Belt focus?

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Ismel, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. Ismel Augur

  2. mackal Augur

    Well, since this is under casters sub forum, Sympathetic Force of Corruption X. Boon of the Seeress has a restriction that the spell has to have no cast time and a min level of 254 so it's much less useful for a caster.
  3. Sancus Augur

    Mana burn firing on procs is $$
  4. Brohg Augur

    Boon of the Seeress is hella competitive with Sympathetic Force of Corruption -- with the proviso that you're a competent enough damage caster player to be stacking procs in every other way. 2H proc primary with 2*proc augs, Underfoot proc in range slot, Shawl aug proc somewhere else, enc Mana Recipriverbicationing Aura, dru Frost aura, Hedgewizard proc potion.
  5. Apoc Augur

    Basically any time during a burn sympathetic force of corruption (+fury of kerafyrm or mana burn) Is better. Boon of the seeress is still nice damage when burns are down. I would have liked to see both of them be upgraded though. I don't bother with switching them out though since there is no belt bandoiler. It use to be a lot closer before mana burn and before the procs were separated now most of the time I just leave sympathetic force of corruption in.
  6. Ismel Augur

    Not sure mana burn is valid, as on any raid it will run out of counter fast anyway, so counting it for procs dont make much sense.
    I am not a wiz so fury of kerafyrm is not open for me sadly :( but now I worry if it even stacks with the bonus from tash or aura of the void.
  7. Sancus Augur

    It's better that you use a counter of mana burn via a proc than, for example, a melee player, because you have more tools to amplify the damage from mana burn (since it crits).

    As far as stacking for Fury of Kerafyrm (SPA 303), it does stack with both Aura of the Void (SPA 286), and debuffs that work like tash (SPA 297).
  8. Ismel Augur

    the crit thing is a good point.
  9. Jiggs Elder

    They should replace the corruption proc with something almost all casters have like magic or fire.

    Considering there are several events you cannot use corruption at all (2 in TBM, Dead Hills 2 for example) I just chalk it up as sloppy design. There is no bandoleer command for a waist item and swapping one out all the time seems to be more of a pita than anything.

    That, plus if you had any type 3 aug in one belt, swapping to another belt means you lose out on that extra damage. And since type 3's are lore you can only have one of each kind.

    Have not gotten the belt yet but I am leaning more towards seeress just for those reasons alone.

    p.s does Seeress also proc off of banestrike, Force of xxx aa's?
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  10. Xikteny Augur

    Procs do not trigger these mechanics.
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  11. Xikteny Augur

    I can personally attest that procs don't count on Xulous or Damsel. I can also attest that they do count in some older content, like that one group mission in HoT-lower.

    I didn't really raid during T1/T2 RoF, so I can't say anything on that one.
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  12. RPoo Augur

    Badger badger
  13. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Sorry for necroing, but I was wondering about the answer too.

    Im a raiding wizard who has 4 fire dd procs + UF-shawl.
    I see alot of wizards(on magelo) with lots of procs wearing the corruption belt, how come?

    If i fire up 2-3 procs for every cast, i would gain 1000-1500 dmg with boon, compared to the corruption proc that at most adds 945 dmg per cast, am i missing something?

    Are there stacking issues between boon and fury of ro/kerafyrm?(i always have atleast 1 fury running).
  14. Sancus Augur

    Boon of Seeress adds 500 damage that cannot crit to the four procs you have (the shawl proc does not benefit from it). It stacks fine with fury of ro/kerafyrm.

    The proc belt adds a chance to proc Sympathetic Force of Corruption X, which is a 945 damage proc. Proc rate depends on your spell lineup (and, specifically, the cast times of your spells), but at least for Mages ~33% is a decent estimate for proc rate.

    However, the damage from the proc crits and it also gets boosted by Spell Damage, Mana Burn, and Fury of Kerafyrm, which is an additional 1550 crittable damage that's up about half of the time.

    The exact damage that you gain will vary based on a number of factors, but in a raid you should be getting at least into that 1000-1500 damage per cast range even without Fury of Kerafyrm, and generally you will exceed it.
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  15. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Ah ok, so the boon bonus is added after crit damage has been calculated. That will work in the corruption proc's favor...

    Is the corruption proc resisted alot?
  16. Brohg Augur

    It's resisted more than other effects, but I wouldn't characterize it as "a lot".

    You can choose Boon of the Seeress and perform very very well, in groups with ADPS, but Boon won't maintain the same power when there's no Druid or Enchanter proc auras, or if you economize no Hedgewizard pots, or if you're lucky enough Bard Arcane Aria procs, to boost.

    Also keep in mind that while one belt or the other will have higher expected performance given a set of assumptions/conditions, the real deal for casters is still the spell bar. No caster will jump ahead of someone more prolific with real spells via their belt.
  17. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Well, I don't plan to overspecialize myself to the perfect synced raidburn with optimal groups(a luxury I rarely have in my raids). From what you guys say, the corruption proc seems to be the most versatile belt focus.

    I do chuck a hedgewizard-brew.for the occasioinal dps-checks types of raids, but we don't have any raid-attendance-requirements in our guild, so adps varies alot from raid to raid, so ill rather go for good "all around" performance. :)

    Thanks for the info, guys :)

    Indeed, thats where I think most of my future improvement will come from. :D
  18. Sancus Augur

    FWIW, after doing both EoK T1 raids (about 18 mins of actual fighting) I had two resists of the proc:
    [Fri Nov 25 20:13:57 2016] Your target resisted the Force of Corruption X spell.
    [Fri Nov 25 20:20:07 2016] Your target resisted the Force of Corruption X spell.

    So I would say, while it is resisted on occasion, it's quite uncommon.
  19. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Well, I can live with that. :)