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Discussion in 'Melee' started by kenshon, May 29, 2019.

  1. kenshon Journeyman

    My 109 berserker is only doing ~40-50k sustain with below skills on cooldown in Sarnak fort in FM. Boxing with war, sham, bard, ranger.

    What I am doing:
    auto-grant AAs only (to 105)
    decent lvl 105 2-hander weapon
    225% haste, bard procs
    disconcerting discipline, shared cruelty, cry carnage, battle leap
    sucker punch, dicho, frenzy line, axe throw line, volley line, aoe slash line, amplified frenzy line, sapping strikes, etc.
    shammy roar of lion

    What I'm not doing:
    Notably not hitting my burn skills -- no epics, rampage, savage spirit, untamed rage, blinding fury, second spire, quicktime / fierce eye / auspice / etc.
    Don't have my Type 5 hdex augs yet

    Burn gets me to 80-90k with an occasional 100k+ spike on a mob (without epics b/c i don't have'em yet).

    Feels like I'm maxing out, but still feels low dps -- is it appropriate though? Am I missing something obvious? Not stacking appropriately?

    I see Tucoh in another old thread from 2017 @ 105 sustaining 80k and maxing at 200k+ with a half-geared, auto-AA'd berserker....
  2. Tucoh Augur

    That seems pretty low, my guess is that you're not setting up your burn skills before hitting them with your big skill attacks like dicho / rampage. I have my zerker multi-bind strategically ordered so all the self buffs + debuffs get triggered first, so that by the time dicho gets triggered my zerker is blitzed. Berserkers have pretty terrible DPS if they aren't popping their many DPS cooldowns, but doing so is pretty easy.

    The best zerker guide is here: If you follow it you'll be hitting yuge numbers soon enough.
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  3. Parker Elder

    Make sure you have bard overhaste flurry aura up but ALSO aria song, the flurry mods stack which is huge. Sing warmarch song also. For non burn dps make sure your stuff you can keep on cooldown is kept on cool down...set up a multibind. Have warsomething of braxti in order right before Dicho. Disconcerting running most od the time.

    For huge burn, lead off with bard quick time....then at your level I think its Mangling thats going to be the big hitter plus all rhe complimentary AAs that pair well with it, you'll have to find a guide for that I don't have the game open atm. Also you'll want bards funeral dirge on the mob, ideally before any aa or disc that is less than 45s in duration but now were nitpicking...all while hit your cooldowns. If it's a longer burn iirc you go into disconcerting after mangling...into next big disc...disconcerting etc etc.
  4. Tolzol Augur

    Do not use mangling in the group game ever unless it’s absolutely needed. You will lose way too much sustained as mangling and disconcerting are on the same timer. Do what Tucoh said and sign up for zerker forums. I check them often to add access for people (at least once a day).
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  5. Parker Elder

    Correct me if I'm wrong but it is THEE big disc, no? Like if you were a meager group and trying just to down a named that might be a huge challenge would you not use mangling? Was fully aware it locked out another disc because of timer but forgot it was disconcerting...I was under the impression he was asking two distinct things...why does his sustained suck and why does his huge burn suck, not hey how do I keep my sustained high and also burn. My bad if that was the case.
  6. Mintalie Augur

    If you really want to improve, Tolzol is the man to listen to.
  7. Parker Elder

    Doh its Brutal thats the big one right?
  8. Tolzol Augur

    Main burn in a group setting would usually be brutal/savage spirit/juggernaut surge/furious or focused rampage/blinding fury/second spire/desperation/blood pact/silent strikes. If you need more dps you can swap brutal with mangling and reckless abandon and your sustained dps for next 26 minutes which i don’t recommend unless again it is absolutely needed.
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  9. Tolzol Augur

    Granted you access to forums
  10. kenshon Journeyman


    Hit 110 today, upgraded to a GMM 2-hander w/ +dmg aug and put on Tier 2 TBL group gear for most slots. Again, I only have auto-grant AAs and almost no augs (type 7s or 5s). I do have bard aria/aura/war song/proc songs.

    Followed your spammable and self-buff guide. Left out all the burn skills except for Disconcerting so I can get a baseline.

    With auto-attack only: 25k
    With spammables, self-buffs, Disconcerting: 50k

    My gap must be from missing Hdex (lower crit rate) and missing AAs...yeah? Or my parser is wack.

    Note my ranger is parsing 150-170k with headshot on the same Sarnaks.
  11. Tolzol Augur

    Should be a lot higher than 50k even with just autogrant. Which toons logs are you running for parser?
  12. kenshon Journeyman

    The warrior's
  13. Tolzol Augur

    Try using your zerkers for science
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  14. Telkiney Elder

    Just for S's and G's also what parser are you using? If its GamParse are you using the 2.x.x.x version from the Veteran's thread or the 1.6.x.x from sites like eq resources. If not running the 2. version that will be a big issue for accurate parsing as with the last expansion how damage is registered has changed and as such old parser versions do not correctly report damage.
  15. kenshon Journeyman

    I'm using 2.x.x.x
  16. Daedly Augur

    Comparing your low as undergeared zerker to a ranger that is headshotting is not a good comparison. Zerker decap doesn't put them on equal footing either.
  17. Parker Elder

    Any chance you were out of axe of demolisher which is used for dicho rage?

    I BOX 2 104 zerkers f2p with crap wpns and both average 60k over long play sessions. The second one of their dps goes down its either positioning or some kind of component shortage.
  18. kenshon Journeyman

    Figured it out...but it means there's something weird going on with my parsing setup.

    Switched Gamparse 2.x.x.x to tail the berserker's log instead of the warrior's log, as Tolzol suggested.

    Now seeing 90-100k sustain (w/ Disconcerting but no other burn), which seems more in line with what Tucoh was getting. Hit 280k on the 1 mob I went full burn on.

    Doesn't make sense though b/c warrior and berserker are right next to each other and their logs should be largely identical. Parsing the berserker instead of warrior records 2x more DPS, but the total HP per mob that Gamparse observes is still in the 4.5-5.0 million hp range (for Sarnak fort). Very odd.
  19. Brohg Augur

    Check in EQ options Chat Filters that you're not hiding other's Crit hits

    Beginning berserker could be getting just half damage from crit hits. More advanced berserker could get more like 80 or 90% of their damage in crits (from higher crit rate and higher crit multiplier)
  20. Tolzol Augur

    Yea i was suspecting what brohg said which is why i said for science use your zerkers log.
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