Berserker Ritual Sanctification / Bloodfury

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  1. 666DPSweDeliver Augur

    So, with the new banner a raid zerker buffs out somewhere north of 750k hp (will just use that number to make the math easier). In order to use several discs / skills a zerker has to be at 89% health or lower.

    Ritual Sanctification takes you to 89% health or 475k hp, whichever is lower. Meaning that by using that skill I am health locked at 64% health (475k) for 4 minutes ... 475k hp is not enough to survive most raid event AEs making this option not useful unless you like being a corpse.

    The other option is to use bloodfury, which does a 65K DD self nuke ... mitigated by spell shielding, a single use takes a zerker to 92-94% health, making it unable to get you to 89% in a single use. With all the AE heals going off, it's nearly impossible to get a second one off fast enough to enable a disc.

    Its already bad enough that we have to remove 2 full expansions worth of gear equivalent to just do our job, but with current hps, its painful to actually make it happen consistently. It's time to just remove this mechanic completely from the berserker's skill set.

    The problem exists whether you use the old or new banner, it's just greatly magnified by the new banner.
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  2. Wulfhere Augur

    Block the banner buff? Mostly kidding.
  3. Szilent Augur

    116 Stinging Incision replaced 106 Ritual Scarification. Buy it from the vendor in Maiden's Eye.

    There is no problem.
  4. 666DPSweDeliver Augur

    The problem remains with stinging incision, zerkers are raiding with a full expansion less of hp upgrades compared to every other class instead of 2 expansions.
  5. Szilent Augur

    The crutch exists, and it's not bugged. Bloodfury is the right way, but if you can't make it work, then Stinging Incision is a plain "on" button for 89% hp abilities.
  6. minimind The Village Idiot

    First, I'll state that I like the 89% health thing in principle. It's a hindrance and risk, but in principle it gives access to big boosts in DPS and is in line with the roleplay concept of the berserker. Ignoring that the DPS boosts from abilities requiring 89% or less HP are marginal today, the problem is in the choice between
    1. Mashing Bloodfury to get down to 89% while a raid is trying to keep you healed and
    2. Being stuck at 89% HP for 4 minutes due to Scarification because you wanted to use a single instant-cast direct damage ability.
    There's a better way. For each of the abilities requiring 89% HP or lower to activate, upon activation, check HP %. If HP is
    • Less than 89%, execute ability
    • Equal to 89%, execute ability
    • Greater than 89%, reduce HP to 89% and execute ability
    No more over-nuking one's self. No more long-term 89% lockdown making mercs go nuts.
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