Beimeith's Lore Guide #1 - The History of Norrath

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  1. Beimeith Augur

    The most requested thing in this Lore forum is for a summary of the Lore. So with that in mind, I bring you Beimeith's Lore Guide #1 - The History of Norrath.

    Notes on the history:


    The majority of this is based on some form of actual lore, and in many cases, more than one:
    • Game manual
    • In-game lore book
    • NPC dialog
    • Lore postings on the EQ website
    • Lore posts from a developer
    • Speaking to a developer
    I have not listed references for each item, (I may go back and do it at some point, but that is a whole deal in itself), but the major sources I used are at the end of this post.


    I have included a number of notations for various reasons including, but not limited to:
    • Clarification of something
    • To point out a discrepancy
    • To mention a conflict in the lore
    • Because I thought it was funny.

    This history is in rough chronological order. What does rough mean? Rough means that there is no set time between one event and the next, it can be at the same time, a month later, a year later, or a thousand years later. Rough also means “according to Beimeith’s common sense” as most items in EQ don’t have exact dates, and those that do, often have bad ones.

    What I have done is to place spaces between sections to try and indicate some time has passed.

    Preemptive Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Why did you leave out X event?
    A: I either didn’t think it was important to the overall story or I just missed it. Tell me what it is and I’ll look into it and maybe whip Piestro until he edits the post for me.

    Q: You said X but this bit of lore says Y, what’s up?
    A: It is one of two things. 1) There is a contradiction in lore, and I went with one over the other, 2) I did not know about the contradictory information. Tell me what it is and I’ll look into it and maybe whip Piestro until he edits the post for me.

    Q: Why didn’t you include EQ2/EQOA/etc. lore?
    A: Because EQ2 is an abomination! Also, EQ2 is in an alternate universe and it is not authoritative enough on EQ1 matters. EQOA has a little more authority than EQ2, but it is still a grey area. Other sources such as books, have even less authority. That said, there is a tiny bit of information from those sources, but very few.

    Q: How did you judge which side is more authoritative/correct when there is a contradiction?
    A: The order I used is: Logical > Direct Developer comment > EQ1 In-game Lore (Includes manuals and NPC text) > EQOA/EQ2 Lore > Books and outside information.

    Additionally, Older Sources > Newer Sources. (Using real time, not in-game/EQ Time).

    Q: Yes, but what does that mean?
    A: Well, it means that books and other outside information carries the least weight. Most of the time it was only loosely associated with SoE if it was at all, and should be used very sparingly.

    Second comes other related games such as EQOA and EQ2. These games are SoE property, and they are tied in to EQ, but they are also separate entities, and in the case of EQ2, is in a parallel dimension. They should also be used sparingly.

    Next comes In-game lorebooks, Manuals, and NPC text. These are the meat and potatoes when it comes to sources for lore, and of themselves are considered to be reliable. (But not quite, since in-game sources can be misinformed or subject to bias).

    Above In-game lore are direct developer comments. These can be anything from formal chats like those at Fan Faire or on webcasts, to forum posts, to informal means like a pm or just asking them in person at Fan Faire etc. These would be considered more reliable sources as, well, they make the game.

    The last and most authoritative source is Logic and Common Sense. That is, the devs are human and they make mistakes. Not only that, the team constantly changes so that a new dev might go in a different direction, either intentionally or unintentionally. If established lore says one thing, and it makes a hell of a lot more sense than something a dev says, I'm going to go with what makes more sense.

    Main sources used:

    This thread will be locked to replies to allow uninterrupted additions in the future. Please use the following thread for comments, suggestions, and corrections:

    I will be adding in summaries of the expansions next, but I wanted to get this out there first, stay tuned.
  2. Beimeith Augur

    • Tharkis exists. [1-1]
    • There is just Nameless in the Void. [1-2]
    • Nameless is bored, goes exploring. [1-3]
    • Nameless finds bubble of Time and Space, pops it so Time and Space fills the void.
    • The popping of the bubble creates Chaos, energy collides to form stars and planets. [1-4]
    • Nameless does not like the Chaos, creates Gods of Power to bring Order.
    • Gods of Power (Elemental Gods) divide universe into 4 elements. [1-5]
    • Nameless was sad that it couldn’t experience Creation, commands Gods of Power to make minions it can use to have experiences vicariously. [1-6]
    • Gods of Power make minions, but decide they don’t want the responsibility of ruling them. [1-7]
    • Gods of Power make Gods of Influence to rule over minions, keep order, and bring Balance. [1-8]

    During / After Creation
    • Discord spreads as a wave of destruction. [1-9]

    [1-1] “A Shaman there was from before Time began.” Of course, without Time, words like “Before” and “After” have no meaning, but hey, why not?
    [1-2] The Void contains neither Space nor Time, so how can Nameless exist within something that by definition contains nothing?
    [1-3] Explore what? It’s VOID.
    [1-4] Chaos = Discord?
    [1-5] Milla Jovovich was left out. L
    [1-6] I don’t even know how this makes sense.
    [1-7] These are the kind of responsible beings I want running MY Universe!
    [1-8] To the Force.
    [1-9] See [1-4].
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  3. Beimeith Augur

    Post-Creation / Pre-Age of Scale
    • Multiple varieties of life are created/evolved on many planets, origins unknown. [2-1]
    • Dragorn are created on the planet Kuua by a Dragon, exact details are unknown. [2-2]
    • Alarans are created/evolved on the planet Alara, means unknown. [2-3]
    • Certain beings become corrupted by Discord, begin riding the wave of destruction.
    • Discord invades an unknown realm, ruled by an unknown pantheon of gods.
    • Discord conquers this unknown realm, one deity, Oshiruk, sides with Discord and consumes the rest of his pantheon.
    • Discord invades Kuua (the first time), are beaten back by Dragorn.
    • Moments before their defeat Oshiruk appears in Kuua, lays waste to the Dragorn.
    • Dragorn call to gods for help, Vesagran comes and smacks down Oshiruk.
    • Vesagran takes Oshiruk’s Soul, leaves Kuua never to return.
    • Dragorn finish off the rest of the invading Discordian army, rebuild their civilization. [2-4]
    • Certain Alarans grow in renown and legend and are worshipped, become gods. [2-5]
    • Three of the more powerful gods join together as the Triumvirate of Order, decide to conquer planet Alara.
    • Triumvirate of Order begins campaign to conquer planet Alara, converts or kills half the planet. [2-6]
    • The Vampire Mayong Mistmoore claims to have appeared in Norrath at this time, his claim of being First has not been confirmed. [2-7]
    • Sphinxes are rumored to have appeared in Norrath at this time, this claim has not been confirmed. [2-8]
    • Shiliskin (and some other Darkhollow creatures), appear in the Underfoot of Norrath, (not Plane of Underfoot), their origin is unknown. [2-9]

    [2-1] Discordian races, possibly the Xulous, Jal’Raeth, and more.
    [2-2] In-game lore books claim creation by Dranik, former dev Rytan claimed creation by Vesagran. This discrepancy was likely caused by lore creation from multiple devs that did not compare notes as Rytan was not even aware that the in-game lore books existed. It is also possible that both are correct in that Vesagran could have created Dranik and other true dragons, and that Dranik in turn created the Dragorn, much the same as Veeshan created the dragons on Norrath, and they in turn created the Drakkin.
    [2-3] Alaran gods came after Alaran mortals, (see [2-5]), which would suggest they either evolved naturally, or were created by other gods so long in the past their true origins were lost to history.
    [2-4] This is a guess based on an apparent discrepancy. There appear to be two separate invasions of Kuua by Discord as it wouldn’t make much sense otherwise. The time of the defeat of Oshiruk is thousands of years before we go to Kuua to defeat Mata Muram, and this invasion was effectively routed by the Dragorn. Only the god Oshiruk seemed able to defeat the Dragorn, and Oshiruk was killed by Vesagran. This would seem to me to indicate the Dragorn basically halted the invasion. There is no mention of Mata Muram during this time, so it is my guess that he came much later, and led a second invasion. This would be like how we defeated the first invasion in Taelosia during the Gates of Discord era, and Discord invaded a second time in the Seeds of Destruction era. The main difference is the vast amount of time, thousands of years vs. a couple hundred. Why wait so long to invade Kuua a second time? The only possibility I can think for this is that the death of a Discordian god made them think twice about invading Kuua for a long, long time. Maybe our slaying of Brekt will do the same?
    [2-5] For more information on the Alaran and other deities, see this thread. <Thread>
    [2-6] Riddick was not there to stop them.
    [2-7] There are hints that Mayong may have been a Dark Elf at some point, which would place his origin much later, no earlier than Age of Monuments.
    [2-8] The origin of the sphinxes has been specifically kept as a mystery. They mainly appear near Egyptian-style pyramids, which would suggest a connection to Cazic-Thule, but they are not at all reptilian which seems to be Cazic’s forte. Nor do the sphinxes seem associated with Fear, which would also make Cazic unlikely. Sphinxes are associated with ancient, (and possibly forbidden), knowledge, which might suggest Zebuxoruk as their creator, though Zeb has never been known to use his powers in that way.
    [2-9] Shiliskin and Darkhollow creature origins were said to have been specifically meant as a mystery. They were definitely not created by any of the known gods, which would mean they either evolved naturally, or were created by another unknown god.
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  4. Beimeith Augur

    Age of Scale
    • Norrathian goddess Veeshan finds Norrath, plops dragons on continent Velious.
    • Norrathian god Brell Serilis spies on Veeshan, sees her plop Dragons on Norrath. [3-1]
    • Brell makes tunnels into Norrath, plops Kobolds there. [3-2]
    • Veeshan leaves behind “Scale of Veeshan,” is a powerful artifact with special properties. [3-3]
    • Oshiruk’s Soul is kept by First Brood dragon Hsagra, likely left by Veeshan. [3-4][3-5]
    • Veeshan scratches Norrath to claim as her own, leaves to go plop more dragons elsewhere.
    • Discord attacks the planet Alara, Alarans still fight amongst themselves.
    • Alaran gods are not unified enough to fight off Discord, lose the fight.
    • In last-ditch effort Alaran gods sacrifice themselves to open random escape portal, portal leads to Norrath continent Alaris.
    • Only remaining Alaran god Oseka saves what he can, rebuilds the rest on Norrath continent Alaris.
    • Dragons form ruling council known as “Claws of Veeshan,” spread out across Norrath.
    • Dragons establish nesting area in the center of continent Tunaria, is protected by 5 guardians led by Vishimtar. [3-6]
    • Two Dragons, Lethar and Selay, fall in love, are forbidden to be together. [3-7]
    • Dragons build Ashengate as a shrine to house the “Scale of Veeshan” in their nesting area, call for volunteers to protect the scale.
    • Lethar, Selay, and 3 other dragons are chosen to protect the scale, gives them an excuse to be around each other. [3-8]
    • Dragons find Alarans on continent Alaris, attack.
    • Last Alaran god Oseka sacrifices self to create Veil of Alaris, hides continent completely.
    • Dragons swear never to talk about Alarans/Alaris ever again, not all of them obey this rule. [3-9]
    • Xulous appear on Norrath, origin unknown. [3-10]
    • Wizard Spires and Pyramids appear on Norrath, cause unknown. [3-11]
    • Xulous and Dragons fight, Xulous hold them down as original Necromancy / Disease race.
    • Xulous are destroyed by Bertoxxulous, a creation from their death worship.
    • Shiliskin tribes war with each other, begin to record their history.

    [3-1] Brell and Veeshan are enemies which explains why he was spying. The cause of the animosity between them is unknown.
    [3-2] It is likely that more than just the Kobolds were created during this time. Gnolls, Burynai, and other distinctly Brellian creatures may also have been created around this time.
    [3-3] The properties appear to be related to procreation and dragon lineage. This is supported by it being placed near The Nest, and by it being used later by Lethar to create the Dragon-Elf Hybrid Dyn’leth.
    [3-4] The possession of Oshiruk’s Soul by a Norrathian dragon is a main reason for the belief that Vesagran (Kuuan deity) and Veeshan (Norrathian deity) are one and the same. While it is technically possible that Vesagran had simply left it on Norrath, and Hsagra found it, it seems more likely to me that Vesagran is Veeshan, and she gave it to Hsagra for safe-keeping.
    [3-5] Presuming [3-4] is correct, Veeshan placing the Soul on Norrath suggests a reason for her coming to Norrath in the first place, it a prison planet for a Discordian deity.
    [3-6] Tunaria is the original Elven name for Antonica. What the dragons called it is unknown.
    [3-7] There is no reason given for why Lethar and Selay were forbidden from mating. The ban against opposite element dragons did not yet exist as far as I can tell, and even if it did, they shouldn’t have been opposites as Selay was a Magic dragon and Lethar was Acid. It is possible the ban wasn’t just ‘opposites’ but against anything outside the same element, but even so, the ban wasn’t declared until the Elder Age. (See [4-8]).
    [3-8] The five Scale Guardians are Lethar, Selay, Vergalid, Sothgar, and Glenicae.
    [3-9] The globe in Skyfire Mountains shows the continent Alaris, and as Skyfire is in Kunark, which should not have been inhabited by dragons until the Ring of Scale split, it stands to reason that as the rebellious faction, they ignored the rule about mentioning Alaris, or at least whomever made the globe did.
    [3-10] There is a whole bunch of garbage lore in EQ2 about the Xulous and the Jal’Raeth and the Shadowed Men that makes no sense and should really just be ignored. For our purposes here in the real Timeline, there is a suggestion that the Xulous may have come from another planet with the help of Druzzil Ro, and that Rodcet Nife, another alien, came to fight them, that’s all.
    [3-11] There is no direct suggestion that the Xulous created the Wizard Spires and Pyramids in lore, however their creation is attributed to a race so old no one knows their name, which is also said about the Xulous, so I believe it may be attributed to them.
  5. Beimeith Augur

    Elder Age
    • Mayong Mistmoore settles in the Lesser Faydark, builds Castle Mistmoore. [4-1]
    • Brell decides Kobolds are not strong enough to take on Dragons, closes tunnel and abandons Kobolds. [4-2]
    • Brell calls other Gods of Influence to a meeting, wants to talk about Norrath/Veeshan.
    • Brell tells other gods about Norrath, sans the part about his tunnels and Kobolds. [4-3]
    • Brell lies his *** off, convinces all but Rallos to form alliance to oppose Veeshan.
    • Brell calls Underfoot (of Norrath, not the Plane), makes Dwarves.
    • Prexus calls oceans, makes Kedge.
    • Tunare calls part of the surface, makes Elves.
    • Solusek Ro wanted the same area that Tunare did, Tunare beat him to it. [4-4]
    • Solusek Ro is angry he lost to a tree-hugger, plots revenge.
    • Tunare’s land is near The Nest, Dragons place a Shroud over it to hide/protect it from the other races.
    • Rallos calls part of the surface, makes Giants and Ankexfen. [4-5]
    • Luclin ignores Norrath, calls the moon that bears her name.
    • Luclin creates Akheva, hides moon with a veil.
    • Taelosians are created as an aquatic race, it is unknown by which deity. [4-6][4-7]
    • Some of the Dragons want to conquer the other races, split from “Claws of Veeshan.”
    • Upstart Dragons go to Kunark, name themselves “Ring of Scale.”
    • The “Claws of Veeshan” council reformed to ensure Dragon superiority over the other races, led by Kildrukaun.
    • Kildrukaun forbids mating of opposite elemental Dragons, two of them mate anyway and give birth to Kerafyrm. [4-8]
    • Kildrukaun allows Kerafyrm to live, believes he can use him to conquer the “Ring of Scale” and reunite the two Dragon factions.

    [4-1] This is based on the assumption that Mayong is indeed as old as he claims to be, which is unproven. It could be this happened much later.
    [4-2] This abandonment is the cause of the Kobolds’ hate for Brell’s other created races.
    [4-3] For whatever reason not every God of Influence was present, only Prexus, Tunare, Solusek Ro, Rallos Zek, and Luclin were included.
    [4-4] This area was the Elddar Forest, present day Desert of Ro.
    [4-5] It is unknown why Rallos made two races when the others all made one, unless it was an agreement of the Alliance that each god only makes one race. If this was the case, why did the other gods not object to his making two, and all agree to make two themselves?
    [4-6] As the Taelosians were originally an aquatic race it would make sense if their creator was Prexus. It would also partly explain why the religion of ‘Trusik’ worships a false Oceanic deity as newer religions often build upon and incorporate existing elements to make them more easily accepted. (Roman Paganism took over Greek Paganism, Islam took over elements of Christianity which took over elements of Jewish tradition, etc.) Finally, it would also explain why they are such a failboat race, I mean, look what happened to Prexus’ other race, the Kedge. This would, however, lead to the question of why did Prexus make two races vs. the other gods’ making one race, (see [4-5]) but it is possible that the Taelosians were not originally an ‘intelligent’ race, and so they didn’t count.
    [4-7] There is nothing specifically to tie their creation to this time, but the guess of Prexus for origin sets a date no earlier than Elder Age, and the fact that they were on land for “thousands of years” suggests that their aquatic origins were that much farther back.
    [4-8] These dragons are NOT Lady Vox and Lord Nagafen.
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  6. Beimeith Augur

    Age of Monuments
    • Elven energy attracts Innoruuk to Norrath, is pissed the other gods left him out.
    • Innoruuk kidnaps Elven King and Queen, tortures and mutilates them into Dark Elves
    • Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane and Cazic-Thule come to Norrath, Brell makes another alliance as an excuse to make more creatures.
    • Rallos spies on Brell, Brell convinces Rallos to join the alliance by letting him make more creatures too.
    • Brell makes gnomes, Bristlebane makes Halflings.
    • Rallos makes Ogres and Orcs, Cazic makes Trolls, Lizard Men, Iksars, and Shissar. [5-1][5-2]
    • Races become unified into Kingdoms, start making war to gain territory.
    • Shiliskin Jarzarrad the Prophet is born, supposedly granted immortality.
    • Shissar enslave the Iksar using Necromancy and dark magic, aided by Zebuxoruk. [5-3][5-4]
    • Shissar grow powerful enough to enter the Planes and challenge the gods, gods send the Greenmist and wipe out most the Shissar. [5-5]
    • Shissar Emperor Ssraeshza and his court use their knowledge of teleportation magic to escape the Greenmist and teleport to Luclin, settle on the Light side.
    • Other remaining surviving Shissar go into hiding, stay in hiding for hundreds of years. [5-6]
    • Freed Iksar split down tribal lines, factions vie for power.
    • Kotiz the Iksar is about to get the Unholy Writ of War from Zebuxoruk, is killed by Venril Sathir. [5-7][5-8]
    • Venril Sathir steals the book, uses its power to unite Iksars into Sebilisian Empire.
    • Jarzarrad the Prophet gives prophecy that General Jayan’s son will betray the nation-state, will have son named Illsalin that will usurp the throne.
    • Jayan is supposedly executed, survives.
    • Jayan has son Illsalin, goes to neighboring nation-state.
    • Illsalin is made a slave, pulls a Russell Crow and leads revolt. [5-9]
    • Illsalin kills emperor, fulfills prophecy.
    • Illsalin conquers other tribes, founds Shiliskin Empire and names capital Illsalin.
    • Jarzarrad exiled for remaining loyal to the previous ruler, not killed because good prophet.
    • Venril Sathir about to die, makes deal with Innoruuk to live.
    • Venril’s son Rile traps him in a locket instead, assumes control of the empire.
    • Iksars conquer most of Kunark, “Ring of Scale” decides to act covertly.
    • Rile Sathir starts building up Navy and strongholds, dragon Trakanon decides direct action is needed.
    • Trakanon leads a splinter group of “Ring of Scale,” sinks Sebilisian Navy and kills Rile Sathir.
    • Atrebe Sathir assumes control of empire, rediscovers Unholy Writ of War.
    • Atrebe uses Writ to start experimenting, Ring of Scale in civil war.
    • Atrebe attacks Ring of Scale at the height of the civil war, ravages both sides.
    • Agents of Discord appear, interfere by helping the Iksars fight the Ring of Scale.
    • Sarnak created by merging Dragon and Iksar, Sokokar created by merging Dragon and Froglok. [5-9]
    • Atrebe blows himself up, Ganak new Iksar emperor.
    • We appear to stop the Discord intrusion, help the Dragons to maintain balance.
    • Ganak Duels Jaled’Dar over Field of Scale, magic use on both sides cause big explosion.
    • Lots of death, Field of Scale turned into Field of Bone.
    • Iksar-Dragon war ends with no winner, both sides devastated.
    • Dragons kill off royal line of Iksar to cause power struggles for Iksar, Seb Empire crumbles without leadership. [5-10]
    • Ogres great at war, conquer most of continent Tunaria.
    • Innoruuk contacts troll named Zraxth, turns him away from Cazic-Thule with promise of usurping Ogres’ Empire.
    • Zraxth turns other trolls to Innoruuk, still can’t overcome Ogre Empire.
    • Zraxth asks Innoruuk when Trolls will become powerful, Innoruuk tells him to slaughter Cazic’s Troll priests.
    • Zraxth kills the Troll priests of Cazic, channels Innoruuk and records prophecy on a stone tablet. [5-11]
    • Prophecy tells of the Grozmok, is Troll that will unite all Trolls and conquer Tunaria. [5-12]
    • Story of the power of the Grozmok Stone reaches Rallosians, steal it from Trolls.
    • Rallos decides to use his creations to challenge other gods for power, Agents of Discord appear to help. [5-13]
    • Ogre Magi convince Sphinxes to fight with them, learn secret Sphinx knowledge. [5-14]
    • House Dromrek sends Loreseeker Hadengard to King Beltron Wulfnor of the Krithgor, delivers Prophecy of The Tears.
    • Prophecy means defeat for Rathe or Rallosians, Beltron unsure which.
    • Beltron makes decision, if invasion fails prophecy is about Rallosians.
    • Rallosians invade Plane of Earth under Eriak Zek, Agents of Discord help Rallosians.
    • Invasion beaten by 13-member Rathe Council, we help Rathe to counter Discord.
    • Rallos bends over Eriak for failing, gives his power to mortals Tallon and Vallon. [5-15]
    • Beltron defies call for second invasion because of the prophecy, stays behind with his forces.
    • Rallos leads second invasion with Tallon and Vallon, kidnaps Rathe Council to Norrath.
    • We rescue 12 of the Rathe, search for the 13th.
    • Rallos kills 13th Rathe, we prevent him absorbing its power.
    • Released energy from the killed Rathe member creates Rathe Mountains, destroys Ogre capital of Toskirakk.
    • The Twelve remaining Rathe weep for their lost member, tears create Lake Rathetear.
    • Gods of Power create Barrier to Planes of Power, keeps out god and mortal alike.
    • Rathe curse all of Rallos’ army in revenge, other gods help.
    • Rathe makes Ogres stupid, freeze Giants’ home of Everfrost. [5-16]
    • Rathe exterminate the Ankexfen, somehow creates the goblin races. [5-17]
    • Rathe do something to the sphinxes, exactly what is unknown. [5-18]
    • King Beltron and the Krithgor are not punished by the Rathe, Beltron near death anyway.
    • Beltron dies, buried in Frostcrypt with his ancestors.
    • Rallos Zek appears during the burial, curses all present into undead shades for betraying him.
    • Shades of Zek start attacking remaining Krithgor, Krithgor don’t want to dishonor ancestors by fighting against them.
    • Some Krithgor disobey and fight the shades, name themselves Wraithguard.
    • Some giants escape to Kunark, curse less effective there than at home.
    • Most powerful of the Giants escape curse, pass through Frigid Barrier around Velious.
    • Giants land on Velious, create fortress of Kael Drakkal to be their home.
    • Dragons and Giants fight each other in Velious, neither can win.
    • Power vacuum exists after fall of Rallosian Empire, Two largest Troll clans battle for control. [5-19]
    • Members of Clan Ykesha finds Grozmok Stone in old Ogre fortress, give it to Lord Ykesha.
    • Ykesha has the stone translated, believes he is the Grozmok.
    • Other clans believe Ykesha is Grozmok, align with Clan Ykesha.
    • Innoruuk doesn’t like the clans unifying and not hating each other, makes Ykesha insane.
    • Dissention grows within Clan Ykesha, fractures alliance with other clans.
    • Clan Broken Skull conquers Ykesha, steals Grozmok Stone.
    • Clan Ykesha regroups as Clan Grobb, steals back Grozmok Stone.
    • Clan Grobb hides the stone in Grobb, over time the stone becomes forgotten.
    • A convoy of Dwarven ships is destroyed by the Frigid Barrier around Velious, try to make their way to shore.
    • Most of the Dwarves are killed by cold waters, some survive under Colin Dain.
    • Dwarves make camp in mountains, Giants stomp them.
    • Colin Dain sacrifices self to save them, Dwarves call themselves Coldain after Colin.
    • Dwarves make secret fortress in Crystal Caverns, giants find it.
    • Dwarves get stomped by Giants again, found hidden city of Thurgadin.
    • Kildrukaun wants to use Kerafyrm now he is grown, Council does not want to invade Kunark and leave themselves vulnerable to the Giants in Velious.
    • Kerafyrm becomes a great general and holds down the Giants, starts turning evil.
    • Council puts out a hit on Kerafyrm, Kildrukaun and 4 council members abandon it and join Kerafyrm.
    • War between Claws of Veeshan and Kerafyrm forces, Claws win at heavy cost.
    • Kerafyrm put to sleep and imprisoned until he can be destroyed, requires special ritual. [5-20]
    • Kildrukaun and 4 council members escape capture, go into hiding.
    • Lord Nagafen and Lady Vox are imprisoned, tried to mate and create another prismatic Dragon. [5-21][5-22]
    [5-1] Unknown why Rallos was able to make 2 more races, and Cazic got to make 3-4 when the rest only made one each.
    [5-2] Shissar origin is complicated. Originally they were said to be the Age of Scale’s Kunark equivalent of the dragons: an ancient, almost mythical race, possibly related to the dragons, possibly of unknown origins. Later they were the creation of Cazic-Thule during the Age of Monuments. I give the second version because it seems to me to fit better.
    [5-3] Perhaps also Xulous knowledge since they were the original Necromancy race?
    [5-4] The Shissar Empire was extremely powerful, it doesn’t make much sense that they did not come into conflict with the dragons, but there is no record of this. It is possible it was lost to history through time or purposely, or that this is a remnant of the conflicting history of the Shissar, (see [5-2]). If they were related to dragons, or the height of their empire took place before the Ring of Scale went to Kunark, it would explain it well enough.
    [5-5] There is a possibility that this occurred later and that the Shissar were allied with the Rallosian Empire during their assault on the Plane of Earth. There is no evidence of this whatsoever, and we know they certainly didn’t assist in the assault on the Rathe themselves, but they could have gone into other Planes. The Greenmist could have been their punishment for this.
    [5-6] There are many Shissar living in the endangered species preserve in Katta Castrum, a city that would not be built for at least a thousand years yet. No Shissar were able to leave Luclin before we established two-way travel, and that was at least a thousand years past the founding of Katta Castrum. There was no record of any Shissar still on Norrath before the finding of Katta Castrum, so they had to have been damned good at hide-n-seek.
    [5-7] Book is also known as Unholy Book of Zebuxoruk. Had Zebuxoruk previously given this book to the Shissar? To the Xulous?
    [5-8] This is the Zebuxoruk’s Pact Monster Mission.
    [5-9] Are you not entertained?
    [5-9] Continuity error as Frogloks did not yet exist as they were created during the Age of Blood. (See [6-3]). It is possible that Discord brought some back in time as part of their interference in the past, and it may even be that Discord was responsible for the success of the breeding experiments in the first place?
    [5-10] We actually do the deed as the interference of Discord prevented the Dragons doing it themselves.
    [5-11] This stone becomes known as the Grozmok Stone.
    [5-12] Since Tunaria is effectively no more, at least in name, (see [7-12]) was this a false prophecy?
    [5-13] It is the Discordians that are performing the ritual to transfer the power of the Rathe to Rallos in Toskirakk, could it be that the whole thing was their idea and not Rallos’?
    [5-14] It is unknown exactly how the Sphinx helped the Ogre Magi. My first thought was they helped in the opening of the Planar Portal, but wouldn’t Rallos just tell them how to do it himself?
    [5-15] Eriak Zek was the original Demi-god of Strategy and Tactics. With his failure to defeat the Rathe, Rallos stripped him of his power and split it between Tallon and Vallon respectively, ascending them into Demi-godhood. There is a question of whether or not Eriak retains some of his power. When you meet him in Drunder he calls himself the Lord of Guile, suggesting that he may now be the Demi-god of Guile. Whether this is just a title he made up for himself or not is unknown, though there are other references to him being the Lord of Guile.
    [5-16] Everfrost and the surrounding areas were/are not naturally cold. This was done in addition to making the giants stupid like the ogres. It also explains why the north-west of Antonica is frozen, while the north-east, which theoretically should have the same temperatures, is not.
    [5-17] It is hinted that the Ankexfen might have been split into 4 parts, with each part making up one of the goblin tribes, similar to the original Riftseekers being split into two races. This is a very obscure bit of lore, meaning that it doesn’t appear most devs know about it. When we went back in time to the invasion in Seeds of Destruction, we didn’t see the Ankexfen, we only saw normal goblins. This was either because they forgot about this part of lore, decided to retcon this lore, or didn’t have time to create a new model. It is unknown which.
    [5-18] While there was likely never a huge number of Sphinxes in Norrath, one can at least imagine that a large portion of them were slain by the Rathe in retribution, taking them to the brink of extinction. They don’t seem to have lost their intelligence at the least.
    [5-19] Clan Broken Skull and Clan Ykesha
    [5-20] It is unknown exactly what this ritual is or what it requires. Whatever it is they had Kerafyrm asleep for thousands of years but never killed him. Did they forget? Decide it didn’t matter anymore? Neither of those sound like dragons.
    [5-21] This could have been earlier, I placed it here as it seemed unlikely they would do so prior to Kerafyrm’s imprisonment.
    [5-22] Non-authoritative lore books suggest that Vox and Nagafen did indeed mate and Vox laid eggs. These eggs were sealed with magic to not hatch by Jaled’Dar until the appropriate time. His later death at the hands of Ganak over the Field of Scale prevented this from happening.
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  7. Beimeith Augur

    Age of Blood
    • Mithaniel Marr and Erollisi Marr come to Norrath, look for something to do.
    • Most gods think Marrs are stupid, Cazic-Thule and Innoruuk want them on their side.
    • Innoruuk sends Dark Elf envoy to E. Marr, she sees through them and flees.
    • E. Marr runs away to High Elves’ empire, finds love.
    • Cazic sends minions to intimidate M. Marr, he is not cowed by Fear.
    • Cazic minions were a trap, M. Marr is captured and imprisoned.
    • Mith Marr’s prayers to father go unanswered, falls asleep. [6-1]
    • Cazic sends daughter Terris-Thule to M. Marr, commands she steal Gift of Life before she can torment him. [6-2]
    • Terris steals M. Marr’s Gift of Life, begins to torment M. Marr.
    • Morell-Thule steals Gift of Life from Terris, cuts it in half.
    • Morell puts half the Gift into the swamps, creates Frogloks. [6-3]
    • Morell “gives” other half of Gift to E. Marr, impregnates her. [6-4]
    • Morell gives Frogloks dreams of imprisoned M. Marr, fail to free him.
    • E. Marr gives birth to Barbarians, they settle in Everfrost near Giant ruins.
    • Morell gives Barbarians dreams of imprisoned M. Marr, they help Frogloks free him.
    • Mith Marr now freed because of valor and truth, becomes god of Valor and Truth.
    • Kedge Phinigel Autropos desires power and glory, creates spell to leave the water.
    • Phinigel travels far and wide conducting his research, eventually returns home to demonstrate his greatness to all Kedge.
    • Phinigel goes to the Temple of Prexus and casts his spell, cannot control it.
    • The spell goes wild, kills every Kedge in the city save Phinigel himself. [6-5]
    • Phinigel retreats to Kedge Keep, slowly goes insane over what he has done.
    • The Taelosians transition from an aquatic race to living on land, build city of Taelosi. [6-6]
    • Solusek Ro finally takes revenge on Tunare, splits Elddar Elves’ Empire in two by raising Serpent’s Spine Mountains in the middle of it.
    • Sol Ro uses power of the sun to scorch the Elddar Forest and destroy the Elves’ capital city of Takish-Hiz, Elves are scattered.
    • Takish-Hiz is buried in sand in the new Desert of Ro, becomes a Lost Dungeon of Norrath.
    • Veldyn, an Elddar Elf, is a survivor of her village, chooses not to die with them. [6-7]
    • The rest of Veldyn’s village is gone, becomes a nomad and wanders the mountains.
    • The raising of the Serpentine Mountains raises Ashengate above the Shroud over The Nest, kills 2 of the 5 guardians. [6-8]
    • Vergalid is trapped under rubble, his legs and wings are broken.
    • Selay’s legs and wings are broken, will never fully heal.
    • Lethar claims the Scale to himself, banishes Selay. [6-9]
    • Vergalid frees himself, tries to stop Lethar.
    • Lethar uses the Scale against Vergalid, traps him again and tortures him. [6-10]
    • The dragons try many times to retake the Scale from Lethar, cannot overcome Lethar with the Scale.
    • Lethar cannot fully control the power of the scale, needs a servant to assist him.
    • Lethar seduces the wandering refugee Elf Veldyn, uses the power of the Scale to make Elf-Dragon hybrid son Dyn’leth.
    • Dyn’leth appears fully Elven at first, Lethar distances himself from them, estranging them.
    • Dyn’leth sheds his skin and sees his true form, Lethar spits acid over them and injures Veldyn. [6-11]
    • Veldyn dies from her injuries, Dyn’leth swears revenge and feigns interest in his father.
    • Dyn’leth studies the scale, learns being born in part from it makes him mostly immune and gives him power to control Dragons.
    • Dyn’leth tries to use the scale against Lethar in revenge, cannot quite overcome him. [6-12]
    • Dyn’leth is about to be overcome by Lethar, threatens to destroy the Scale.
    • Lethar backs down, agrees to serve Dyn’leth. [6-13]
    • Elder races’ empires are gone or in decline, Barbarians free to spread out.
    • Group of Barbarians start to believe in ‘something more’ and prosper, become more “Human.” [6-14]
    • Shiliskin Illsalin about to die, prolongs life with dark magic.
    • Illsalin eventually dies anyway, three rulers later Draygun is Emperor.
    • Mayong enters Darkhollow, starts building Dreadspire near the lake.
    • Draygun sends army to stop Invaders, fails. [6-15]
    • War between Shiliskin, Drachnids and Shadowmanes, Mayong rules the latter two.
    • Draygun recovers powerful Necromancy book known as Shadowspine during a raid on Drachnids, is afraid to use it. [6-16]
    • Mayong goes in disguise to Draygun as advisor, convinces him to use Necromancy.
    • Illsalin about to fall, Draygun uses Shadowspine as last resort.
    • Shadowspine turns the Drachnid and Draygun undead, starts consuming Draygun’s power. [6-17]
    • Sporali are born from a spore that landed in tainted waters in Darkhollow.

    [6-1] Father is Tarew Marr of the Triumvirate of Water. Why did he or the other gods not interfere and help M. Marr? Preventing any one god from becoming too powerful seems to be one of the few things the Elemental Gods take an interest in, so why let Cazic go unchecked?
    [6-2] Was this the reason Cazic and Innoruuk wanted the Marrs, and if so, why? Is The Gift of Life something special Mithaniel Marr had, and if so, why did he alone have it? If it is instead that part of a gods’ power that allows them to create new beings, wouldn’t they already have their own and not need M. Marr’s? Does it run out?
    [6-3] Continuity error as the Frogloks are suggested to have existed prior to this. (See [4-8]).
    [6-4] Bow Chicka Wow Wow.
    [6-5] It is believed that the Kedge were wiped out as a race with the exception of Phinigel, but some Kedge definitely survived. It is possible they were simply not within the main city at the time, or they just got lucky. The question then becomes why did Phinigel not know of these other Kedge? Did they hide from him? Did Phinigel know of them but in his madness convince himself they didn’t exist?
    [6-6] It is possible, though admittedly a huge stretch, that Phinigel’s spell which killed the Kedge was also was responsible for the Taelosians’ evolution into a land-based race. There is no evidence whatsoever that these events are related, but the lore did say that no other ocean life was affected ‘adversely’ by the spell. It does not say that no other ocean life was affected ‘at all,’ so the door is left opened with regard to there having been an unintended benefit to an otherwise tragic incident.
    [6-7] Several of the initial survivors chose to simply die as they did not want to live without their loved ones / the forest they loved.
    [6-8] The red dragon Sothgar and the unknown-colored dragon Glenicae.
    [6-9] It was suggested by Selay that the five different elements of the Guardians kept things in ‘Balance,’ and with the death of two, and the weakening of two, this balance was broken and this was the cause of Lethar’s lust for power. However, Selay was still in love with Lethar at this point so her story may be biased towards him being an innocent victim instead of the villain.
    [6-10] There is a seeming contradiction here. The lore books say that Vergalid was trapped in the rubble, and that Lethar left him trapped until well after the birth of Dyn’leth before letting him go. Selay says that Vergalid was able to free himself from the rubble, and even tried to stop Lethar, but Lethar then used the power of the Scale against Vergalid. It is possible that both are true and that Vergalid did originally free himself, but Lethar used the Scale and trapped him again. This might also explain why Lethar tormented Vergalid, as punishment for trying to stop him. This is the interpretation I went with.
    [6-11] This was a test to see how much dragon was really in Dyn’leth, who was unharmed by it.
    [6-12] It seems somewhat odd to me that Dyn’leth having nearly full control of the Scale could not defeat Lethar, who himself could never wield the full power of the scale himself. I suppose it is possible that Dyn’leth’s own power is much less then Lethar’s, so that even enhanced by the Scale it wasn’t enough, but that seems like a stretch.
    [6-13] This was a bluff on Dyn’leth’s part, but it is also the height of irony that the very thing he created Dyn’leth for, a servant to act in his stead, is what Lethar himself becomes.
    [6-14] They were helped along this evolutionary path by the Marr twins.
    [6-15] Draygun does not know it is Mayong as none of his army survives the battle to report on who the invader is.
    [6-16] Shadowspine was written by Mayong and likely planted there for Draygun to find.
    [6-17] The book saps the power of anyone that uses it and funnels it to Mayong.
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  8. Beimeith Augur

    Lost Age / Age of Combine [7-1]
    • Elves make their way to Faydwer, split into Felwithe High Elves and Kelethin Wood Elves.
    • Some Wood Elves settle in the Hills of Shade, name town Kirathas.
    • The group of evolved Barbarians call themselves Human, found the Combine Empire.
    • Combine Empire spreads like wildfire across Norrath, becomes largest Empire in history.
    • Combine studies ancient Wizard Spires/pyramids, learns arts of teleportation.
    • Combine begins adding “Evil” races into its Empire, causes rifts.
    • Emperor Tsaph Katta is poisoned and believed killed, is secretly saved by the Elves. [7-2]
    • Combine Empire shatters into factions, largest are Loyalist and Inquisitors.
    • Loyalist faction builds the city of Katta Castrum on an island in The Buried Sea, hide the still living Tsaph Katta in it.
    • Loyalists preserve endangered species, save Kedge, Shissar, and Sphinxes among others.
    • The Inquisitors begin hunting down the Loyalists, Loyalists split up. [7-3]
    • Lcea Katta leads one Loyalist faction, Goddess Luclin shows her a vision of the hidden moon Luclin. [7-4]
    • Shissar tell Loyalists how Shissar teleported to Luclin, Lcea’s Loyalists flee there to escape Seru.
    • Loyalists land underground on Luclin, pulled by leftover magic from Shissar relocation.
    • Loyalists are stranded on Luclin, split into two factions.
    • Some Loyalists stay behind to look for a way back, build Nexus.
    • Some Loyalists fear Inquisition will come, leave and build Katta Castellum on the dark side.
    • Loyalist Grieg is blamed for stranding them on Luclin, is exiled.
    • Grieg builds massive Wizard spires in Mons Letalis as way to get back to Norrath, Luclin does not want two-way travel between Norrath and Luclin.
    • Luclin drives Grieg insane, his laboratory becomes a maze of evil. [7-5]
    • Inquisition appears in Nexus, splits into three factions. [7-6]
    • Some Inquisition leave to Fungus Grove, others leave to build Sanctus Seru.
    • Some Inquisition stay with Loyalists in Nexus, found Fordel Midst (Shadowhaven) as unified city.
    • Akel Ha Ra is leader and High Priestess of Akheva, orders Combine left alone.
    • Another Priestess Aten Ha Ra wants Combine destroyed for invading their moon, is overruled. [7-7]
    • Loyalists respect Akheva and stay away, Inquisition begins expanding their territory.
    • Aten Ha Ra starts a revolt against Akel, creates Maiden’s Scar storm.
    • Maiden’s Scar storm destroys capital city of Ka Vethan, kills Akel Ha Ra.
    • Aten Ha Ra builds Vex Thal as new capital, Akhevan Loyalists hide in the ruins of Ka Vethan (Akheva Ruins).
    • Combine Loyalists in Katta Castrum search for an antidote to fully save Tsaph Katta, begin experiments on the Kedge. [7-8]
    • A Combine researcher named Pharus goes beyond looking for a cure for Tsaph, begins brutal experiments on the Kedge. [7-9]
    • God Prexus is enraged at the Combine for attempting to alter his creation, sinks Katta Castrum.
    • Citizens of Katta Castrum use an artifact known as the Pellarus Sattum to hold back the water and save the city, outlaw experimentation on the Kedge. [7-10]
    • The endangered species are all put into habitats, start to see themselves as prisoners and resent the Combine.
    • Remnants of Humanity live in the middle of continent Tunaria, most of their magic and power is lost. [7-11]
    • Over time Humans spread out and two large villages appear, are named Freeport and Oceangreen.
    • Worshippers of Bertoxxulous build a temple in Oceangreen, keep it secret.
    • Future Agents of Discord appear in Oceangreen, give assistance to Bertoxxulous faction.
    • Helped by Discord Bertox faction grows stronger, disease threatens Oceangreen.
    • We arrive from the future to stop Discord, smack down the Bertoxxulous faction.
    • Antonius Bayle the First allies with Druids to cleanse the plague, founds Qeynos. [7-12]
    • Some Humans settle in Hills of Shade near the Elves, call it Blackwater.
    • Hate, fear, and mistrust cause fighting between the Elves and Humans in the Hills of Shade, perfect conditions for Romeo and Juliet story.
    • Human Fendel meets Elf Amber, Bow Chicka Wow Wow.
    • Amber’s father kills her after she gives birth, her screams attract E. Marr.
    • E. Marr who had blessed the mixing gets pissed, curses all of them to relive the fighting forever. [7-13]

    [7-1] This is the unconfirmed true name of the lost age.
    [7-2] Inquisitor Seru is believed to be the assassin as he hated “evil” races and wanted them all killed instead of joining the Combine.
    [7-3] It is unknown exactly why the Loyalists split up. It is possible it was meant as a diversion, to direct the Inquisition forces away from Katta Castrum and the still-living Tsaph Katta, but that seems fairly extreme.
    [7-4] There are conflicting stories about her relation to Tsaph Katta. She was either his wife or daughter. It is possible, though it seems like a stretch, that he had both a wife AND a daughter with the same name.
    [7-5] Raises the question why Luclin did not stop creation of the Nexus if she really didn’t want two-way travel?
    [7-6] It is unknown how they were able to follow the Loyalists to Luclin, or if it was even intentional or an accident.
    [7-7] There are conflicting reports on exactly who Aten Ha Ra is. She was said to be a manifestation of Akel Ha Ra, but also that she was her sister.
    [7-8] The Combine are not considered to have been an ‘evil’ empire and these experiments were likely originally benign.
    [7-9] He was looking for a way to turn the Kedge into 2-legged air-breathing creatures. These experiments were not harmless.
    [7-10] It is never delved into, but it seems to me to be somewhat unlikely that the Combine actually created the Pellarus Sattum as they don’t seem to understand exactly how it works.
    [7-11] Some Combine magic lingers in the Gypsies, though this is limited.
    [7-12] Continent Tunaria renamed Antonica after Antonius Bayle the First.
    [7-13] E. Marr leaves an Avatar known as Scorn to ensure they replay the events for all eternity.
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  9. Beimeith Augur

    Age of Enlightenment [8-1]
    • Erud born and doesn’t like Qeynos or Freeport, founds city of Erudin.
    • Erudin Humans focus on intellect and learning, less on fighting.
    • Magic rediscovered in Erudin, first “Human” Wizards, Mages, and Enchanters since Combine.
    • Gnomish Expedition 328 breaches Darkhollow but gets stuck, sets up camp.

    [8-1] It is somewhat a bit ironic that we seem to know more about The ‘Lost’ Age than the Age of ‘Enlightenment.’
  10. Beimeith Augur

    Age of Turmoil
    • Some Erudites rediscover Necromancy, are considered heretics.
    • Miragul is born and masters the three forms of magic, discovers Necromancy and masters it as well.
    • Civil War in Erudin, is fought with magic not weapons.
    • Miragul flees, takes as many books and magical items as he can.
    • Last great battle has massive explosion that creates the Hole, flings Vah Shir up to Luclin.
    • Heretics lose war, settle in Paineel.
    • Miragul starts going crazy and goes off on his own, builds Menagerie in Everfrost.
    • Miragul starts getting old and scared of dying, discovers ways of making portals to other realms. [9-1]
    • Miragul discovers how to make portals in this realm, travels to Paineel to learn about undeath.
    • Erudites in Paineel are going to attack Erudin, trade knowledge with Miragul.
    • Miragul travels back to hideout, tries to become immortal.
    • Miragul creates a spell to turn himself undead but screws up, splits himself in two.
    • Miragul’s power with no soul is free, his soul with no power is trapped.
    • All contact with Miragul is lost by the outside world, his laboratory becomes a Lost Dungeon of Norrath.
    • Before Paineel Erudites attack Erudin they find the door to Plane of Underfoot left by Brell, open it.
    • Golems pour in from the Plane of Underfoot, Heretics get ravaged by golems.
    • Most Erudites flee Paineel but some stay behind to seal the door, they succeed.
    • Survivors up top build New Paineel as Old Paineel is overrun by golems they can’t defeat.
    • We are born, EverQuest begins. [9-2]

    [9-1] Possible contact between Miragul and Discord?
    [9-2] Personal character backstories and original purchase date not-withstanding, we enter into Norrath during the latter part of the Age of Turmoil.
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  11. Beimeith Augur

    Notes on the Expansions:

    While I will be doing my best to present each expansion in the same linear fashion that I have done with the previous sections, there are two issues I need to address first.

    As far as I can tell the earlier expansions, (Kunark, Velious, Luclin, and Ykesha), did not really have a progression-based story that can be told in a linear way. That is, there seemed to be no over-arching storyline directing you to go A to B to C, and while each zone had its own back-story and lore, it was mostly unrelated to the next.

    For these expansions I will be giving summaries of the zones and their lore, and if I can, attempt to tie them together in as coherent a way as possible.

    For the more recent expansions, (Plane of Power onward sans Ykesha), they all have a main story that guides you, in various degrees, from the start of the expansion to the end. I do need to point out that while the stories are mostly linear, the actual gameplay often wasn’t. That is, just because the story goes from A to B to C does not mean that people actually went through the expansion A to B to C.

    One of the most familiar examples of this I can give is that of Planar Progression. Most people began their journey to the Plane of Time by doing a Trial in the Plane of Justice. If you followed the story however, you would not enter the Plane of Justice until much, much later.

    As this is supposed to be a lore guide, I will of course be going in the order that the story progresses and not that of the popular guides, so if things appear to be in a different order than you remember, take that into consideration before suggesting I made a mistake, heh.

    Those things said, there are a few additional things to note. I refer to player progression in the story through the use of ‘we,’ which is meant to be understood as “we the players,” in the general sense and not referring to any specific group of players.

    The stories are a bit more fleshed out. That is to say, the latter expansions are all basically each one ‘story,’ and while I tried to keep each separate story under 10 lines or so in the previous sections, these will be longer. They are still summaries, but they are longer.

    Perhaps a better way to explain it is to say that while each expansion takes place in the span of around 10 to 20 Norrathian years, (real time to Norrathian time is not an exact science), they are given as much space here as an entire Age in the previous sections, which can be hundreds or thousands of years.
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