Berserker - Focus AA: Frenzied Axe of Rallos

Discussion in 'Melee' started by Termination321, Dec 20, 2023.

  1. Termination321 New Member

    This passive ability grants the following combat ability lines a 30% chance to trigger Frenzied Axe XIX, an additional 2-Hand Slashing skill attack with a base damage of 1250.
    Axe of Rallos - 85
    Axe of Graster - 90
    Axe of Illdaera - 95
    Axe of Zurel - 100
    Axe of Numicia - 105
    Axe of Rekatok - 110 - RoS - 7 years old from live standpoint.
    This AA's received multiple ranks following after & while it's counterpart option doesn't provide the 1/3rd chance split of Stun, Jolt, & Temporary increase to damage on our targets. They both share doing x3 axe hits as well as sharing type 17 timer.
    Axe of Derakor - 115
    Axe of Xin Diablo - 120
    Axe of Orrak - 125
    Are all missing the benefit of having this RNG in our arsenal.
    I understand there's much on the developers plates every year & can only humbly ask this may be assessed.
  2. Zolav Augur

    Term! what up buddy.

    I was just talking about this two days ago, this is a focus line that will be 100 perc trashed and discontinued I was told by folks who know things lol.

    So ya once they stopped the Axe of Rallos line this became obsolete.
  3. Termination321 New Member

    /wave! Always a pleasure seeing a familiar name & apart from mad-dashing the content to free schedule & fully delve into personas this/next year not too much!

    Suggesting it'll be removed &/or reconsolidated? Was hoping they may just give the 30% for a 4th axe to fire on the 115+ to be accounted so it'd make sense spending any AA on it. (Even w/o the three way chance split effect) Though I'd be equally interested in whatever new focus could wind up replacing it.
  4. Derresh Augur

    if they added axe of orrak line to the AA it would become a decent AA.