something else? Does buffs only look at the max cap or does it look for anything above it? Is there a way to improve accuracy? my heroic dex is around 800 and heroic strength around 500

  2. fortuneteller Augur

    Your heroic dex/str is very low, and should be way higher,. Try to look at the type 5 augs from EOK/TBM.

    And normal augs with dex/str in, and then achievements and such.
  3. Brudal Augur

    Before the new calculations for displayed offense and accuracy are applied: Base attack gained from items is 250,Enhanced aggression has 43 ranks raising the cap by 430 and the Heroic AA's from progression (Hero's Fortitude) currently has 40 ranks(10 per the last 4 expansions) which both adds 400 natural attack and raises the item cap by 400 for a current max item/aug based attack cap of 1080.

    Prior to Eok, the only way to reach the cap in raid gear was with various type 3 attack augs. Current raid gear or random rare attunables will easily reach the cap without type 3's. If you have a magelo profile you can review the modifiers page and select atk or add up the attack amount from your 20 items.

    Since the attack cap is item based, spell based attack increases (buffs) simply add to your total.

    Accuracy improves with heroic dex gains and spells with spa 216 (bard epic, ranger auspice, rogue thief's vision, zerker cry carnage)

    with 19 gear slots adding up only type 5 and type 7 augs, you should easily reach 804 heroic dex. Add in the dex from the actual gear should bring you to 1260 with group gear, that will increase your accuracy and enhance your crit rate.
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    Thanks for the information

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